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Bitcoin-Based Advertising Network Review About Adconity Adconity is considered as the perfect platform for cryptocurrency websites which gives you the opportunity to have a money generating machine with 90% of the revenue share of advertising income. 

BEST FEATURES 90% of Revenue Share Safe, Fast and Easy Payments Dedicated Support Global Coverage Competitive Rates

Payment and Pricing You'll have to pay $ 0.1 per CPC and $2 per CPM Minimum payment is $25.00 which is only available by using bitcoin.

The Advertiser As an advertiser, you can promote the services or products in these campaigns. This gives you the opportunity to widen your reach as these operations would service publishing network. This allows you to create your own text or banner when it comes to your online campaign to the potential audiences that are interested in what you offer. The publishers, on the other hand, can generate income as they place ads on their websites. It allows them to take the opportunity of rendering ads to the highest bidders.

The Transaction System The best part is, you will get paid for every click of the banner which can become a money generating machine. While the overall design of the transaction is via blockchain advertising network. The validity of each click is provided by the blockchain as it continues to grow in records. This design is resistant to any kind of modification or whatsoever managed in a peer to peer collective network

Terms and Policy While Using Adconity Ad Network The first thing that you should know is the fact that the websites which you are going to use are not made for any kinds of advertising purposes. The publisher must not use bots when it comes to the click rate The publisher should not create multiple accounts and should not delegate or ask others about the task the crypto advertising ICO and Blockchain are the ones which are more likely to get the approval. Using bots and creating multiple accounts will automatically exclude you from the platform. While the target websites will be validated whether they fit to the requirements.

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Cryptocurrencies Advertising Made Simple  
Cryptocurrencies Advertising Made Simple  

Adconity is the perfect platform for advertising cryptocurrencies like ico advertising, bitcoin advertising, blockchain advertising and othe...