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Wool Art Card from Imagin’edition, Series #24 on page 2

Inspiring materials for natural arts, crafts, and childhood wonder! 2010 – 2011

wo o l f e l t & c r a f t s Dear Friends, It has been three years since the last catalog. In that time, many things have happened at A Child’s Dream including significant software upgrades, a relocation of the entire business, an expansion of our doll making section, and the arrival of my first grandchild! What a blessing and what a joy it is having a new baby in the family. It’s not too hard to surmise that making natural play things is a priority for me and with that comes a strong appreciation for the inspired collection of natural materials and supplies found at my finger tips. My hope is with this long-awaited catalog in your hands, you too have all you need at your fingertips to make your projects and dreams come true! Warmly, Debbie


Thick Handmade Felt

Coarser than our other wool felt and so thick you can easily needle felt wool roving right onto the surface for fleecy embellishments. Since it is handmade, the thickness varies with each piece and ranges from 1/8” to 1/4” (3-5mm). Specify deep pink, orange, red, turquoise, apple green, olive, brown, black, white, indigo, lavender, red lilac, magenta, yellow WF30 – Handmade Wool Felt, approx. 12” x 16” (specify color) $6.95 WF31 – Handmade Wool Felt, approx. 16” x 24” (specify color) $12.95

Inspiration for Flat Needle Felting Projects

Wool Art Postcard Series ~ Imagin’edition

Enjoy reproductions of beautiful nature-oriented scenes created with carded wool by French wool artist Serge Arzan. Each set contains 5 different cards. 4.5” x 6” AC6 – Wool Art Postcard Series – specify #16 Insects, #18 Farm Animals & Pets, #19 Forest Animals, #21 Christmas/Winter $7.95 per series

AC7 – Wool Art Postcard Series – specify #22 Flowers, #23 Saints & Festivals, #24 Various, #25 Animals & Birds, $7.95 per series

Set #22 Set #16

Set #23 Set #18

Set #19

Set #21


Set #24

Set #25


wool f e l t & c r a f t s

Rainbow Angels Kit

It’s easy to make 6 soft and airy pure wool angels (each 3.5" tall) in the colors of the rainbow. Hang them from a hoop to make a mobile or from a branch on your nature table or holiday tree. Dangled from a stick or just a thread, they make simple marionettes that even a small child can "operate". Ages 6 and up. 979 – Rainbow Angels Kit $5.99

Rainbow Dyed English Leicester

Fleece to felt, tease or spin! Hand washed and hand dyed in New Zealand. 100 grams (approx. 3.5 oz.) 450 – Rainbow Dyed English Leicester $15.00

Felted Wool Beads

Little felted wool baubles for bursts of color. Each large bag contains at least 110 colored beads measuring 1/2” to 1” (1-1/2cm to 3cm). These are small balls and are not intended for children under 3 or for use on their clothing or toys. 1432 – Felted Wool Beads $24.00

Fluffy Wool Butterfly Kit

Fluffy Wool Butterflies are easily made and can be used as spring decorations (suspend several from a twig), wearable art, and more. Finished butterfly is decorated with a small bead and not for children under three. 1010 – Fluffy Wool Butterfly Kit $10.95 WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER AGE 3

Animals and Their Young Postcard Series ~ Imagin’edition

The most recent carded wool art from Serge Arzan. Each set contains 5 different cards. 4.5” x 6” AC7 – Animals and Their Young Postcard Series – specify #39 Farm Animals, #40 Woodland Animals, #42 Animals of Cold Countries $7.95 per series Set #39

Set #40

Set #42

Natural Wood Card Holder

Available On Our Web Site

A beautiful way to display photos, art and post cards. Made of hardwood in Germany. 77 – Narrow Card Holder $10.00 78 – Wide Card Holder $12.00 82 – L-Shaped Card Holder (shown) $18.00


woo l f e l t & c r a f t s Feltcraft Making Dolls, Gifts and Toys ~ by Petra Berger This book offers beautiful color instructions for creating little dolls, finger puppets, animals and much more to whet your creative appetite. In addition are patterns for dressing our various Doll Bases. 1430 – Feltcraft $25.00

The Nature Corner

Seasonal nature tables celebrate the changing cycle of the year. Instructions, patterns and diagrams are provided for making soft figures and objects related to the seasons, festivals and holidays. 1095 – The Nature Corner $20.00

Angel Wool

This pure white carded wool roving from New Zealand is soft and lofty for making the heavenly woolen angels shown in The Nature Corner book. 1672 – Angel Wool, per yard $2.00

Rainbow Wool Felt

A soft and thick, textured piece of hand-dyed 100% wool felt with all luminous colors of the rainbow. Fold in half and sew a bag or potholder, make rainbow gnomes and table puppets, use for penny rugs, appliqué and more! Shades will vary, going a bit lighter or a bit deeper than shown. Dyed with non-toxic, food grade dyes. About 7” x 15”. Sorry, this is not available in larger sizes. 289 – Rainbow Wool Felt $9.95

Curly Roving

Pure wool roving for curly gnome beards. Unbraids to approximately 40". Imported from England. Specify white, light blonde, light brown, dark brown, fox red, dark auburn, light grey, dark brown grey, and black (not all pictured) DS58 – Curly Roving (specify) $3.99

Forest Gnomes Kit

Sew a family of poseable wool felt gnomes. Includes all-natural materials and clearly illustrated instructions. Directions include an embroidery guide. Adults are 2.5" (without hat), the two older children can be made in either gender. Walnut cradle included. Ages 12 and up. 980 – Forest Gnomes Kit $19.99

Table Puppet Patterns

Sew a doll family or put on a puppet show! Ronna McEldowney’s Table Puppet Patterns are for 3 different size standing felt dolls ranging in size from 7” to 9-1/2”. Includes detailed instructions and ideas for customizing your dolls. 357 – Table Puppet Patterns $6.00



wool f e l t & c r a f t s

Holland Wool Felt in 61 colors! Holland 100% Wool Felt


Color Collection Sets: 1705 – Spring Blossom (pink, tea rose, yellow, willow, olive, aquamarine, sky, lilac, rose, blush, apricot, buttercream, celery, and cool blue) $32.95


Lighter than our dense Premium Felt, this medium-weight all wool felt is ideal for toy and doll makers of all ages. Buy in handy color collections of 8”x 12” pieces or choose individual sheets in three sizes. Order all five color collections and you’ll have all 61 delectable colors of pure wool felt. Approximately 14 oz. per linear yard (36 x 72 inches) and 1mm thick (almost 1/16 inch).

1706 – Summer Spark (red, carrot, marigold, sun, lime, emerald, grass, turquoise, azure, violet, fuchsia, coral, sea green, and teal) $32.95 1707 – Autumn Tapestry (salmon, sunset, tangerine, rust, hazelnut, spice, wine, forest, clover, boysenberry, plum, true blue, cobalt, and cranberry) $32.95


1708 – Winter’s Cape (mystic blue, charcoal, gray, silver, taupe, white, black, soft white, peach, cocoa, mocha, brown, coffee, and ochre) $32.95 1709 – Baby Sweet (soft white, baby yellow, mint, baby pink, baby blue and wisteria) $13.95

Holland Wool Felt Individual Sheets


Please specify color and size. (size not exact) 8”x 12” $2.50 | 18”x 18” $8.00 | 36”x 36” $32.00

Holland 100% Wool Felt Swatch Card A swatch of each color on a labeled card. 2237 – Holland Wool Felt Swatches $5.95


Premium All-Wool Felt

This is our finest, pure wool felt, for those special projects, and the same wool felt you’ve been buying exclusively from us since 1990. Its dense, heavy-weight lends itself particularly well to table puppets, pocket calendars, holiday stockings, drawer liners, pillows, purses, and even pool tables. Actual thickness and weight varies with each bolt. Generally figure up to 16 oz. per linear yard and 1/16 inch thick. 100% Virgin Merino Wool. Specify white, natural, dark brown, medium brown, black, lemon, gold yellow, mango, red orange, carrot, red, magenta, radiant orchid, pink, burgundy, lavender, purple, aqua, sky, medium blue, cobalt, fern, green, dark clover, forest green, or island jade. WF3 - 18x18 (specify color) $10.95 WF4 - 18x36 (specify color) $19.95 WF5 - 36x36 (specify color) $39.95 WF6 - 36x60 (specify color) $49.95 2096 - All 26 Colors - 9”x 18” $147.00

619 – Premium Wool Felt Swatches (all 26 colors on a labeled card) $5.95

Premium Wool Felt Random Assortment

A random assortment of ten different colors (our choice) of our Premium 100% Pure Wool Felt. Pieces will vary in size and color but each will measure at least 6” x 9”. 2384 – Premium Random Assortment $14.95

Sew Soft Toys

Looking for a new book of patterns for felt animals? This is it! Find tips and patterns for sewing a variety of soft animals including a terrier, puppy, sitting mouse, sitting bunny, jumping bunny, squirrel, horse, zebra, donkey, cow, sheep, pig, seal, penguin, bear, weasel, fox and more. Make families by shrinking down the patterns for different sizes. By Karin Neuschutz. English version. 2922 – Sew Soft Toys $39.95


woo l f e l t & c r a f t s Felt Wee Folk Extravaganza Basket

A glorious assortment of supplies and plant-dyed materials for sewing the little acorn capped dolls, fairies and other projects in Salley Mavor’s Felt Wee Folk. Handled basket is filled with our plant-dyed wool rayon felt, plant-dyed wool fleece, cotton embroidery floss, real acorn caps, unvarnished wood beads, cotton pipe cleaners, faux flower petals, scissors and sewing needles. Available with or without the book. Ages 10 to adult. 1676 – Wee Folk Extravaganza Basket /with Felt Wee Folk book $149.95 1677 – Wee Folk Extravaganza Basket /no book $129.95 Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects Book Learn to hand sew tiny figures and accessories using wool felt, cotton pipe cleaners, and simple embellishments, with Salley Mavor’s fabulous step-by-step guide. 18 complete Wee Folk projects. 215 – Felt Wee Folk Book $23.95

Plant-Dyed Wool/Rayon Felt

This natural fiber felt is plant dyed and exhibits a beautiful two fold effect: lovely, nature based colors emerge and a partial return to the curled, wooly appearance of the sheep’s coat is achieved. Due to the natural pigments, colors vary from one dye bath to the next. Many handworkers find this makes the felt even more intriguing! Fiber content is 70% wool - 30% rayon. Sizes not exact. Specify: Sky, medium blue, royal blue, lavender, medium purple, pale pink, dark pink, pale yellow, yellow, gold, soft green, grass, evergreen, peach, pumpkin, tomato, undyed white* tan, warm brown, silver, and gray

Plant-Dyed Rainbow Finger Knitting Yarn

Thick felted wool yarn, plant dyed in all the colors of a rainbow. Ready to be fingerknitted over and over again into wooly ropes which may be used for reins or leads when playing horse; belts and crowns when dressing up; camp ties for sticks and cloth; or jump rope games. 2 ounces - fingerknits up to about 3 yards. Ages 5 and up 793 – Plant Dyed Rainbow Finger Knitting Yarn $16.99 1620 – Hardwood Jump Rope Handles & Instructions $4.00

*The undyed white felt is processed in the same manner as the dyed felt, without the dyeing. This produces a white felt with the same thickness and "curliness" as in the dyed felt.

