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Your financial wellbeing It’s just one part of the journey Ambitious people are often focused on maximizing their wealth. But maximizing health is no less important. When you’re thinking about your future security, you want to know you’ll be able to enjoy the rewards that success has brought. At ADCB, we see wealth and health as an integral part of the same journey which is why we have partnered with Amber Clinics, Dubai to launch an exciting new initiative focusing on the importance of health, wealth and future planning. Amber Clinics provide a range of solutions to help you lead a healthy life and encourage personal wellness while ADCB offers a full suite of future planning financial solutions to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected, your wealth works for you now and is preserved for the future. To reward you for planning your future we are offering bonus TouchPoints when you subscribe to any of our savings and protection, and investment products. Additionally, to encourage personal wellness, Amber Clinics are offering 20% discount on consultancy fees until 31st December 2012 to all ADCB debit and credit card holders. We believe that the more you plan ahead, the better you can be prepared for the challenges and changes that life can so often bring.

TouchPoints is ADCB’s unique reward scheme, in which you earn TouchPoints for every product and service you use. TouchPoints can be redeemed for Etihad Guest miles, Emirates Skywards miles and vouchers for some of the UAE’s most premium retailers. Additionally, you can redeem TouchPoints for Salik top up, to pay utility bills and make Zakat donations.


Embracing wellness to prepare for the future Wellness is more than just the absence of symptoms. It’s about living an active lifestyle and taking positive steps to achieve your true health and wealth potential. It’s concerned with forward planning now to avoid any problems in the future. There’s no getting away from our responsibility. A responsibility not just to ourselves, but to our family and loved ones.

The key to being prepared is thinking positively now and taking active steps, both to improve our health and to plan for our long-term financial security. It’s always better to prevent problems before they arise, rather than address them later, which is why we will help you to build a personal portfolio to protect your loved ones.

Some life events are quite predictable – the cost of weddings, university fees and a decent retirement income, for example. Others may come completely unplanned when we least expect them. The loss of our job, perhaps, or an illness that leaves us incapacitated and unable to work.

Did you know? To be prepared financially will help prevent possible problems. Life insurance can provide a replacement income if the main bread winner dies, and can be used to repay any debts left behind, such as a mortgage, or provide a lumpsum for the dependents to use.


“Life is unpredictable and I am glad I planned accordingly.�

Working towards a wealthy future: Some tips and suggestions Why do I need financial planning for the future?

A financial plan can help you plan your wealth journey and help you achieve your financial ambitions. The plan will help you understand your objectives, the time horizon to achieve those objectives, and it will help you understand your own appetite to risk. It can be changed along the way as your objectives change. What’s the benefit of starting my plan when I’m young?

The younger you start your financial planning the lower the investment you will need to commit on a regular basis in order to achieve your future financial needs, for example your insurance premiums will be lower the younger you start and the lower the regular savings or investment amount will be to meet the cost of your child’s education or achieve your desired retirement fund. How do I manage risk to my assets?

It is recommended to plan your protection needs to respond to unforeseen events so that you and your family can achieve your future aspirations even if the unfortunate happens. Why do I need different solutions in my plan?

Diversification is important when managing market volatility risks. It is advisable to have a mix of different tools to protect your investments and not to put your hard earned money into one investment instrument, asset class or geography. I’ve heard about dollar cost averaging, what’s that and how can I benefit?

Dollar cost averaging is the technique of buying a fixed dollar amount of a particular investment on a regular schedule, regardless of the unit price. More units are purchased when prices are low, and fewer units are bought when prices are high. Dollar cost averaging lessens the risk of investing a large amount in a single investment at the wrong time, hence mitigating the risks of timing the market.

Regular savings or systematic investments plans will help you realize the benefits of dollar cost averaging. How can I manage my existing debts?

Try to have a healthy debt burden ratio (debt to income) to enhance liquidity and available disposable income for bigger savings towards meeting your future goals.


Come and meet us to understand more about our Health, Wealth and Future Planning initiative ADCB’s team of professionals are available at any time to discuss your needs for a wealthier future, simply SMS INS to 2626, call 800 2030 or talk to your Relationship Manager. In addition, as part of the Health, Wealth and Future Planning initiative, we will be conducting some interactive road shows, in partnership with Amber Clinics, and we would be delighted if you could join us. Members of the Amber Clinics team and ADCB wealth professionals will be on hand to answer your questions and provide more insight into the solutions on offer to help you live a healthier and wealthier life. During these road shows Amber Clinics will be conducting various health tests in order to provide an insight into your current state of health, and you will be given a synopsis to take away for your reference. For more information about Amber Clinics, please visit ADCB professionals will take the time to understand your current financial position in order to provide you with some guidance on how to plan a wealthier future for you and your family. You will then have the opportunity to book an appointment, at your convenience, to discuss the analysis further with one of our wealth professionals. Please visit to find out more on our road shows and how to plan a wealthy future.

Did you know? 19.6% of the UAE population of 6.4 million had diabetes in 2005 – the second highest rate in the world. Official data has the UAE percentage increasing to 28% in 2025. Source:, 2009


How ADCB can help you on your journey At the core of your financial wellbeing is a sound financial plan to help you put together the building blocks for a bright future. At ADCB, our team of professionals understands the pressures and aspirations of our ambitious customers. We work in partnership with a number of other renowned global companies to support you in your quest for a healthy – and wealthy – future.

We provide you best in class financial solutions tailored to meet your personal future financial needs. These vary from lump sum or regular saving plans to life insurance to protect those you love the most. Or a simple regular savings plan to preserve that surplus cash every month. Our key objective is to create a personal plan that is right for you and your individual circumstances. If there are gaps in your current planning, we’ll help you to find them and address them proactively.

For a limited period, we are able to offer you a special bonus if you subscribe to one of the products shown in the tables (opposite). So why not call your Relationship Manager to find out how they could help you on your wealth journey and form a part of your long-term financial plan? Alternatively, just visit your local ADCB branch or SMS INS to 2626. Please visit to find out more information on our road shows and how to plan a wealthy future.

ADCB customer

Participating Savings and Protection Product

Annualised premium equivalent (APE)


180,000 TouchPoints per $2,000 APE


180,000 TouchPoints per $7,200 APE



180,000 TouchPoints per $36,000 APE



135,000 TouchPoints per $2,000 APE

Savings Plans Long Term (5 years +)


135,000 TouchPoints per $7,200 APE


135,000 TouchPoints per $36,000 APE

Protection Excellency

Privilege Club & Aspire


Saving Plans Long Term (5 years +)

Savings Plans Short Term (1 to 4 years) Product


Lumpsum Funds

40,000 TouchPoints / $100,000 AUM

EasyInvest SIP - 12 months

3,000 TouchPoints / $1,000 per month AUM

EasyInvest SIP - 24 months

5,500 TouchPoints / $1,000 per month AUM

EasyInvest SIP - 36 months

7,500 TouchPoints / $1,000 per month AUM

Bonds & ETFs

30,000 TouchPoints / $300,000 AUM

Sun Secured Advantage

50,000 TouchPoints / $25,000 AUM

AUM – Assets under management Participating Bancassurance Product

Eligible Sum Assured Amounts


$1,000,000 - $2,000,000

Equivalent of 1 month premium cash back

$2,000,000 +

Equivalent of 2 month premium cash back


Promotion valid from 1st June until 30th September 2012. Terms and conditions apply.


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Future Planning Brochure  

Future Planning Brochure