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A8 Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Friend bought body armor and ammunition for Dayton gunman Adeel Hassan The New York Times News Service

A friend of the man who shot nine people dead in the Dayton, Ohio, massacre told investigators that he bought the body armor and ammunition the gunman used in the attack, the authorities said Monday. Ethan Kollie, 24, bought the items for the gunman, Connor Betts, and then kept them in his apartment to help Betts hide them from his

parents, said Benjamin C. Glassman, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Ohio. There was no evidence that Kollie intentionally helped in the planning of the attack, Glassman added. Betts was killed in the shooting. Separately, Kollie was accused of lying on federal firearms forms for an unrelated gun purchase and was charged late Friday with a weapons violation, the authorities said. Kollie acknowledged that he lied about

whether he was a drug user so he could receive the gun he was buying, Glassman said. On the form, Glassman said, Kollie indicated that he was not a drug user, though he admitted using marijuana to federal law enforcement authorities in interviews following the shooting on Aug. 4. On the day of the shooting, officials from the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives spoke with Kollie at his

home. He admitted to buying body armor and a gun accessory. Officers interviewed him again Thursday, and they said Kollie told them he had done hard drugs with Betts four or five times a week in 2014 and 2015. After officials got a federal search warrant, he again admitted to being a regular user of marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms and to growing them in his residence.

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in. A sign outside the store reads, “Store Closing Sale.” “The converting Peebles store will close in the days leading up to the Gordmans grand opening,” said Blakeley Graham, manager of brand publicity for Stage. “All current Peebles associates will be offered jobs at Gordmans. Additional employees also will be hired.” Stage says it will provide more details as the plans progress, including information on a job fair that will be held early next year. “Gordmans, which has been delighting shoppers for more than 100 years, has fresh new merchandise deliveries arriving weekly; there will always be something new to discover when it comes to popular name brand apparel, CONTRIBUTED PHOTO home decor, footwear, gifts, Gordmans will soon replace Peebles at 160 Fairview Ave., Greenport. The new store will offer an accessories, fragrances and array of goods, including gifts, fragrances and clothing. more for the whole family,” Graham said. is located 30 miles away at about Gordmans, visit gord- cell, call 518-828-1616 ext. 2500, or send an email to apurcell@ Peebles has been on Fair- 501 Columbia Turnpike in, or tweet to @ view Avenue for more than a Rensselaer. amandajpurcell. decade. The nearest Peebles For more information To reach reporter Amanda Pur-

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unpunished for too long,” Cuomo said at the time. ”By signing this bill, we are saying nobody is above the law, that the cloak of authority is not impenetrable and that if you violate the law, we will find out and you will be punished and justice will be done.” Now that the law is taking effect, opening the one-year window for sexual abuse survivors to file civil claims regardless of when they occurred,

Greenberg said the majority of cases will likely be against large institutions, rather than against individuals. “I think the majority of cases will be against places like the church, hospitals, Boy Scouts, public schools, orthodox Jewish organizations,” Greenberg said. “There will be individual cases, but for a lot of the individual cases without an institution involved, the lawyers are unfortunately not taking those cases because they are more time-consuming and a lot of times the predator doesn’t have anything so it is hard to sue someone who

doesn’t have any means. Most of the cases will probably be against large organizations.” That is the reason Greenberg is trying to establish a fund for victims whose cases won’t make it to court — and there could be a lot of them, he said. “About 90% of the cases filed Wednesday and beyond will be institutional cases and the actual figures show those cases are about 5 to 10% of the actual cases of abuse that have taken place,” Greenberg said. “A lot of victims will not get justice Wednesday and those are the ones I will continue to

fight for to make sure they get their day in court.” Greenberg said he hopes the state will pass legislation establishing a victims’ fund, and his own nonprofit is working to set one up as well, which could help victims whose cases don’t go to court with expenses like medical


Gordmans, a new department store, will take over at Peebles, 160 Fairview Ave., Greenport, in early 2020.

assistance, therapy and the like. “My intention was always that every victim gets their day and I will continue to fight for that,” Greenberg said. Columbia County District Attorney Paul Cjazka said it in unclear how many cases might be filed in local courts.

“I have not heard anything and frankly it is difficult to predict,” Cjazka said. “I can imagine there might be a number of cases or there might be no cases at all. Any criminal cases we get are handled in the normal course. These are civil lawsuits so our office might not be involved at all.”

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Firefighters survey the damage caused by a fire at 40 Pine Creek Drive in Leeds. The house was described as a total loss. Cause of the fire was ruled electrical.

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the Powerbox,” he said. The Powerbox was located in the living room of the home, Buckley said. “The fire itself was knocked

down within 20 minutes,” McCullough said. First responders stayed on the scene for about four hours, looking for hot spots while the fire was investigated. McCullough is in contact with the homeowner to determine if he wants assistance from the Red Cross. McCullough was unsure

how many occupants lived in the home. Leeds, Cairo and Catskill fire departments responded to the scene. Kiskatom Fire Department was place on standby. The Greene County Sheriff’s Office, state police and the Greene County Fire Investigation Team also assisted.

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