WR1 – Wool/Rayon PD Felt, 8"x8" (specify color) $3.45 WR2 – Wool/Rayon PD Felt 8"x16" (specify color) $6.90 WR3 – Wool/Rayon PD Felt 16"x16" (specify color) $13.80 2051 – Wool/Rayon PD Felt 8”x8” All 21 colors $68.00 2052 – Wool/Rayon PD Felt 8”x16” All 21 colors $136.00

Organic Plant-Dyed Felt Ball Kit

Sew and stuff three soft felt panel balls out of assorted colors of our naturally-dyed organic 100% wool felt. Includes pattern and instructions for two sizes of balls and enough felt, eco-wool, and cotton floss to sew 3 small balls for baby or fill with rice for juggling! Ages 7 to adult. 716 – Child’s First Ball Sewing Kit $12.00

Shown: needle felting on our wool/rayon felt

Organic All Wool Plant-Dyed Felt

Soft and organic 100% wool felt, plant-dyed in sumptuous colors that pulse with the essence of nature and blend together harmoniously. Approx. 7.5” x 11” sheets. Dyelots vary. Specify natural white, cinnamon, salmon, soft yellow, yellow, sunflower gold, rose, red, light green, avocado, woodland, sky, medium blue, dark blue, or red violet. WF20 – Specify color $3.95 each / 1704 – All 15 colors for $54.00



doll making Doll Bases

Organic Plant-Dyed Fairy Wool

Dressed with felt or fabric these forms become finger puppets, dollhouse dolls and pocket friends. Can be a fun party activity. Patterns for all three types found in Feltcraft (pg. 4) Ages 3 and up.

Bioland organic plant-dyed fleece that’s simply magical! An enchanting fiber for needle felting, magic wool pictures, doll making and more. 12 assorted colors. Germany. 100 grams. 2920 – Organic Fairy Wool $12.95

For Dollmaking & Fairies Unvarnished Wooden Beads

Beads are perfect sizes for heads, hands and feet of dollhouse dolls, fairies and other craft projects found in Feltcraft and Felt Wee Folk.

Doll Bodies

Heads, bodies and feet are hardwood, the arms and legs are sisal with a wire core, making them flexible but able to stand firmly. 282 – Large Doll Body $5.50 5-3/4” tall 283 – Small Doll Body $4.50 4-1/4” tall

337 – 1/4” (6mm) diameter 20/ $2.00 375 – 5/16” (8mm) diameter 20/ $2.00 399 – 3/8” (10mm) diameter 20/ $2.00 338 – 1/2” (12mm) diameter 20/ $2.00

400 – 9/16” (14mm) diameter 10/ $1.50 339 – 5/8” (16mm) diameter 10/ $1.50 340 – 3/4” (20mm) diameter 10/ $2.50 341 – 1” (25mm) diameter 10/ $3.00

Wood Doll Feet

Easy to use! Just insert pipe cleaner limbs into the predrilled holes for a pipe cleaner doll that can stand as shown in Feltcraft. 452 – Doll Feet – Small, 18mm $5.50 (five pairs)

Wooden Folk

Real Acorn Caps

Set of 20 in assorted sizes compatible with our Unvarnished Wood Beads and the little doll making projects found in Felt Wee Folk. 447 – Acorn Caps – $5.00

Natural Cotton Pipe Cleaners

Solid hardwood peg dolls. Shown from left to right: Tiny, Small, Female, Large, Capped, Angel/Fairy 1668 – Tiny Folk (5/8”w x 1-1/16”h) - set of 12 $2.50 1664 – Small Folk (5/8”x 1-5/8”) - set of 12 $3.80 1670 – Female Folk (2” tall) - set of 8 $3.90 3197 – Large Folk (7/8”x 2-3/8”) - set of 12 $4.75 1667 – Capped Folk (1”x 2-3/8”) - set of 5 $4.00 288 – Angel / Fairy ((1-1/2” x 3-1/2”) – 1 for $1.50

Puppet Bases

Hollow, wooden finger puppet base, 2.5” tall. 3249 – Puppet Bases $6.50 for 5

An essential material used in making small dolls, craft projects and toys. Available in two thicknesses as specified in Felt Wee Folk. 12 inches long, approximately 35 per pack. 342 – Standard Cotton Pipe Cleaners (3mm) $2.50 343 – Jumbo Cotton Pipe Cleaners (6mm) $3.50

Gold Eye Sewing Needles

Embroidery Floss

An assortment of bright colors with some pastel and earth tones. Handy and useful for sewing up felt or make friendship bracelets, hair wraps and more. 355 – Embroidery Floss Pack $6.50

The large eye accommodates embroidery floss. 6 needles per pack. 351 – $2.00 WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD ITEMS ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER AGE 3


felti n g & f i b e r c r a f ts Seasonal Dolls

Felt Ball Kit

Soft fleecy dolls carefully made of colorful, unspun wool. Dolls stand 7” tall and their moveable arms gesture easily. (Keep out of reach of pets.) Please allow for slight variations in color or design as each is handmade and unique. Choose Spring Maiden, Summer, Autumn Harvester or King Winter. Seasonal Doll (specify) $30.00 each 1669 – Set of four Seasonal Dolls $108.00

With soapy water, this kit and your own two hands you can felt an all natural “nerf” ball in 15 minutes. Kit comes with brochure, instructions and LOTS of “Peace Fleece” merino-blend wool and yarn for making LOTS of soft balls. This makes a really good beginning felting project. Color assortments vary. Ages 4 and up. USA 984 – Felt Ball Kit $16.95

Ashford Merino Wool Roving – for fast wet felting

Merino is very soft, extra fine wool perfect for speedy wet felting or spinning into yarn soft enough for a baby’s garment. Comes in long ropey lengths (roving) about 2 inches wide and 1 inch thick. One ounce measures approximately 2 yards in length. Available in individual colors or in a sampler bag. 22 microns. New Zealand. Specify color: Top row, left to right: cupcake, periwinkle, raspberry, mint, lilac haze, honey Middle row, left to right: teal, black, tangerine, chocolate, extra soft white, lagoon, fir Bottom row, left to right: marigold, red, ice (the light blue), sweet pea (the light purple), berry, indigo, lima bean, apricot Merino Wool Roving (specify color): 1 oz. $2.75 / 8 oz. $20.00 / 16 oz. $36.00 Merino Sampler All 20 dyed colors plus extra soft white. Each color measures about 18” in length. 2258 – Merino Sampler $22.00

Rainbow Flower Felting Kit

A beginner level kit that teaches you to wet-felt merino wool into a 6-layer nested flower in rainbow colors, which can be used as a stacking toy, creative play accessory, pincushion, jewelry storage, and more. Kit successfully tested on teens, adults with disabilities, and adult/kindergartener teams. Great tactile project for anyone who likes playing in soap suds! Ages 5 and up. USA 994 – Rainbow Flower Felting Kit $12.95

Old Fashioned Washboard

Extra Soft White Merino Wool Roving:

Practical and handy for felting, making music, or child’s play. Can really be used to wash doll clothes! Made in USA. 8.5” x 18” (scrubbing surface is 7” x 8.5”) Ages 3 and up. 718 – Old Fashioned Washboard $20.00

1 oz. $2.60 / 8 oz. $18.75 16 oz. $33.25



felting & f i b e r c r a f t s

The best all–purpose wool!

Felted Heart Flowers Kit Wet felt heart shapes out of wool roving to make a beautiful bouquet that is everlasting. Includes step by step photo instructions and materials to make three flowers. Ages 7 to adult. 3194 – Felted Heart Flowers Kit $14.95

Ashford Corriedale Wool

Corriedale wool from New Zealand works for both traditional wet felting as well as needle felting with a felting needle. Spin into a soft yarn; make magic wool pictures or use in doll making. So many applications and possibilities! Comes in long ropey lengths, about 2 inches wide and 1 inch thick, referred to as roving. One ounce measures about 1.25 yards (45 inches) in length.

Specify individual dyed colors from below. 1 oz. $2.50 / 8 oz. $15.00 / 1 lb. $27.00

Choose colors beginning at top row from left to right.

Treasure Pumpkin Kit

Children love to collect things and what better place to hold autumn treasures than in a wooly pumpkin? A quick and easy wet felting project for children and adults that combines the delights of water play and bouncing balls. Includes instructions and materials to make 2 pumpkins. You provide a 3” tennis ball. Ages 5 to adult. 2272 – Treasure Pumpkin Kit $12.95

Barnyard Babies Kit


Set 1: nutmeg, teal, navy, rose, marigold, fir, moss, sky, lilac haze, eggplant, berry, pumpkin

Set 2: purple, smoke, magenta, green, camel, blue, chocolate, lima bean, orange, copper, black, periwinkle

Set 3: pansy, turquoise, red, candy, lemon, lagoon, indigo, lime, raspberry, tangerine, yellow, lavender

Set 4: cupcake, apricot, ice, honey, white, sweet pea, chilli pepper, cherub, mint, black, toffee, butterscotch

Learn wet felting and simple sewing techniques as you felt adorable little ducks, chicks, and bunnies. Kit includes illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions, fluffy wool, 100% wool felt, thread, and glass weights so the babies sit up nicely. Because of small parts, finished animals are not safe for children under 3. Age 7 to adult. 3198 – Barnyard Babies Kit $12.99

Ashford Corriedale Color Sets

A big bag of colorful wool roving for class and group projects. Choose from four different color sets (see above), each containing 1.25 ounces each of 12 different colors, nearly one pound total! DS72 – Corriedale Color Set specify set 1, 2, 3 or 4 $36.00 each 2381 All 4 Corriedale Color Sets $134.00

Ashford Corriedale Wool ~ Naturals Wood Egg

Use the egg as a form for creating a wet-felted hollow egg. Simply wrap in layers of wool, wet felt the wool then cut the mid-section of the felted wool to remove the egg leaving enough room for a treasure. Set of 6 eggs. 3196 – Wood Eggs (6) $6.00

Washed and carded wool roving in four undyed, natural sheep colors. Specify color. 1 ounce $2.00; 8 ounces $13.25; 1 pound $25.00 1680 – Corriedale Natural Sampler – a large handful of each natural color $8.00 Naturals: white, light gray, medium, dark brown gray

Corriedale Rainbow and Earth Samplers

A colorful rainbow spectrum of 12 Pastel or Jewel hues or 10 Earth colors for skin, hair and animals. Handy for felting, wool painting, making pipe cleaner figures and more. Each color measures about 15” in length. 2226 – Pastel $10.95 2360 – Earth $8.95 2227 – Jewel $10.95


felti n g & f i b e r c r a f ts About needle felting…

Needle felting, also known as dry felting, is a method of shaping or working with unspun wool using a very sharp barbed needle. The needle entangles the scales of wool fiber onto themselves making this a quick and simple way to create flat pictures or 3-dimensional figures. In addition, you can needle wool right onto wool felt sheets or prefelt. You can even needle wool onto fine silk then wet felt your piece to completely hide your needling.

