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The Association of Designers of the Region of Valencia (ADCV) is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1985 by industrial and graphic designers. It serves the professional interests of its members, helps them enter the job market, publicises their activities in business and institutional media and promotes national and international networking with the design world. Its organisational structure includes a Board of Directors consisting of the members, a manager and two co-ordinators. It currently comprises 260 members who are mostly professional designers in the fields of graphics and product design, with a smaller proportion of collaborators and industry-related companies.

Over the last few years, the ADCV has carried out the following projects: - Reissuing “El valor del diseño” (The value of design), a reference book and manual for companies looking to hire designers. - “BiAnuario” catalogues of design, showcasing the best design work done among the Region of Valencia’s companies and local government. - Website:, the first website to bring Valencian design to the Internet and create a major design portal. - Relations with business collectives and areas: participation in trade fairs, conferences and seminars. - Collaboration with the Valencian Chamber of Commerce: In recent years, ADCV members have designed the cover of this journal free of charge. - Publication of the book “Casos de éxito” (Success stories) Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, publicising design management and educating small and medium businesses about it.

Valencia Disseny Week (VDW) is a major event, replete with design-related activities that are carried out in Valencia over a few days to coincide with the Feria Hábitat Valencia Trade Fair. The Association of Designers of the Region of Valencia (ADCV) is organising Valencia Disseny Week (VDW) for the third year running, with the aim of publicising all the events being hosted in the city of Valencia. Its aim is to promote design culture to a wide range of target audiences through various activities, whilst simultaneously supporting all those involved. The successful turnout of visitors in previous years backs the Valencian community’s social and cultural interest in design. The aim of this year’s event is to strengthen this trend and ensure its growth year on year. The Association of Designers of the Region of Valencia (ADCV) motivates the different parties involved in VDW to continue working and to join forces to invigorate one of the key sectors for economy, society and business competitiveness. Valencia is a key city for a “Design Week” given its long-standing tradition and know-how in the world of design, its involvement in the business sector and its industrial potential. And of course, design is a crucial business strategy that helps companies to be competitive in the international market. The aim of VDW is to promote this idea, bringing the business and design sectors closer together.

During the design week, Valencia will become one of the leading international capitals for design, showcasing exhibitions, awards, showrooms, presentations, inaugurations, conferences, talks, workshops and more. Last year’s VDW encompassed over 60 activities.

The main objective of VDW is: To position Valencia as an international design capital and make it a national reference point.

Other objectives of VDW: - Promoting Valencian design, as well as welcoming national and international design. - Raising awareness and promoting design culture, bringing it closer to society. - Conveying to the business sector that design is an effective tool for industrial improvement and economic sustainability. - Ensuring media coverage of the event. The organisation of VDW and the activities created by the ADCV are funded by IMPIVA and are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The main idea is to convey to all types of audiences that Valencia is a Design Capital and Reference point in design. Valencia is Innovation and Development. Internationalising the talent and creativity of companies and designers that participate in VDW. We want to increase people's trust in design both in our country and beyond it. Design is after all a business tool that provides support and innovative, creative and real solutions to bring about improvements in the business sector. We want to bring design closer to society, involving people in design culture in a direct and interactive way. By increasing the promotion of the events we can create a powerful brand. To ensure greater publicity, make visits easier and encourage the influx of visitors, the VDW exhibition map for the city of Valencia will be divided into three areas. Every day, an opening event will be hosted in each area with the aim of promoting the area and attracting all types of audiences.

The areas and opening days are as follows: CITY CENTRE AREA: Tuesday 20 September RUZAFA AREA: Wednesday 21 September CARMEN AREA: Thursday 22 September The common goal of participants is to promote design to all types of audiences, and it is also an opportunity that neither students nor professionals should pass up.

ADCV Awards

Trade fair stand

The second ADCV Awards will be held to coincide with Valencia Disseny Week. This initiative highlights the importance of work carried out by designers from the Valencia Region and rewards the excellence of Valencian design. The awarded projects and the best work carried out in the Valencia Region have been included in a book entitled "BiAnuario", which is published every two years. This year, 20 awards will be presented within three categories; Graphic Design, Industrial Design and New Media. The award ceremony and the presentation of the BiAnuario will take place on the first day of VDW, 19 September, in the Olympia Theatre.

