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Discovery Day of Safran Objective: two objectives revolving around the content of the day as well as the event logistics with a tremendous challenge: organizing the event in three months. Global support of the client starting from consulting on the plenary and exhibition contents. Supervising 3,000 collaborators from all over the world. Creative idea and description: the event’s strategy was to immerse the guests in Safran’s world by designing a program based on a plenary and an exhibition presenting the activities and career opportunities at Safran: round tables, quizzes, videos. The highlight of the day is a

huge collective activity, the footages of which will be broadcast within a media and online campaign. A human logo made by 3,000 new collaborators on the Bourget tarmac. An imposing party at the Air and Space museum to close the event with a celebration concert in front of the Concorde airplanes. Post event communication has been set up to relay all the videos and qualitative satisfaction surveys on the contents. Staging and set design: the original strategy was: to design a stage with exceptional sizes for the event: 36 meters long; to allow this huge stage and the speeches to be dynamic by setting up three areas: a tv set and two ‘talk’ spaces both hosted by two journalists. A pared down style highlighted by white lights will add to this apparatus. Media Mix: the agency set up more than 20 video reports for the event. These interviews were carried out in Mexico, the US, China, India, Morocco and of course France, in the different branches of the group. Results: 3,000 people coming from 26 different countries. The post event survey revealed that 87 % of the participants were satisfied with the day’s organization and 92% of them with its contents..

[ DATA SHEET] Country: France Organiser: Le Public System Client: Safran Date: June 6th, 2012 Target: Safran's new recruits employees Location: Parc des expositions du Bourget, Paris, France Budget: up € 1,000,000 to € 5,000,000


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