Wool Toys and Friends

Heirloom handcrafted wooden or cloth toys, birds and other animals have inspired and influenced the projects which have been translated into needle felted art. 15 projects in all from Laurie Sharp – including starfish beanbags, puppets, an elephant pull toy, and a teddy bear. 2573 – Wool Toys and Friends $19.99

WoolPets Needle Felting Kits

It’s easier than you think and with All you need to get started with sculptural needle felting. Supplies include Romney, Corriedale and Merino wools, two very sharp 38 gauge felting needles, and necessary small accoutrements and clear easy-to-follow photo instructions. Comes packaged in a handy transparent “take-out” tote and contains VERY sharp needles. Ages 10 to adult.

Using simple needle felting techniques MarieNoelle Horvath shows how to transform fluffs of wool fiber into an enticing menagerie of miniature animals that will melt your heart. Projects span favorites - dogs, cats, mice, and birds to the more elusive fox, baby seal, brown bear, penguin and more. 2307 – Little Felted Animals $12.95

rite Our favo lting kits needle fe

Intermediate Kits – please specify:

Beginner Kits – please specify:

985 – Bluebird (makes 2-3) 988 – Hedgehog (makes 2-3) 991 – Sleepy Sheep (makes 1-2) – All $16.00 each

Little Felted Animals

987 – Bunny (makes 1 large or 2 small), 990 – Penguin (makes 1 large or 2 small), 992 – Sea Turtle (makes 1-2)

2296 – Ladybugs & Bumblebees (makes 3-6 bees plus 3-6 ladybugs) $20.00

3195 – Kitty (makes 2) $16.00 2253 – Elephant (makes 1 large) – All $18 each

975 – Spring Bunnies (makes 3 in different colors) 976 – Chickens (makes 2) 978 – Pig (makes 1 or 2) 1003 – Standing Sheep (makes 1 large) – All $20.00 each

A Year in Landscapes ~ Imagin’edition

French wool artist Serge Arzan’s breathtaking series of carded wool art reproduced onto postcard size cards are perfect for display or mailing. Set of 12 different cards. 4.5” x 6” 11 – A Year in Landscapes Postcards $18.00

Available On Our Web Site


970 – Owl (makes 2) 2255 – Hummingbird (makes 2)


felting & f i b e r c r a f t s Needle Felting Starter Kit

Wilde Wool – for fast needle felting

Everything you need to start needle felting. Set includes a felting needle holder, 3 felting needles, foam pad, Wilde Wool in assorted colors and instructions for a first project. Kit contains VERY sharp needles. Ages 10 to adult. 3168 – Needle Felting Starter Kit $19.95

Coarse, loose wool commercially dyed in earthy and vibrant colors many of which mimic plant dyed shades.  A great texture for fast needle felting, paint with it and create magic wool pictures or wrap around pipe cleaners for little dolls. A blend of Romney/ Perendale wool from New Zealand. The “natural” colors are undyed. 2 ounces, when rolled into a loose ball, is about the size of a cantaloupe.  Available in individual colors or get the complete collection in the Needle Felter Sampler Bag. Left Column: Light brown, beige, autumn gold, red rock, chestnut, yellow, gold, orange and russet. Middle Column: Cranberry, pink, wildeberry, red plum, royal purple, lavender, cerulean blue, china blue, ocean blue, and blue spruce. Right Column: Moss, midnight blue, maroon, winter green, steel grey, black, natural white, natural fawn, natural gray, and natural brown.

The Ashford Book of Needle Felting

A comprehensive book from which you’ll learn to create felted figures, beautiful flowers, wool paintings, striking jewelry and embellishments. Barbara Allen teaches both flat and sculpted felting techniques and provides excellent step-by-step instructions well illustrated with color photos. Projects are for beginners as well as the skilled. 3191 – The Ashford Book of Needle Felting $29.95

Wilde Wool (specify color): 1 oz. $2.25 / 8 oz. $15.00 / 1 lb. $30.00 3318 – Wilde Wool Needle Felter Sampler Bag (all 29 colors - 1/4 oz each) $24.00


Felting needles are very sharp needles with tiny barbs. Not recommended for use by children.

Single Felting Needle Holder & Needle

An elegant wood grip for comfortably holding any single standard needle. Easily remove, replace or exchange needle. All the needles we sell work with this holder. Comes with one 36 gauge needle. 52 – Felting Needle Holder & Needle $6.00

Felting Needle Variety Pack

Eight color-coded needles - two of each: 36 Gauge Triangular, 38 Gauge Triangular, 40 Gauge Triangular, and  38 Gauge Star Point. 742 – Felting Needle Variety Pack $7.00


A single needle felting tool with a comfortable elastomer grip and hard protective cap. Comes with an easily replaceable multi-purpose needle and instructions. 1172 – Feltomo $12.00

Felting Needles – packs of 4

COARSE / 36 gauge triangle point for fast felting of coarse fibers for inner cores or when needle breakage is an issue. 261 – $3.50/4 needles MEDIUM / 38 gauge triangle point is an all-purpose needle for fine and coarse needle felting. 262 – $3.50/4 needles FINE TRI/ 40 gauge triangle point for detail and finishing any fiber, particularly Corriedale or Merino. 263 – $3.50/4 needles FINE STAR / 38 gauge star point pulls more wool without leaving blunt needling marks. Use for attaching felted pieces together. 264 – $4.50/4 needles

Foam Needle Felting Pad

Fits on your lap (1.5” x 9” x 12”) and works perfectly as a needle felting surface. 709 – Foam Needle Felting Pad $6.00

Pumpkin Needle Cushion

Keep your needles handy and rust free with this darling pin cushion. The charming climbing child is clothed in kimono fabric and stuffed with wool. 715 – Pumpkin Needle Cushion $16.00

Colonial Felting Tool

Smooth birch knob screws apart to allow placement of needles. Comes with three 36 gauge needles and will hold up to six. Not as ergonomic as the Ashford tool so we don’t recommend it if you have hand issues or will be doing a lot of flat felting. A pack of three extra needles of the correct length for the Colonial tool may be purchased separately. 692 – Colonial Felting Tool (with 3 needles) $15.95 694 – Colonial Felting Needles (3-pack) $6.50

Ashford’s 4-Needle Felting Tool

Use four needles at once and save time. Comfortable wood handle is hollow for storage of needles, warms with use and is designed to prevent your hand from getting tired or achy when felting large, flat areas. Needles are easy to replace, just twist open the handle to remove and insert a new needle.  Best multi-needle felting tool by far! Comes with five 36 gauge felting needles. 734 – Ashford’s 4-Needle Felting Tool plus 5 needles $31.00


felti n g & f i b e r c r a f ts Silk Merino Nuno Scarf Kit

Make your own beautiful handfelted, soft and luxurious silk merino scarf with this fun and easy nuno felting kit. Finished size of scarf is 24 cm x 2 meters (about 9” x 80”). Kit includes silk/merino roving, 1 piece of 4.5mm silk gauze and full color instructions. Ages 12 to adult. Please specify: Field of Rye (761), Woodland (762), Ocean (763), Mulberry (764), Black Currant (765), Pomegranate (766), or Mango (767). Silk Merino Nuno Scarf Kit (specify color) – $14.40

Bubble Wrap

Adult Hand Carders

The process of carding untangles wool fibers and removes foreign matter prior to spinning and felting. These curved back wool carders from Ashford come complete with handcarding instructions and are proportioned for adults. Minor assembly required to glue and screw the handle in place. 72 point cloth, 4-1/4" x 7-3/4" carding surface. Very durable. 708 – Adult Hand Carders $57.00

More silk gauze for nuno felting is available on page 14.

You will need bubble wrap in this size for the Nuno Scarf Kit above. It provides a bumpy surface that facilitates the wet felting process. 2266 - Bubble Wrap 12” x 84” $2.00

Silk/Merino Roving

Fine 22 micron merino wool blended with lustrous silk makes this a truly sumptuous fiber blend for felting or spinning. 80% New Zealand Merino/20% Silk. Choose from 7 beautiful random colorways. Please specify Field of Rye (773), Woodland (869), Ocean (948), Mulberry (959), Black Currant (770), Pomegranate (771), or Mango (772). Silk/Merino Roving: 1 oz. $4.65 / 8 oz. $28.00 / 1 lb. $48.00 3324 – Silk/Merino Sampler (all 7 colors – ½ oz. each) $16.75

Children’s Hand Carders

These small curved back wool carders are lightweight, easy and fun to use. Carding is an activity that has a very calming effect on children. Carding surface of 3" x 7-1/4". Instructions included. 677 – Children's Hand Carders $55.00

New Zealand Raw Wool

Lanolin-rich raw wool fleece with beautiful luster and wavy locks, just as it comes from the sheep. Experience the whole process of transforming the wool with your children and allow them to benefit from these magical moments. Washing instructions included. 695 – New Zealand Raw Wool, 1 lb. $14.50

Pelle’s New Suit

Pelle has a lamb whose coat grows longer and longer, while Pelle’s Sunday suit grows shorter! Pelle shears the lamb, and the wool is carded, spun, dyed, and woven. Finally, the tailor makes a new suit for Pelle. Mini edition of Elsa Beskow’s classic. 7” x 5”. Hardbound. Ages 4-6. 496 – Pelle’s New Suit $9.95



felting & f i b e r c r a f t s Top Whorl Drop Spindle

While it appears you’re spinning upside down, it’s only the weight of the whorl that’s reversed and you’ll find the spinning is much easier than you think! We carry two sizes from Ashford of New Zealand. Both are well balanced and have strong spring wire hooks bent to help keep your yarn from arcing out. The long shafts help to balance the spindle and allow for “down the thigh” propulsion for high speed spinning. Small - diameter 2.5”, weighs 1.3 oz. Large - diameter 3.75”, weighs 2.75 oz. Light lacquer finish. 717 – Top Whorl Spindle, Small $18.25 713 – Top Whorl Spindle, Large $21.25

Spin It

All you need to know to make yarn from scratch! Learn about wool, washing, carding, spinning and plying. Complete instructions for spinning with a handspindle along with five simple, appealing projects. Color. 698 – Spin It $11.95

Beginner’s Spinning Set

Children love to watch as you transform fluffs of wool into yarn. Set includes Ashford’s Classic Spindle, a good all round bottom whorl spindle for beginners and spinners making medium weight yarns, white and dyed unspun wool roving and a comprehensive instructional leaflet so you may learn how to spin! 685 – Beginner’s Spinning Set $22.00