The Valencia Disseny Week (VDW) project, which was created by the ADCV, has been a success thanks to the fact that it runs in parallel to Feria Hábitat Valencia. By launching this project, the Designers’ Association has made it possible to increase design services in Valencia meaning that the Trade Fair is similarly reinforced. VDW opens up the Trade Fair’s exhibition areas to the city. The contents created for VDW are not only commercial; there are also cultural contents, which enrich the range of activities, attract a wider audience, boost activities and stimulate all the sectors involved. The ADCV will be visible in Feria Hábitat Valencia thanks to its stand and will be actively participating in the trade fair. There will be very relevant events and activities for the business sector, as well as quick meetings between international journalists and the heads of design-related companies. The quick meetings are an excellent way to promote companies and act as a direct channel to press organisations that create information and trends.

Meetings with studios

Creative” Discussions with designers by Lladró

As we mentioned in the previous point, quick meetings will be held between designers or the heads of design studios and international journalists. The information exchange between them is not only enriching on a personal level; international media will echo Valencian design.

The Designers' Association of the Valencia Region (ADCV) and the artistic porcelain company Lladró have jointly organised the "Discussions with designers by Lladró” on design and culture. It is a meeting point to share new design-related proposals and trends from renowned talents in different design disciplines, both from Valencia and the rest of Spain.

FEED FEED, or the Second International Design Media and Bloggers Meeting, will be one of the key activities for VDW 2011. The idea to invite the most influential digital press organisations in the world of design to come and discover Valencian design, the city and VDW was a resounding success. Digital journalists (or bloggers) are increasingly powerful and influential in terms of inspiring opinions. And the press were previously unaware of the Valencian Region’s design potential. There is a full schedule with visits to design companies, quick meetings to exchange information between designers and companies, attending the ADCV award ceremony and attending the city’s exhibitions, which will make the FEED bloggers rediscover Valencia and its design. FEED also makes it possible to create a modern image and a brand image for Valencia and thereby fulfils one of VDW's objectives.

Activities in the streets People cannot find out about design if it is not made visible to everyone. This logical maxim has been translated into making activities in the streets a key priority to maximise VDW’s visibility. Last year, a giant totem pole with the letters VDW caught the attention of everyone’s gazes in the Plaza del Patriarca square, and this year we will be changing the location to a more effective site, the bustling: la Plaza de los Pinazo square. To further ensure visibility for Valencian design, it would be perfect to carry out advertising in the entrance and exits to the city, such as on buses, trams, the underground, bus shelters, flags on lamp posts, etc. as one of the objectives of VDW is to bring design closer to the general public, and we need to advertise on the streets so that the city can positively breathe in the atmosphere of this great international event.



As in previous years, Valencia Disseny Week is fed by designers who independently hold exhibitions and activities during this week around the whole city. VDW is now into its third year and we are still working to promote and boost design all over the city. This year, we have decided to divide the city up into three areas and create three routes with the aim of ensuring a greater influx of visitors and make it easier for them to make their way around. Another initiative put forward by the organisers of VDW this year is to propose a series of spaces and businesses on each of the routes to all the designers who would like to carry out an exhibition during the design week. The idea behind this proposal is to make it easier for designers to participate.

The routes have been created to make it easier for visitors to attend all the events, activities and exhibitions. The designers who wish to use one of the spaces proposed by the organisers will be outlined on the corresponding route and day. The rest of the designers who wish to look for spaces independently may make use of these circuits, join the routes and opening dates of each area. The organisers of VDW will support and promote all the events, whether or not they are held in spaces suggested by them.

VDW routes Each of the areas will have its official opening on one day of the week and routes will be created for them. This makes it easier for people to attend all the events, focusing the attention on one place on a specific day of the week. The repercussion of having a larger group will impact on the influx of the general public interested in each of the exhibitions.

The organisers of VDW proposes: City Centre Area, Route V: Tuesday 20 September. Ruzafa Area, Route D: Wednesday 21 September. El Carmen Area, Route W: Thursday 22 September.

Exhibition Spaces A committee has been set up aimed at organising each of the areas, and it undertakes to support and advise both the exhibitors and all the businesses and spaces that are interested in participating. Said committee will be responsible for proposing several businesses in each of the areas to the designers. Said businesses must meet the minimum requirements to organise this type of event. Participants act freely and the organisers will not be responsible for their actions; the design professionals must make an agreement with the businesses to carry out the activity they are planning. Businesses that are interested in participating will benefit from the event given its high profile, associating it with design and innovation-related activities. The influx of the general public will help to promote their business.

