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Sheet metal Hot Stamping / Press hardening

Location of the company

Manufacturing facilities

General presentation 


Registered trademark : « LOIRSAFE ». Design, machining, mechanical and hydraulic assembly,starting up, etc…. : 

Hydraulic Presses.         

Sheet metal Hot Stamping. Cold sheet metal Drawing / Stamping. Try out. Aircraft (Hydroforming, drawing against rubber pad, etc….). Lines of Presses. Forging. Railways. Plastic compression / moulding. Automation of presses.

LOIRE SAFE - Award certificate

Award received from the company BENTELER GmH. (Germany) as BEST SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR 2.003 for CAPITAL GOODS

Hot Stamping - History   

The automotive industry starts to use this process in 80. LOIRE SAFE supplied the first line in 1.998. Nowadays there are more than 100 production hot stamping lines around the world.

Hot Stamping - Process     

Blanks are heated to 950 Âş C in a furnace. The heating time is important to achieve the proper material structure. The heated blank must be loaded into the press a.s.a.p. to avoid cooling of the material. The press has to close , draw the part and keep it closed for several seconds. During this time, the cooling circuits in the upper and lower dies are cooling the part to 200ÂşC (≈).

Hot Stamping - Material

Hot Stamping  Advantages

of Hot Stamping:

High tensile strength.  Reduction of the part weight.  Improvement of mechanical characteristics.  High dimensional stability, no springback.  Reduction on the required press force (400 – 1.200 mT. for Hot Stamping instead of 2.500 mT. for Cold stamping).

Typical hot forming parts 

B – Pillar

A – Pillar

B – Pillar reinforcement

Door reinforcement


Dachrahmen / roof frame


Hot Stamping Lines - References


ASIA : 1

Line lay out – several possibilities

Blanks loading area


Press feeding

Hydraulic Press

Unloading area

Trimming Lines 

The pieces produced by Hot forming must be finished (holes punching, auxiliary cuts, etc‌.) in finishing Presses also supplied by LOIRE SAFE.

Hydraulic Presses

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Sheet Sheet metal metal Location of the company Manufacturing facilities

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