Bette Hochberg’s Fiber Books

Handspinner’s Handbook - Practical directions for fast and easy spinning on the wheel with wool, cotton, alpaca, mohair, cashmere, silk, flax, angora, basketry fibres, etc. Preparation, washing, setting twist, shrinkage, carding, blending. 552 – Handspinner’s Handbook $9.95 Fibre Facts - Spinners and weavers guide to natural and synthetic fibres and yarns. How they behave; choosing and using them; finishing and caring for them. How their properties affect quality, appearance, and performance of textiles. 553 – Fibre Facts $9.95 Spin Span Spun - Fact and folklore for spinners and weavers. A lively collection of myths, legends, historical records, old recipes, fairy tales and songs. 554 – Spin Span Spun $9.95 Handspindles - The 10 basic styles of ethnic spindles used around the world. Historical background and simple, easy directions for using each type. 555 – Handspindles $9.95 Save when you buy all 4 2247 – Set of 4 Bette Hochberg Books $36.00

See Corriedale wool on page 9 for an excellent spinning fiber.


silk Fort Building Clips


Hand carved wooden clip for gently yet firmly fastening our Giant Rainbow Silk to play stands, chair backs or tables. An essential for creative play, you'll want to have several. This design is easy for little hands to squeeze and comes with two extra rubber bands. USA. Ages 3 and up. 1265 – $7.50 each 1695 – Set of 4 $28.00

Silk Fairies Mobile Kit

Rainbow Play Silks

Hand-dyed blended bands of billowing rose, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Baby Rainbow for delightfully silky peek-a-boo, creative play, and dance classes. Rainbow Scarf for costume veils, capes, sashes and turbans. Giant Rainbow Silk, at nine feet long and three feet wide is large enough to make a canopy over a bed, create a play space or puppet theatre, build a club house with chairs and wood clips, or wrap yourself up in. Flowing 100% silk dyed with non-toxic dyes. Play ideas included on wrappers. 396 – Baby Rainbow Silk, 21” x 21” - $8.95 542 – Rainbow Scarf, 35"x 35" - $15.50 525 – Giant Rainbow Silk, 3 ft. x 9 ft. - $39.95

Includes all you need to make a mobile of 12 enchanting fairies. Wearing gowns of plant-dyed silk, each a different color, this colorful spiral of fairies moves gracefully with every passing breeze. Just dreamy for an infant’s or child’s room, your workspace, or above the nature table. Kit provides hemmed silk squares, carded wool, thread, and 7 inch diameter hoop. Germany. 981 – Silk Fairies Mobile Kit $24.00

Plant Dyed Silk ~ for crafts and play

Sheer, lightweight and naturally-dyed in six amazing colors for use in play and all sorts of handwork sensations. Scarves are hemmed, the smaller size is unhemmed. Hand-dyed so colors will vary. Sheer 100% Silk “Paj”, 5mm. Specify yellow, peach, rose, blue, purple, or green. Plant Dyed Silk Scarf, 35” x 35” (specify color) $16.00 each Plant Dyed Silk Scarves, Complete Set of 6 - $90.00 (#1682) Plant Dyed Rainbow Pack of 6, 9” x 9” $10.00 (#507)

Hand-dyed with natural dyes …A Child’s Dream exclusive! What does “mm” stand for?

Cotton Gauze

100 % silk fabric is measured by a weight known as mm or momme (pronounced mummy). 8 mm = 1 ounce. 1

Open weave, lightweight fabric for dressmaking, costumes, curtains, play cloths and more. Dyes easily, 36” wide, unfinished selvages. 543 – $3.50/yard (white)

ounce = 28 grams. The smaller the mm the lighter the fabric. 1 mm = 3.5 grams.

Sheer Silk “Paj”

Petal soft, this fine quality silk is lovely for making marionette puppets, covering seasonal tables or draping. It also makes wonderful curtains for your home or classroom. Easy to dye. 5mm weight/Allow for shrinkage – 8% in length and 1% in width. 44" wide. 2367 – Sheer Silk “Paj” $5.00/yard (white only)

Silk Habotai – Solid and Heavy

Tightly woven of fine silk threads with a smooth and glossy finish. These China Silks tolerate repeated washings and can be used for play as well as curtains, puppets and dresses. 8mm - Allow for shrinkage - 10% in length and 2% in width / 10 mm - Allow for shrinkage - 3% in length and 1% in width. 44” wide. 545 – Solid Silk, 8 mm. $7.00/yard (white only) 523 – Heavy Silk, 10mm. $9.50/yard (white only)


Silk Gauze

Airy and light as a cloud! A floaty transparent silk gauze ideal for veils, curtains, layering, draping, painting, nuno and needle felting, shibori and more. Finish is matte rather than shiny. Dyes easily. 44” wide. Allow for shrinkage: 4.5mm – 11% in length and 7% in width; 8mm up to 20% in length and 10% in width. 366 – Silk Gauze, 4.5mm $6.00/yard (white only) 546 – Silk Gauze, 8mm $8.00/yard (white only)

Synthrapol Soap

A mild soap used when pre-washing your silk prior to dyeing thus avoiding spotting. 6 oz. bottle, concentrated. 524 – Synthrapol Soap $6.00


handwork Jacquard Silk Colors Dye/Painting Kit

This kit is an excellent way to get started in the beautiful art of painting on silk and wool. On silk, the translucent nature of the fabric shines through. Create your own space-dyed wool yarn. Kit includes primaries (yellow, magenta, and blue/cyan) and black, they are easy to intermix and dilute with water. Also included is colorless gutta resist and applicator bottle and tip for drawing images and resisting the flow of dye. Comes with full instructions. 957 – Silk Painting Dye Kit $28.00

Undyed Silk Scarves ~ in two sizes

Earthues Natural Dye Kits

The Botanical Dye Kit provides all you need to create beautiful reds, pinks, oranges, yellows and purples from nature. Comes with four natural dye extracts (cutch, cochineal, logwood grey, osage) and fixative to dye four pounds of fabrics, yarn and papers. Get amazing blues with the Indigo Starter Kit and when combined with the Botanical Dye Kit you’ll be able to make greens and incredible shades of purple. Each set comes complete with instructions and recipes. Ages 13 to adult. 2514 – Botanical Dye Kit $45.00 2515 – Indigo Starter Kit $45.00

Hemmed, shimmering silk scarves for painting, dyeing or marbling. 509 – Undyed Sheer Silk Scarf, 5 mm, 35 x 35 - $6.00 540 – Undyed Solid Silk Scarf, 8 mm, 8 x 54 - $4.00 Scarf dyed with kit shown above

Mehndi Henna Kit

Traditional Mehndi, non-permanent body art, is drawn on the hands and feet, but you can apply it anywhere. Create designs on your arms (perhaps as armbands), on legs, around the belly button, behind the neck or anywhere you want. All the tools and supplies you need to begin are included in this kit. Henna, mordant, eucalyptus oil, cotton balls, swabs, application sticks and more. Ages 13 to adult. 3235 – Mehndi Henna Kit $11.95

A Dyer’s Garden

A Dyer’s Garden touches on the history and nature of dye plants and walks you through how to grow them and how to naturally dye hundreds of colors. Photos and descriptions of 30 plants. A classic. By Rita Buchanan. 952 – A Dyer’s Garden $14.95

Rainbow “One Pot” Dye Kit

It’s a cinch to dye your wool fleece or yarn all the colors of the rainbow at once, in one pot! Dyes are set with vinegar so it’s safe and easy to use. Kit includes three 10 gram jars of scarlet, blue and yellow along with detailed instructions for “one pot” or individual dyeing. 1007 – Rainbow “One Pot” Dye Kit $22.00

Undyed Wool Yarns

Single ply wool yarn, with the look of home-spun, in reeled skeins for dyeing or painting. 789 – Undyed Wool/Mohair Worsted Weight Yarn - 190 yards, 4 oz. $8.30 817 – Undyed Wool Finger Knitting Yarn - 132 yards, 8 oz. $17.00

Tie Dye Kit

Exciting fun! The Large Kit (shown) dyes up to 15 adult T-shirts. Ideal for classes, birthday parties, and family reunions. The Standard Kit dyes up to 5 adult T-shirts for your family or gifts. Contains primary colors of professional quality cotton dyes in convenient applicator bottles, rubber bands, rubber gloves, easy to follow instructions and an extra bottle for mixing secondary or pastel colors. Colors stay bright after repeated washing. Cotton t-shirts available separately. Ages 5 and up. 1000 – Standard Tie Dye Kit $14.00 1002 – Large Tie Dye Kit $22.00

White Cotton Tees

Thick and soft Hanes Beefy-T®. 100% ring spun cotton. SA8 – Youth Sizes $3.99 specify XS (2-4), S(6-8), M (10-12), L (14-16), XL (18-20) SA9 – Adult Sizes $3.99 specify S (34-36), M (38-40), L (42-44), XL (46-48)


hand w o r k Handpaint Burly Spun - for finger knitting

A soft and super bulky single ply 100% wool yarn in multi-colored 2 oz. balls (shown) or 8 oz. hanks. Great for fingerknitting and felts beautifully. Specify Forest Floor, Strawberry Patch, or Mountain Majesty HY30 – Handpaint Burly Spun Skein – 8 oz. 132 yards (specify color) $23.70

Kid’s Knitting

Through 15 simple projects, from swatches to sweaters, the author teaches beginners of all ages to knit. Using straightforward language and colorful instructions, beginners discover the basics, fingerknitting, knitting in the round, and shaping. Ages 5 and up. 725 – Kid’s Knitting $12.95

HY31 – Handpaint Burly Spun Ball – 2 oz. (specify color) $8.95

Knitting for Children Books

Knitting books with a difference! Rhymes and clear instructions with step-by-step photos teach in detail the basic steps of knitting. The First Book of Knitting for Children gives a thorough introduction to knit and purl stitch and is followed by loads of simple, enticing patterns for animals providing lots of practice for beginners. Knitting for Children, A Second Book builds on the first book teaching pattern reading, knitting in the round, fair isle knitting, ribbing and more as you learn to knit more complex animals, dolls and wearables. Gosse & Allerton. Recommended for all ages. 706 – A First Book of Knitting for Children $19.95 720 – Knitting for Children, a Second Book $24.95

Thick Super 4-Ply Wool Yarn

The same yarn your grandma and great grandma used! Briggs and Little’s Super 4-Ply 100% Wool Yarn is perfect for children learning to knit, makes hunky hats and mittens or use for latch hook rugs, macramé and more. Produced in Canada’s oldest wool mill. Needle size: 7.5mm or US sizes 10-11. 11 sts = 4”. 85 yds. / 4 oz. skein. Specify pink, orange, red, light blue, royal blue, violet, yellow, gold, fern green, forest, brown or natural. Super 4-Ply Wool Yarn - $6.00 per skein

Brittany Birch Knitting Needles

Art Deco style needles in birch wood, hand finished and exactly sized. Use Size 7 with cotton Sugar ‘n Cream; size 8 or 9 with Lamb’s Pride Worsted; for beginners, size 10 or 10.5 with Lamb’s Pride Bulky and Super 4-Ply. Specify 7, 8, 9, 10, or 10.5. Brittany Birch Knitting Needles (specify size) – $7.00