What can we offer? A direct link with design and innovation. Direct contact with culture. Influx of general public and promoting your business in a fun and different way. Boosts business. Boosts areas. Media advertising: Press, Radio, TV, internet, etc. High profile. Specific promotion and advertising for the routes. The brand will appear in every document related to VDW. Presence in the website created for the event.

What do businesses and spaces commit to? - The establishment must be open from 19:00 until 00:00 on the official opening day. - All the establishments have the chance to keep the exhibition up during the whole week. - The owners or managers must agree on the contents of the exhibition with the designer or group of designers. - Allow for signage at the entrance with an advertising panel that will be provided by the organisation. - Use of the business name in advertising. - Allow the organisers to take photographs and videos to broadcast in the media. - The conditions of extraordinary services such as catering, drinks, cleaning, etc. and the duration of these, will be agreed upon with the designers.

Route V Inauguration: Tuesday 20 September. Curated by: Odosdesign

The significance of this route lies in its traditional link with design. The streets that comprise this area are filled with prestigious fashion, furniture and interior design brands. These companies are committed to design, creativity and innovation on all levels. The participation of business is important for Valencia Disseny Week given their commitment to design and given that they are inspirational brands in every sense; they are an example to be followed and a source of inspiration for many. The international nature of these businesses strengthens and establishes the international commitment of Valencian design.

Plaza Tetuรกn

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Plaza del Patriarca

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Plaza San Vicente Ferrer


Plaza Alfonso el Magnรกnimo

Route D Inauguration: Wednesday 21 September. Curated by: Enblanc

The neighbourhood of Ruzafa is known for its multiracial nature and social diversity. Tolerant cohabitation can be positively felt on its streets. The result is a neighbourhood full of creativity, commitment and tolerance. In recent years, many designers, architects and artists have decided to make this area of Valencia their workplace. For VDW, it is important to keep strengthening this cultural and creative nature, promoting new initiatives and committing to them.


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Route W Inauguration: Thursday 22 September. Curated by: Instituto Atómico Creativo

The city’s historic centre is a reference point for all Valencians. In the past few years, the area has undergone a transformation that has resulted in an atmosphere that blends tradition with modernity; work and fun. Many designers have decided to set up their studios in the area’s tucked away streets. A special atmosphere fills the air here and it is full of creative and inspiring contrasts. VDW simply cannot bypass the potential and atmosphere of this area. We want to commit to an international Valencia, and what better way to do it than from the heart of the city.

Plaza Mossen Sorell

C/ Caballeros art C/ Qu

Plaza Tosal

Plaza de la Virgen

ría olse C/ B

Plaza de la Reina

The idea is to use colour as a nexus between the different zones, hanging canvases of different sizes in each area. The entrance to each zone will be marked by a weft of pixels imprinted on the pavement. In Ruzafa the idea is to have ruled surfaces narrowing the street and creating a play of shadows. In the City Centre there will be a dense mesh of vertical fringes marking off the public space. In El Carmen there will be horizontal fringes creating planes of different depths.

Valencia Disseny Week (VDW) is a major event that showcases the design-related activities taking place in Valencia. During the week, the city is transformed into one of the leading international design capitals, featuring an extensive range of exhibitions, awards, showrooms, presentations, conferences, talks, workshops and more. Another of the new features of this year’s event is the "Tendes-Design" project (”Shops’ Design”). The idea is to include the shopkeepers on Calle Cirilo Amorós and adjacent streets in the project, inviting the multitude of visitors to the city to experience their products and allowing a collective that uses design on a daily basis to share the city’s know-how with them.

cal le J e org n Jua

cal le H C an ern 茅s ort

Am irilo C le cal



Description of promotional elements: Valencia Disseny Week corporate carpeting at the main entrance/s to the store, in a size of 2.00 x 1.00 metres. Valencia Disseny Week transparent corporate vinyl and/or claim signage in cut vinyl in the store window, if feasible.

Institutions - Associate the city with values that show it in a positive light: innovation, modernity, prosperity, creativity, culture and more‌ - Sustainable and competitive business growth. - Valencia as a reference point for design throughout the world. - The Valencia Region has a business community that is very important for the economy, and design plays a fundamental role in the management of companies, thereby achieving sustainable and competitive development. - Institutional support is needed to make it a reference point for the rest of the world.

