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[non profit / social service event]

Aktion Mensch Exhibit at Catholics Day Objective: to reach as many visitors as possible and to increase public sensitivity towards inclusion and its importance in society; to create a pleasant lead-in to Aktion Mensch's areas of focus, while explaining the idea of inclusion in a concrete, experiential way. Creative idea and description: One simple way of explaining exclusion, integration and inclusion, is with an illustration of a circle and various dots of different colors: to illustrate exclusion, the dots within the circle are all of one color, while dots of other colors remain outside the circle, excluded. Integration shows the dots of other colors in their own special space within the circle. They have been integrated but remain separate. The inclusion illustration shows dots of different colors mixed together inside the circle. Under the motto ‘Inclusion-Try it Now!’ the agency designs the Aktion Mensch stand as a barrier-free ice cream shop. It offers visitors a delicious new interpretation of the subject of inclusion: ice cream with multi-colored sprinkles. The sprinkles' colorful diversity stands as a tongue-in-cheek symbol for the enriching diversity of inclusion. Staging and set design: Aktion Mensch's barrier-free ice cream shop, set up to make all information fully accessible to wheelchair users, hearing-and visuallyimpaired visitors as well as to able-bodied guests, receives guests in numbers exceeding all expectations

and provides information on Aktion Mensch's main activities. The colorful ‘diversity sprinkles’ make a clear illustration of exclusion, integration and inclusion; this easily identified symbol recurs throughout the entire design concept, in printed materials and on giveaways. Media Mix: prior to the event, Aktion Mensch sent a teaser to their customers: "Do you know what 'inclusion'-flavor ice cream tastes like?… See you there?". The organization's presence was also announced in Aktion Mensch's calendar of events, in regular updates on Twitter, Facebook and Aktion Mensch's blog. Visitors could also upload pictures of themselves with their ‘inclusion ice cream’ to Facebook or Twitter. Visitors who bought lottery tickets received a confirmation a few days later. This ensures continued communication following the event.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: insglück Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung Client: Deutsche Behindertenhilfe - Aktion Mensch e.V. Date: May 16th - 20th, 2012 Target: general public Location: Mannheim Budget: less than € 50,000 Low Budget


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European Events Annual 2012  

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