Unique Wooden Sewing Needles

It's so nice to finish up your knitting and crochet projects with these special wooden yarn needles. They are a wonderful alternative for children, great sensory feedback without the worry about getting pricked. Soft, sturdy and easy to use, this hand-made tool is a pleasure to work with and truly one of a kind. Blunt-tip. Available in three sizes: 2-3/4”small (1616), 3-1/4” medium (1617) or 4” large (1618). Wooden Sewing Needles (specify size) $4.50 1687 – Wooden Sewing Needles - set of all 3 $12.00



handwork Lamb’s Pride Wool Yarn

This lustrous gently spun single ply is a favorite. Knit stitches are clearly seen resulting in accurate counting and less split stitches. Wonderful for twisted cords, knitted toy animals and dolls, balls, flute bags and puppets as well as outerwear, scarves, caps, mittens, sweaters and socks. Felts easily (except for the Crème). 85%wool/15%mohair. Use knitting needles in size 8 with the Worsted weight and sizes 10 or 10.5 with the Bulky. Solids: Crème, Ruby Red, Orange You Glad, Lemon Drop, Christmas Green, Blue Boy, Violet Fields, Rosado Rose (see the Doll Making section for hair and animal colors)

Monochromatic Colorways

Solid Colors

Monochromatic Colorways: Prairie Goldenrod, Orange Creamsicle, Cranberry Swirl, Strawberry Smoothie, Elderberry Wine, Blue Skyways, Ocean Waves, Forest Shadows, Grassy Knoll, Café Au Lait HY4 – Bulky, 125 yds. (specify) $8.30 per skein HY5 – Worsted, 190 yds. (specify) $8.30 per skein

Sugar’n Cream Cotton Yarn

Fun multicolors to knit (size 7) or crochet (size G or H) into soft washcloths or potholders or finger knit or ply into cords. 100% cotton. Specify rainbow bright, pretty pastels, jewels, playtime, summer splash, swimming pool. Sugar’n Cream Yarn, 95 yards, 2 oz. ball (specify color) $2.25 each

Current and back issues of Living Crafts available in the Handwork Section online.

Living Crafts Magazine

A Child’s Weaving Kit

Each issue features fiber and non-fiber related natural and seasonal craft projects for both children and adults. The best craft magazine ever!

The design of the simple, yet beautiful hardwood handloom allows you to weave bags without having to sew any seams. When woven, they simply slip off the loom, edges are already finished! Comes with a 4.5” x 5” loom, a 6” wooden weaving needle, a detailed instruction booklet and 100% cotton yarn in bright colors. Ages 7 to adult. USA. 961 –A Child’s Weaving Kit $19.95

Brittany Wood Crochet Hook

Our 7-1/2" long birch crochet hooks come in sizes E, F, G, H, I, J, and K. Children generally do best with hooks size G and larger. Brittany Crochet Hook (specify size) - $7.00


d oll m a k i n g Smooth Mohair Yarn Making Waldorf Dolls

The complete book on how to make soft, natural fiber Waldorf-style dolls. Thorough and well put together with illustrated instructions that are clear and easy to follow. Projects progress from simple baby dolls and knot dolls to the realistic dressing doll with traditional or jointed limbs. Lots of practical tips, pretty ways of making dolls’ hair and many patterns for all kinds of dolls and lots of clothes patterns and ethnic variations. 159 pgs. 370 – Making Waldorf Dolls $29.95

Little Loop Mohair Yarn

Now even beginners can give their doll a curly head of hair. Smaller loops make for an easy time when crocheting simple wig caps for baby and boy dolls or creating delightfully full ponytails and long hair styles. Comes in beautiful, subtly muted tones for natural looking curls and a mohair/wool blend that sheds less than others. Size E crochet hook. 3 ounce skein. Specify: top row: blonde, sandy, ginger, auburn bottom row: light brown,brown, brunette, or black. Little Loop, 3 oz. hank (specify color) – $9.95

A smooth, straight yarn for wispy, natural looking doll hair. This yarn is the only one that can be brushed. Size E crochet hook recommended on light colors for good scalp coverage. Size F is fine for medium to darker shades. 78% mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon. Approximately 125 yards. 2 oz. ball. Specify: top row - light blonde, golden, carrot top, ginger, and auburn bottom row - sandy, light brown, brown, brunette and black Smooth English Mohair Yarn (specify color) - $8.50

Worsted Wool Doll Hair Yarn

Lamb’s Pride creates lovely, soft straight hair with noticeably separate strands. Durable and easy for little hands to style. Great for hobby horses and Raggedy Ann Dolls. Crochet hook size F. 85% wool/15% mohair. 4 oz. pull skein/190 yds. Specify sandy, blonde, golden, rusty red, light brown, brown, brunette or black. Worsted Wool Yarn (specify color) - $8.30

Tubular Gauze and Stockinette

100% cotton tube gauze for inner forming of doll heads. Stockinette tubing is thicker and more supportive for larger dolls. 331 – 5/8” (tiny dolls) $1.00/yd. 332 – 7/8” (small dolls) $1.00/yd. 2509 – 1” (8”-10” dolls) $1.50/yd 346 – 1.5” (9”-12” doll) $1.50/yd. 455 – 2” Stockinette (16”-20” dolls) $1.50/yd.

Organic Cotton Knit for Doll Skin

Cotton knit interlock for doll making made from certified organic cotton and dyed with lo(environmental)-impact dyes. The finish is soft and natural because the fabric has not been chemically mercerized. (Mercerization is an enzyme bath that dissolves pills.) An excellent medium weight at 11 ounces per linear yard and 62” wide with a moderate stretch. One yard is adequate for two 16” dolls. Comes in four beautiful colors. The fair tone, after stuffed and stretched, lightens up to a soft shade of peach. Joy’s Waldorf Dolls patterns are designed for use with this fabric. 100% cotton. USA Specify fair, tan, cocoa or brown. Organic Cotton Knit (specify color) $8.50 ½ yd $16.00 1 yd.

Brittany Wood Crochet Hook

Brittany’s 7.5” long hand-rubbed wood crochet hooks for crocheting the cap of your doll’s wig. Please follow the recommendations with individual yarns. Made in the USA. Specify E, F, G, H, I, J or K Brittany Crochet Hook (specify size) - $7.00

Wig Making Instructions Booklet

Step by step instructions and pictures for 11 different wig styles for 13”/14”, 16” and 18” sized dolls. The cut-loop cap and one piece, MultiStyling wig (a Joy’s Waldorf Doll’s original.) Directions are included. Basic crochet experience is needed for the cap style and Multi-Styling wigs. Many of the longer styles can be sewn on without the use of a crocheted cap. 2424 – Wig Making Instructions $6.50



doll making

Needles & Threads Schmetz 70/10 Machine Sewing Needles

Highly recommended for the machine sewing of the cotton knit doll skin fabrics. 5 per package 449 – Schmetz 70/10 Universal Needles $3.50

Hand Sewing Needles for Doll Making

Long needles are essential for doll making as they can go through otherwise unreachable areas of the head and body of the doll and are necessary for the placement of the facial features. 5” long needle – important for facial features. Easy to thread, sharp, and sturdy with clean eyes that will not fray thread. 3” long needle - useful for wig attachment. Can be used for the facial features on small dolls. #7 Embroidery Needle is identical to a sharp but has a longer eye for easier threading of floss. Practical for embroidering the eyes and mouth, sewing doll bodies together and other general sewing. We recommend all three sizes for successful doll making. 451 – 5” Doll Needles (pack of 2) $3.00 2613 – 3”Doll Needles (pack of 6) $3.00 454 – #7 Embroidery Needles (pack of 16) $1.75

Sewing Dolls

Patterns are provided for a range of soft natural fiber dolls: small dolls for the littlest child, baby dolls, larger dolls to dress up, knitted dolls and dolls with moveable arms and legs. With different hairstyles and clothing options, the dolls can be varied endlessly. The book contains all the necessary patterns and detailed instructions, and is richly illustrated with color photographs and drawings. Karin Neuschütz 3240 – Sewing Dolls $25.00

Pearlized Straight Pins

Pack of 120 long pins with colorful bead balls on the ends. The size of the bead makes the pins especially useful when designing the face and because the bead keeps the pin highly visible we find them superior for pinning on the wig and putting doll parts together. 1103 – Pearlized Straight Pins $4.95

Craft Thread

Plenty of tensile strength and perfect for tying off the neck and forming facial features on the inner head of soft sculpted dolls. Highly recommended for stringing Joy’s button-jointed dolls. 12 yards. – 200 yds. 2574 – Craft Thread $3.50

Sewing Thread for Organic Cotton Knit

Four different colors of spooled thread hand-picked to match the Organic Cotton Knit doll skin tones. Sewing Thread - 250 Yard Spool (specify fair, tan, or organic brown) - $3.00 each Sewing Thread - 100 Meter Spool (cocoa only) $2.25

Carmine “Rouge” Crayon

Rub this block crayon onto a clean cloth or paper towel then gently apply in a circular motion to your new doll’s cheeks or “freshen up” an older doll. 345 – Carmine “Rouge” Crayon $1.75

Eco Wool Batting

Hand-painted Wooden Needle Case

Ours alone, this wooden cylinder with a cap is just the thing to keep all your sewing needles safe. Hand-painted by a local artisan. A lovely idea if you are putting together a basket for the beginner sewer in your house. The large case will hold one of our 2-3/4" or 3-1/4" wooden needles. 696 – Small Wooden Needle Case 2” $4.50 697 – Large Wooden Needle Case 3-1/2” $5.50

Sustainable, 30% organic locally sourced wool from Oregon and California. Eco wool is raised according to guidelines that include proper grazing techniques, predator friendliness and healthy veterinary practices. Random testing assures the pasture has had no contact with herbicides or pesticides. You’ll love this very clean, exceptionally soft and resilient batting and can feel safe using it to stuff your soft toys and dolls. In addition, batting can be wet felted or used for the inner core when needle felting. 2925 – Eco Wool Batting $8.00 ½ lb. | $16.00 lb.