VDW is an initiative that has been created by designers and is targeted at society as a whole to raise awareness of the fact that design is an effective tool in development. With the support of institutions, we can create a higher degree of awareness that in turn helps to create new, more competitive businesses in the region. The aim is not to promote a one-off event but rather support the work of an industry that is becoming stronger and that provides constant benefits. Valencia may become a key area to attract innovation for a number of reasons: Technology institutes that carry out their research work in Valencia. Designers with excellent training and experience. Well-established industrial potential.

Companies Advertising in the press. Promotion of your product, bringing it closer to society. Direct association of the values of VDW with your company: innovation, design, creativity, prosperity, culture and more‌ Direct contact with potential clients. New, more economic and innovative exhibition space, new business opportunities. It is an event that will continue for years to come. For companies, VDW represents a chance to promote their product and have direct contact with the world of design and designers. It is the best opportunity to be directly linked to innovation, new products and trends, and to experience them first-hand. By participating in the event, the values of VDW will be directly associated to the brand, and will therefore develop and strengthen it in the market for a very modest investment. It represents a chance to create new links with society, bringing the product closer to potential clients in a different way. A clear example is the Gandia Blasco company, which participated in Valencia with a corporate area called "Chiringato", which became a key feature of VDW week. The Valencian brand was able to turn its area into a place to close business deals surrounded by culture and design in a relaxed and special environment.

week involves events, talks, round table discussions and more, in which you can exchange ideas to improve the industry and put forward opinions and experiences in an informal way. Design enables companies to achieve numerous targets: - Optimise resources. - Be more competitive. - Offer added value that is market-oriented. - Constant innovation - Improve the product. - Improve image. - Provide general and real solutions.

Through VDW, Valencia aims to be a design capital; an absolute must for both national and international visitors. By managing its events well, the event aims to convey the excellence of Valencian design and its cultural value. The sponsorship and collaboration of different organisations, whether public or private, are needed to hold Valencia Disseny Week 2011, as the association organising the event is a nonprofit association and has limited resources.

According to your financial contribution, you will be considered: Official Sponsor: Contribution from ¤30,000 upwards The sponsor’s logo will appear in a prominent place as the event’s main sponsor next to the organiser’s in all the VDW communication and in every format. Formats: Website, digital advertising, printed advertising, audiovisual material, promotional campaigns, dossiers. They will be named as the event’s sponsor in all the VDW presentation and promotional events, press conferences, official press interviews and press releases. The executive board will hold meetings with the sponsor, in which they will be informed of the progress, development and results of VDW. They will be given a dossier of results and a clippings folder for VDW.

Collaborators: Financial contributions or equipment/services from ¤3,000 upwards.

The contribution categories are classified in three categories:

They will appear in all of VDW’s communication formats as a collaborator in the event.

Category 1: Financial contribution. Category 2: Financial contribution and contribution of equipment/services. Category 3: Contribution of equipment/services.

Formats: Website, digital advertising, printed advertising, audiovisual material, promotional campaigns, dossiers.

Contributions of equipment/services may be:

Acknowledgements: Equipment/services contributed or advertising in the media. They will appear in VDW’s various communication formats.

- Physical items such as business premises, furniture, advertising spaces, drinks, etc. - Support items such as media coverage by companies and institutions, the attendance of personalities at different VDW events, etc. - Useful services for the event.

Formats: Website, digital advertising, printed advertising, audiovisual material, promotional campaigns.

Since its launch in 2009, the human team behind Valencia Disseny Week, together with different institutions, have made all this possible.

VDW 2011 has been devised by: President of the ADCV: Nacho Gómez-Trenor Director of VDW: Juan Benavente Coordinated by: Asociación de Diseñadores de la Comunidad Valenciana (ADCV) Treasury and Technical Secretary: María Navarro (Manager of ADCV) Sponsors: Nacho Gómez-Trenor (President of ADCV) Image and art direction: Enblanc Organising committee: Paula Aloy Jose Aranda Amelia Arroquia Juan Benavente Luis Calabuig Clara del Portillo Nacho Gómez-Trénor Yolanda Herráiz Reyes Mora Aurora Navarro María Roig Rosalía Sebastián Carlos Velasco

Organised by: The Designers’ Association of the Valencia Region (ADCV) Sponsors: IMPIVA IMPIVA Disseny Consellería de Industria, Comercio e Innovación. Regional Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Innovation. Project co-funded by ERDF funds as part of the 2007-2013 ERDF Operational Programme of the Valencia Region. VDW: Las Naves C/ de Juan Verdeguer, 16 46024 –Valencia Contact: Tel. +34 963 510 028

VDW 2011 (English)  
VDW 2011 (English)  

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