Nimble Thimble

Handy, lightweight leather thimble with a metal safety tip. Very comfortable! The small size fits a child, medium fits most women. Available in small (352), medium (353) and large (354). Nimble Thimble (specify size) $4.95


d oll m a k i n g Waldorf Dollmaking with Joy Chambers ~ DVD

Joy Chambers shares her doll making techniques in a 2 hour+ DVD. Follow along in your home as you learn to make a doll head using the Copper Head Frames gauge, body stuffing with Joy’s Stuffing Tool, hand sewing and tricks for knot making and the invisible stitch, embroidering the face and attaching the wig. Joy will also show you how to crochet doll wigs all the way from the mohair tuft to her long, multi-styling wigs. Dolls shown are 16” Honey, 10” Brother and Sister, Baby Companions, 13” Little Love and Button-Jointed dolls. 2423 – Waldorf Dollmaking with Joy Chambers ~ DVD $36.00

Joy’s Stuffing Tool

Designed & highly recommended by Joy Chambers for expert stuffing of the limbs of any doll and essential for reducing the hand fatigue of a zealous doll maker. 2439 – Joy’s Stuffing Tool $8.00

Joy’s Copper Head Frames

For a perfectly proportioned doll head every time - these copper frames will ensure your success. In Joy Chambers’ doll making workshops, the Copper Head Frame is used several times in the making of a head. Labeled & sized for 6”, 8”, 9/10”, 12”, 13/14”, 16” and 18” dolls. 2440 – Joy’s Copper Head Frames - Set of 7 $15.00

Patterns from Joy’s Waldorf Dolls… 6” Teeny Baby Pattern

A Joy’s Waldorf Dolls Pattern

Little Love is the “traditional” Waldorf doll who will soon become inseparable from Mommy or Daddy. The Little Love’s body and legs are of one piece for firmness with flexibility. A nice size for a first dress-up doll. Patterns included for doll, dress, pants, shirt and several hairstyles. Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate (Ages 13 and older) 2428 – Little Love Pattern $8.50

A Joy’s Waldorf Dolls Pattern

Now you can make your big doll its very own baby, complete with a sling, a diaper, and a knit fabric bunting and hat set. Machine sewing is suggested but optional. Skill Level: Beginner (Ages 10 and older) 2426 – Teeny Baby Pattern $7.50

A Joy’s Waldorf Dolls Pattern

A Joy’s Waldorf Dolls Pattern

16” Honey Doll Pattern

A sturdy, medium-sized doll with a soft, flexible body, shapely legs and feet that can wear shoes and sneakers (no pattern). Patterns included for doll, overall, shirt, dress and several hairstyles. Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate (Ages 13 and older) 2425 – Honey Doll Pattern $8.50


13” Little Love Pattern


8” Pocket Love Pattern

Sized for pockets, lunch baskets and small, loving hands. An updated pattern with full wig making instructions and a new overalls pattern for both boy and girl. The Pocket Love Doll’s separate limbs are sewn together for firmness with flexibility. Challenging but fun to make and fun to sew clothes for, too! Skill Level: Intermediate 2491 – Pocket Love Pattern $6.00

doll making Cotton Knit Velour

A Joy’s Waldorf Dolls Pattern

A Joy’s Waldorf Dolls Pattern

Plush, soft, warm and ideally suited for Joy’s 10” Brother/Sister Dolls, bunting babies, star children and more. 11 oz. per linear yard. Approx. 60” wide. Available by the yard or in fat quarters (18” x 28”). Specify: left column - lilac, lavender, light yellow, olive, sage, chocolate right column - red, royal, sky, mulberry, soft pink, fuchsia (Call us or check online for availability and additional colors.) Cotton Knit Velour, Yard (specify) - $10.95 Cotton Knit Velour, Fat Quarter (specify) - $3.50

16” Button Baby and 9” Tiny Button

A Joy’s Waldorf Dolls Pattern

Arms and legs are button jointed allowing for different poses and the ability to sit in the center of the bed without assistance. This is a shapely doll with a little bum and lovely legs and feet. A pattern for both a 16” and 9” button jointed baby, footy pajamas and diaper. Skill Level: Intermediate 2489 – 9”/16” Button Baby Pattern $8.50

10” Brother/Sister Pattern

Similar in body style of the 16” Honey, but, with a more simple style of clothes for younger hands to dress. Recommended clothing fabric: velour, fleece or knit. A pattern for a brother and sister doll, top, pants, shoes and several hairstyles. A good kit for those with some dollmaking experience but, many have done well as beginners. Skill Level: Intermediate 2427 – Brother/Sister Pattern $8.00

Doll Clothes Patterns (13”/14”/16” Dolls)

Create an entire wardrobe for your doll. Included are: dress, pinafore, pantaloons, panties, shorts, shortalls, overalls, jumper, blouse, shirt, t-shirt, nightgown, diaper and pajamas- for all three sized dolls! For those with basic machine sewing and pattern usage experience. 2436 – Doll Clothes Patterns $10.00

Visit our website for more from Joy’s Waldorf Dolls


a rts , c r a f t s & m o r e Drawing & Main Lesson Books

These empty books are great for creating books, drawing, painting, whatever your heart desires. Journal and Drawing Books have 32 pages and bright colored, sturdy covers. The Handwriting Book has 24 pages and light bands of color to help with letter placement. High models are bound on the long side, wide models on the short side. Call or see website for current color selection. AS44 – Journal Size, 6.5 x 8.25 with onion skin, High $3.00 AS10 – Medium Drawing Book, 9.5 x 12.5, High $4.00 AS12 – Medium Drawing Book, 12.5 x 9.5, Wide $4.00 AS11 – Large Drawing Book, 12.5 x 15, High $5.00 174 – Handwriting Book, (in pink only) 11.5 x 8.25, Wide $5.50

Super Ferby Lyra Colored Pencils

The fat, triangular shaped barrel assures a proper grip, is easy for the young child to hold and less tiring for the older child to use. Thick and heavily pigmented these pencils apply smoothly and yield brilliant colors. 7” long. Waldorf Selection (brown instead of black) Set of 12. Germany. 143 – Super Ferby Pencils $29.95

Twin-Hole Sharpener

With two holes you can sharpen Lyra Ferbys and regular pencils, too. Up to 8.3mm and up to 11mm. 1080 – Twin-Hole Sharpener $6.50

Stockmar Beeswax Crayons

Pure beeswax enhances the brilliant pigment of these natural, artist quality stick and block crayons creating effects similar to those of watercolor paintings. Assortments of 8 or 16 available in attractive, sturdy tins. Also available in 24 colors packed in a finely crafted wooden box with a sliding lid. AS31 – 8 Crayons (specify stick or block) $14.00 AS32 – 16 Crayons (specify stick or block) $25.00 AS33 – 24 Crayons (specify stick or block) $54.00

Lyra Face Pencils

Easy to apply, easy to wash off. These quality pencils are made in Germany and safe for the skin. Includes illustrated manual and 6 pencils. Sharpener available separately. 157 – Lyra Cosmetic Pencils $16.00 3323 – Plastic Sharpener (dual sized) $2.30

Coloring with Block Crayons

Learn to create luminous, illustrative drawings using just primary colors with this guide for working with block crayons. Provides instruction for drawing letters and numbers, illustrating fairytales, fables, stories of saints, heroes, and main lesson book work. Author Sieglinde de Francesca provides suggestions on how to work with kindergarteners as well. Updated 2nd version abundant with full color and black & white illustrations. Spiral bound so it will lay flat. 2294 – Coloring with Block Crayons $29.95



Greenfield Fountain Pen

Made in Germany this pen is part wood and part plastic, with a medium iridium nib. The triangular grip is suitable for both right and left hand writing. Uses ink cartridges which are purchased separately. Pair this with some of our Journals or Postcards for a nice gift for ages 10 and up. Greenfield Fountain Pen specify blue (170), green (169) or red (171) $14.60 ORDER INK SEPARATELY – Set of 10 Ink Cartridges specify blue (172) or black (173) $1.50 pack

arts cr a f t s & m o r e Drawing with your Four to Eleven Year Old

Form Drawing for Beginners

The only step-by-step book on form drawing written specifically for homeschoolers. A complete sequence of forms for grades 1-3 (or older children or adults beginning form drawing); story ideas and instructions on how to do form drawing make up this user-friendly and practical guide. 41 pages, spiral bound from Christopherus. 2380 – Form Drawing for Beginners $22.00

Designed to be practical and useful to homeschoolers interested in the Waldorf approach. Includes form drawing, 7 full color pages, and general indications on drawing with your child in kindergarten and first through fifth grades. 181 – Drawing with your Four to Eleven Year Old $22.00

Strathmore Watercolor Pad

Painting in Waldorf Education In Waldorf schools the unique and important nature of watercolor painting is significant for the stages of childhood development. This extraordinary book was written by two experienced Waldorf teachers from Holland, who present the rationale as well as detailed practical exercises for teaching painting from kindergarten through high school. Included is a CD containing sixty images selected from the work of their students. 2275 – Painting in Waldorf Education $18.00

Fine quality, heavy weight, acid free, durable, cold press paper specially made to stand up to water. Rough surface adapts well to the wet-on-wet technique as well as a variety of others, too. 12-sheet pad, 11” x 15”, spiral bound. We also carry a sponge to soak up extra water on your paper, leaving the paper damp but not dripping. 144 – Strathmore Watercolor Pad $9.95 146 – Painting Sponge $2.00

Paint Jar Holder & 6 jars Paint Brushes

Wood holder and 6 glass jars with lids keep left over watercolors fresh and ready for use. Extra jars are available separately. Store leftover mixed paints in the refrigerator. 2374 – Paint Jar Holder & 6 Jars $29.95 2373 – Extra Paint Jar $2.00

High quality watercolor brushes are made of the finest natural hair fibers in a seamless, nickel ferrule on lovely baked enamel wooden handles. We recommend the 1” size for preschool and kindergarten age children. Older children and adults may use both sizes. Paintbrushes should be washed gently with soap (not detergent) and dried after each use. Brushes that are allowed to sit in water will eventually become loose and the enamel may chip away. 166 – 1” Brush $11.00 167 – 1/2” Brush $8.95

Stockmar Watercolor Paint

Art supplies and more online in our Arts, Crafts & Kits section.

Stockmar non-toxic watercolours are ideal for wet-onwet and transparent painting. The color tones have been chosen so that they can be mixed to give all intermediate shades without losing their brilliance and intensity. Begin with a dilution of 10 parts water to 1 part pigment. Specify: carmine red, vermillion, lemon yellow, gold yellow, ultramarine, Prussian blue. Small Single Color – 20cc (specify color) $8.00 each Small Cobalt Blue – 20cc $17.00 Medium Single Color – 50cc (specify color) $15.00 each Large Single Color – 250cc Available by special order.


arts c r a f t s & m o r e Mary’s Natural Softdough & Tool Set Beeswax Candle Rolling Kit

Honeycombed sheets of beeswax come with wick and easy instructions. Enjoy the sweet scent of a gift from the bees and the pleasure and satisfaction of rolling your own candles. This is a simple and fun group activity. 6 sheets, 8”x 8” each. Ages 5 and up. 274 – Beeswax Candle Rolling Kit $20.00

Playing with this natural, nontoxic modeling dough is a fun way to enliven the young child’s tactile senses! Softdough Rainbow Tub is 18 ounces of five different colors. Available separately is the Softdough Tool Set which includes a hardwood rolling pin and 11 different cookie cutters. All made in the USA. Ages 3 and up. 1789 – Mary’s Softdough Rainbow Tub $9.95 9 – Softdough Tool Set $7.95

Beeswax Tapers

Long-burning solid beeswax tapers made with a cotton wick. 270 – Pair of 8” Tapers $9.00

Learning about the World through Modeling

Beeswax Pillar Candle

An aromatic and entirely pure beeswax candle with a cotton wick. Unique oval shape and nice and thick at 3” wide and 6” tall. Solid, long-burning, natural and non-toxic. Lovely as is or beautify it with decorating wax. 269 – Beeswax Pillar Candle $20.00

Stockmar Modeling Beeswax

We have chosen Stockmar’s beeswax modeling wax for its transparent, color enhancing nature, marvelous beeswax aroma and therapeutic qualities. By kneading rhythmically children develop their fine motor skills. Shaping this sculpturing material also promotes imagination and a feeling for form. Ideas for modeling subjects can come from telling a story while children hold and knead the wax in their toasty hands. Ages 5 and up. 101 – Stockmar Modeling Beeswax 15 colors $28.00

Sculptural ideas for school or home. This wonderful book praises and describes the hands-on activity of sculptural modeling and how it works upon the mind building intelligence through a rich complexity of sense experiences. With its step-by-step progression anyone can follow and learn the methods to make the well-illustrated modeling projects. An incredible resource for first grade through high school and beyond. Arthur Auer, 226 pages. 3185 – Learning About the World Through Modeling $24.00

Stockmar Decorating Wax

Decorate candles, lids, tins and wood with this colorful assortment of thin, pliable sheets. Colors are fast and vibrant. Sheets measure 1-1/2” x 8”. 176 – Stockmar Candle Decorating Wax 18 colors $18.00



Wood Eggs

For a spring craft, decorate with Stockmar Decorating Wax by applying thin bits of wax to the wood surface then spread and smooth with your fingers. The wax adheres readily to the wood! The size of an actual hen’s egg so undecorated it fits nicely in an egg carton for kitchen play. Set of 6 eggs. 3196 – Wood Eggs (6) $6.00

arts, cra f t s & m o r e Foil Origami Paper

Straw Star Kit

Shiny foil on both sides for paper folding, making ornaments, and more. 50 sheets, assorted colors. 6”x 6” Germany 154 – Foil Origami Paper $11.50 618 – Foil Star Instructions $1.00

A kit for weaving simple 8-pointed straw stars. It includes one instruction book with 18 pages, two 8-segment crown molds, a 4-way straw splitter, 50 natural and 50 colored straws. Ages 6 to adult. Germany. 2503 – Straw Star Kit $16.85 153 – Extra Natural Straw (50 pcs.) $3.50

Crafts through the Year

Giant Pack of Origami Paper

Create almost 200 different things for seasonal celebrations using a variety of craft mediums…. transparency pictures and stars, tissue paper crafts, straw stars and figures, lanterns, decorated candles, dipped candles, Easter eggs, corn-dollies, a flower press, wooly animals, fir wreaths, nativity items and even more! Floris, hardcover, 117 pages. 229 – Crafts through the Year $24.95

A big block of 500 sheets of folding paper in ten assorted colors/50 sheets each. 6”x6” (15x15cm). Made in Germany 2387 – Colored Origami Paper $9.95

Transparency Star-Making Paper

Easy Origami

32 simple projects for beginners - clearly illustrated and with easy-to-follow instructions. Included are the figures of a swan, lantern, cicada, pigeon, fox, rabbit and many other popular origami subjects. 1088 – Easy Origami $3.95

A pack of Norwegian waxy paper, also known as kite paper, in an assortment of eleven vivid colors for crafts and star making. Beautiful with the light shining through when used for lanterns and transparencies. 100 squares, 6.25" x 6.25" Star instructions available upon request. 142 – Transparency Paper $7.95

Origami and Kirigami

This definitive guide to papercraft explores both folded and cut methods. The origami possibilities range from animal figures and mobiles to kites and doll house furniture. Learn kirigami while you make paper cut-outs, dolls, chains, popups, baskets, silhouettes and more. 75 fun-to-do projects from Florence Temko. 192 pgs. 1085 – Origami and Kirigami $12.95

Examples from Crafts through the Year

Art Tissue Paper

A colorful array of fine quality craft-size art tissue in assorted pure colors for flowers, transparencies, mosaics and more projects found in Crafts through the Year. Colors run and bleed when wet which makes it great for dyeing silks, eggs and paper as well. 9” x 9”, 250 sheets. 121 – Art Tissue Paper $13.00

Modular Origami Polyhedra

17 projects based on the classic Platonic solids: the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. Folders at every level of experience, from absolute beginners to old hands, will appreciate the stepby-step diagrams and their detailed views of the models’ assembly. 1091 – Modular Origami Polyhedra $6.95


arts , c r a f t s & m o r e Walter Kraul Science Exploration Kits

Walter Kraul, a science teacher from Germany, designed these unique kits so children could experience and explore the laws of physics in their play. Included are detailed instructions and everything necessary to complete the kits and make toys that inspire a harmonious relationship between technology and nature

Cable Car Kits

Children playfully explore the simple, fascinating mechanics of a pulley system while shuttling passengers, transporting cargo or even messages to and from different levels inside the house and out. The Mini Cable Car Kit makes a 3-inch long car and comes with 16 feet of string.

Skipping Ropes

Choose a 9-foot Skip Rope with wooden handles and a handbook of jump rope rhymes and games or double the fun with the Super Skip Rope, 15 feet of thick rope with wood bead handles and an instruction card with skipping rhymes for 3 or more. USA 627 – 9-Foot Skip Rope $9.95 628 – Super 15-Foot Skip Rope $9.95

Finger Strings Book & Strings

Finger string games provide an opportunity for today’s children to practice meaningful movement, explore space, interact with others, and exercise their creative spirits. String games can be especially useful to children who struggle with schooling or are dyslexic, and for those who are learning concepts of “left and right” and “up and down”. Contains games that will delight all children, from the very young to those with greater dexterity. Ringbound to lie flat while learning. Includes two free brightly colored strings to get you started. Ages 7 and up. 2328 – Finger Strings Book & Strings $25.00

Rainbow String

For playing Cat’s Cradle and making string figures. Our rainbow string is sturdy, hand-dyed nylon in multicolors. Ages 7 and up. 638 – Rainbow String $4.95 The nearly 9-inch tall Jumbo Cable Car Kit includes 2 pieces of string, each 65 feet long. Kits come with instructions, glue, and all necessary materials. Pocket Pals not included. To build: age 9 and up. To play: age 4 and up. 972 – Mini Cable Car Kit $12.00 (ALL ITEMS IN THIS BOX) 968 – Jumbo Cable Car Kit $39.95 WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD

Rainbow Super Ferby Pencil

This fun, colorful pencil has four colors all in one! 159 – Rainbow Super Ferby Pencil $3.00


Wendolin Gravity Car Kit

Build a 3” long car and test gravity. A heavy steel ball weighs down the front end causing the car to move and respond quickly in the direction of gravity as the road surface tilts and slopes. One Pocket Pal driver and detailed instructions included. To build: ages 8 and up. To play: ages 4 and up. 969 – Wendolin Gravity Car Kit $16.00

Tumbling Gnomes Kit

Contains all you need to make four cheerful felt gnomes who will tumble and roll end-over-end when on a ramp or incline as the forces of gravity pull at the heavy steel ball hidden in their caps. To make: ages 9 and up. To play: ages 3 and up. 967 – Tumbling Gnomes Kit $21.00

Pocket Pals

Pocket Gnomes

Cute 2-1/2 inch felt and wire Pocket Pals make fun little passengers who flex, bend, and pose easily. Ages 3 and up. 293 – Pocket Pals - Assorted colors - Set of 3 - $15.50


Cotton velour, stuffed firmly with wool. Colors vary, we’ll do our best to accommodate. Order several for a rich rainbow assortment. 3" tall. Ages 3 and up. 294 – Pocket Gnome $6.00


arts, cr a f t s & m o r e Alphabet Cards

LMNOP and All the Letters A to Z

Includes all the letters of the alphabet, plus extra vowels, in upper case and lower case for colorful learning and spelling of words – 32 cards in all. An animal and its name in English are shown on each card. Use as flash cards, spell words or play one of the games suggested on the enclosed idea card. Germany. 195 – Alphabet Cards in English $14.00

Book and Wall Cards ~ The hardcover book LMNOP brings a playful and imaginative approach to language learning. For each letter there’s a fun verse or poem and a colorful illustration that embodies the shape of the letter. Ideas are given for using as a teaching resource. The set of 26 laminated Alphabet Wall Cards with the accompanying rhyme on the back is available separately. Mount them on the wall forming a children’s art gallery or display one at a time on a stand as the focus of a particular lesson. A super learning tool! Cards measure 8.5” x 11”. Poems by Howard Schrager. Illustrated by Bruce Bischof.

Math Cards

In the Math Basic Set children count to 10 by ones, then to 100 by tens. Cards 1 through 9 have animal images in a quantity that is representative of each number. Also comes with plus, minus and equals cards. With the Math Full Set individual number counting can go up to 25, with nature oriented images (i.e. 20 morning glory flowers and leaves) up to 21. After 30 there’s counting by tens to 100. In addition to plus (+), minus (-) and equals (=), there are times (x) and divide (:). Germany. 197 – Math Basic Set (32 cards) $14.00 198 – Math Full Set (64 cards) $18.00

217 – LMNOP Book $18.95 213 – LMNOP Alphabet Wall Cards $29.95

Baking Bread with Children

Everything you need to share the magic of baking with children of all ages! Find recipes for Fun Breads, Festive Breads including Dragon Bread and Santa Lucia Buns, Quick Breads, and Sourdough Breads. Baking techniques and recipes are cleverly seasoned with stories, songs and poems. There are also instructions for building and using a bread oven, baking projects for kindergarten and school age children, and useful nutritional information. 211 pages. 1011 – Baking Bread with Children $30.00


Wooden Acorns

Squirrels and children alike enjoy playing with and counting these as you tell your squirrel stories to teach the math processes. 1-3/8” tall unfinished. 1099 – Wooden Acorns - Set of 6 $3.50

Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book

A useful compendium of information, recipes, and anecdotes from Waldorf kindergarten teacher Lisa Hildreth. Create soups, breads, and fruit dishes with children and use healthy ingredients to make delicious and nutritious snacks. Illustrated by kindergarten teacher Jo Valens, you will find yourself turning to this book time and again when it’s snack time. Includes a chapter on birthday and festival foods. 240 – Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book $12.95

The Waldorf School Book of Soups

This wonderful little book is a celebration of soups from a myriad of Waldorf school communities around the country. You will find everything from nutritious stocks and broths to a selection of vegetable, bean, tomato, beef, seafood, chicken, and dessert soups... and, of course, a recipe for Stone Soup! 1012 – The Waldorf School Book of Soups $14.95

Olive Wood Nutcracker

A beautiful, Spanish-made nutcracker of hard olive wood. Easy for a child to use with success! A unique gift for any age. 1018 – Olive Wood Nutcracker $14.95


This short word game is a breakthrough in word games. Because short words, like ‘at’, ‘is’, ‘of’, ‘ax’,’ow’ and ‘zoo’ can lead to winning, readers of all ages can play and win. Fast paced for 1-8 players of reading age and up. 631 – Quiddler Game $12.00

Pick Up Sticks

Originally played by the Native Americans with straws of wheat and taught to the pioneers who settled this country. It requires a steady hand and dexterity. Birch sticks are tapered to a smooth blunt tip. Each set of 25 teninch sticks is pouched in colored cotton canvas with history and game rules. Age 6 to adult. USA 639 – Pick Up Sticks $7.99


boo k s & m us i c The Sun Seed ~ a story book

Alternatives to TV Handbook

A little Sun Seed follows the cycle of spring into summer into fall into winter as she grows from seedling to golden flower. Color illustrations created with naturally-dyed wool fibers needle felted in layers create depth and details to tell this charming and simple story of metamorphosis for the young child. Ages 3 and up. Hardcover. 1406 – The Sun Seed $17.95

You’ll find so many engaging activities for children ages 1-12 along with do-able suggestions on how-not to use the TV as a babysitter and how-to bring out the creativity in your children. A great resource at an affordable price, for you or that spouse or grandparent who needs suggestions. 242 – Alternatives to TV Handbook $9.95

The Classic Treasury of Aesop’s Fables

Living Passages

A timeless collection of twenty of Aesop’s best-loved animal fables punctuated by the age-old morals that have instructed countless generations. Accompanied by beautiful, fullcolor illustrations from award-winning artist Don Daily Hardbound. Ages 4-8. 1400 – The Classic Treasury of Aesop’s Fables $9.98

Creative ideas for celebrating and creating contemporary and meaningful rites of passage to honor landmark events (loosing a tooth, starting school), birthdays, the nine-year change, turning 13, coming of age, and many more life transitions from birth to age 21.  A valuable resource for parents, grandparents, mentors, counselors and educators and appropriate for all faiths. Shea Darian. 336 pages. 209 – Living Passages $21.95

The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book

Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots

Join Sylvia and the Rhyme-Elves in this tale of the tales a mother tells her child covering the highlights of the year through the holidays and a birthday. Great character building stories! Ages 6 and up. 144 pages, paperback 953 – The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book $15.95

In this beautifully illustrated guide Sharon Lovejoy presents 12 spirited, easy-to-implement ideas for theme gardens that parents, teachers and children can grow together. With a focus on fun and creativity you’ll be inspired to plant a pizza patch, sunflower house, moon garden, flowery maze, zuni waffle garden, medicine chest and more. Each garden includes a plan, the planting instructions, and activities. Paperback 176 pages 1037 – Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots $13.95

A Donsy of Gnomes Joyful Movement

This book is not simply another collection of verses, songs and movement exercises. Compiled in the hope of preventing and even possibly correcting challenges a child might have with sensory integration, movement, coordination or other related faculties, this book has a wealth of ideas on how to sensitively nurture - not overstimulate - the child’s senses and to bring healthy activity to him or her every day. Birth to about 9 years. Christopherus. 2478 – Joyful Movement $25.00


Seven gentle gnome stories to read to your children. In them you will meet eight charming gnomes, and their friends. Gnomes who teach gnome-sized lessons in generosity, selflessness, resourcefulness, courage and friendship. Includes practical ideas for creating your own world of faerie through plays, puppetry, costumes, nature tables and more! By Sieglinde De Francesca 3252 – A Donsy of Gnomes $14.95


boo k s & m us i c

Reg Down’s Magical Nature Tales

The Lost Lagoon

Reg Down’s newest. It is spring and Running River is in full flood. Join Tiptoes The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly Lightly, Jeremy Mouse and A series of three adventures each comprised of 14 nature Greenleaf the Sailor as they tales or chapters about a fairy, Tiptoes Lightly, and her venture forth in Greenleaf’s forest friends; over 40 in all and the sweetest stories I’ve newly made boat and search ever read. Lavishly and lovingly illustrated by artistfor the Lost Lagoon. A author Reg Down, an experienced Waldorf teacher and book filled with a wonder trained Eurythmist (an art of movement and gesture). and magic with illustrated Ages 3 and up. adventures that won’t soon be 1409 – The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly $14.95 forgotten. Ages 4 and up. 2717 – The Lost Lagoon $16.50

The Festival of Stones

Tiptoes and her friends - including Farmer John’s children, Tom Nutcracker and June Berry - celebrate the festivals of Michaelmas, Halloween, Martinmas, Advent and Christmas. Wonderfully captures the inner mood of nature during autumn and winter. Illustrated. Ages 6 and up. ST33 – The Festival of Stones $14.95

Big-Stamp Two-Toes the Barefoot Giant

Reg Down’s illustrated tales follow Tiptoes Lightly and friends through springtime. Ompliant the Elephant has his leg pulled by Chit-Chat the Chipmunk, and gets to see Jeremy Mouse’s babies (he just can’t believe they are pink – and with no fur!). Ages 6 and up. 1381 – Big-Stamp Two Toes the Barefoot Giant $14.95

The Magic Knot and other tangles

High in the branches of a great oak lives Tiptoes Lightly. Her house is an acorn, and it has no furniture ~ aside from two downy feathers given to her by Lucy the Goose to sleep on. Soon it will be Tiptoes’ birthday, and Pine Cone and Pepper Pot decide to make her a table and chairs ~ which should be a simple task for two clever gnomes! Illustrated. Ages 6 to 9. 1401 – The Magic Knot $14.95

Ruth Elsaesser’s Calendar Cards Beautiful postcard size watercolors of seasonal childhood wonder. 12 different cards in all. 4” x 6”. Germany. 203 – Elsaesser’s Calendar Art Cards $16.00

Puck the Gnome

Mother Earth and Her Children

Deep below the ground, Mother Earth rouses her sleepy children. The little ones ready themselves for spring, then join a jubilant procession of bugs and beetles up into the summer meadows. In rhyming verse and embroidered quilted illustrations, the enchanting story is told, gently encouraging children to discover the wondrous world of nature just outside. Sieglinde Schoen Smith’s award-winning quilt illustrates her favorite childhood story, Sibylle von Olfers’ The Story of the Root Children. 803 – Mother Earth and Her Children $17.95

From master storyteller, Jakob Streit, comes this amusing children’s story. Puck, who has one foot facing forward and one backward, illuminates the world of the hardworking gnomes. The moral insights, wisdom, humor, and true goodness found in Puck’s adventures will delight both children and adults. 100 Pages. Ages 4-10 years. 1374 – Puck the Gnome $15.00


boo k s & m us i c About pentatonic music… The pentatonic scale (d, e, g, a, b, d, e) enables the mixing of tones in any thinkable combination – yet it always plays heavenly, harmonic melodies. Pentatonic music is one of the most powerful tools to guide a child into the world of music!

Seven Times the Sun Book or CD ~ Shea Darian

A one-of-a-kind-book full of ideas, practical advice and a refreshing view of the routine of daily life in the home and family. Stories, songs, poems, and verses are interwoven throughout. Mealtimes, chores, naps, and playtime... A great resource. 221 pages. 243 – Seven Times the Sun $17.95 1059 – CD of songs from Seven Times the Sun $15.95

Playing and Teaching the Pentatonic Flute and Recorder with CD ~ David Darcy

I Love to Be Me

This is a delightful collection of thirty-two short and sweet pentatonic songs for young children. The topics include nature, the seasons and daily activities. Written by Channa A. Seidenberg and illustrated in color throughout by Kingsley Lou Little with charming watercolours you and your children will enjoy. 2337 – I Love to Be Me $19.95

Help your children learn to play the pentatonic flute with this booklet/CD. The simple approach gives you quick success even if you are new to the flute and cannot read music. Progress from very simple songs to more complex. Expanded 2nd Edition 1083 – Playing and Teaching the Pentatonic Flute and Recorder with CD $24.95

Choroi Pentatonic Flute

An exceptional wooden flute for the young child. With a light, hovering tone. Pentatonic music feels warm and comforting to the young child and is recommended for children until the age of 9 or so. Made of pearwood. 1086 – Choroi Pentatonic Flute $99.00 1087 – Choroi Flute Oil, 20cc. $11.00

Familiar Songs for Pentatonic Playalongs

Gnomes, fairies, sylphs, sprites and all the "people" in a child's world animate these forty-two pentatonic songs for young children. The fairy-tale content makes them particularly useful in rhythmic games and plays. Some holiday songs are included as well. Many notations for the lyre. Sweet and dear. 47 pages. Age 4 and up. 1054 – Clump-A-Dump $7.95

Pentatonic Songs by Elizabeth Lebret

A delightful collection of 38 songs in the pentatonic scale that will bring joy to family life through out the year. Nursery rhymes, seasonal and holiday songs so harmonious the children will sing them over and over again. 38 pages. Age 4 and up. 1061 – Pentatonic Songs $9.00

You don’t need to know how to read music to play the songs in this book. Contains sheet music, named notes and "connect the dots" song cards for traditional pentatonic favorites. 1056 – Familiar Songs for Pentatonic Playalongs $6.00

Come Follow Me - CD

Lorraine Nelson-Wolf’s clear, soothing voice is full of warmth making her CD a real listening pleasure not only for children but for us older folks, too. Ranging from reverent to wonder-filled to the whimsical, many of her songs are oriented around nature and the changing seasons. Simple, beautiful arrangements with piano, accordion, harp or guitar accompaniment. Both pentatonic and non-pentatonic music. Ages 5-105. See website for listing of songs. 1058 – Come Follow Me, Volume One $16.95 2263 – Come Follow Me, Volume Two $16.95


Clump-A-Dump and Snickle-Snack



Crow Call

This noisemaker comes from an American Folk tradition and is actually a wooden reed type horn that makes an amazingly crow-like caw. Crafted locally. 5" long. 1264 – Crow Call $6.00

Wooden Whistle

A whistle carved out of branches from north Idaho forests. A great party favor, little gift or stocking stuffer and just loud enough to call the dog home for dinner. Crafted locally. 3-1/2" long. 1263 – Wooden Whistle $3.50

Wool Felted Mouse Wood Puzzle Toys

Beautifully crafted from wood and water based non-toxic paint by Russian artisans, these puzzles also make wonderful toys. Rich in play value, the pieces can be played with outside of the puzzle and combined with each other for hours of imaginative play! 2707 – Gnome and Flying Bird in Tree $15.00

A hand-felted mouse can be a great pocket companion from nose to tail. Body is approximately 2 1/2"- 3" long. Available in (1097) gray, (1096) brown or (1098) white. USA. Wool Felted Mouse (specify color) $3.50

More favors, and little gifts on page 26

Lots more puzzle toys online!

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A Child’s Dream Come True is a family-operated business. Our mission is to provide outstanding service and materials for natural arts, crafts, toy and doll making, creative play and more.

Quickly find: Wool Felt & Crafts . . . . . . . 2-6 Felting & Fiber Crafts . . . 8-13 Silk & Handwork . . . . . . . 4-17 Doll Making . . . . . . . . 7, 18-21 Arts, Crafts & More . . . 22-27 Books & Music . . . . . . . 28-30

Find a rainbow of plant-dyed materials along with all the necessary materials for making Wee Folk dolls on pgs. 6-7.

We publish a complete catalog no more than once a year so please keep this as a reference. Prices and availability are subject to change and should be confirmed with a phone call or online.

A Child's Dream digital catalog  
A Child's Dream digital catalog  

Natural crafts and toys to nuture a child's life and imagination.