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Roche Diabetes Care Germany's 2012 Annual General Meeting Objective: the 350 employees should leave the conference united in their enthusiasm for new beginnings, with renewed confidence in the organization and a lasting impression that the structural changes are crucial to its future success. Creative idea and description: the structural development represents, and the production visualizes, an evolutionary leap. Central element is a gigantic egg, symbol for new life, new potential, new beginnings. The two-day event sets the stage for it to hatch, as a metaphor for starting anew. Day one prepares the way for this new start by providing transparency on the background situation and strategic necessity of the change. Management and employees engage in direct dialogue and a number of interactive formats revolving around the egg create understanding, active involvement, and a feeling of community. The staging of the first crack in the egg's shell serves as the emotional conclusion to the day. The second day's proceedings focus on the new structure and the company's core values. Everyone's input and engagement is desired. Once everything has been brought together, the egg is ready to crack open a little more! The employees, in 33 workshop groups, are the ones to develop the company's new internal slogan. The highlight: a voting procedure à la the Eurovision Song Contest. Then the slogan has been chosen. The future can begin. The emotionally charged finale

culminates in the stage egg actually breaking open. The winning slogan collectively chosen during the employee activity is now the company's internal slogan for the coming financial year - a communicative activity with a lasting impact. Staging and set design: the egg becomes a central aspect of the event's media projections: during speeches and presentations, it serves as a projection surface for accompanying 3D animations. i.e. during dialogue and interactions participants reach conclusions together, these are displayed right on the surface of the egg. Results: some 350 employees, deeply moved, ready to ‘break out of their shells’ and be actively involved in shaping their company's future. Nearly 100% of the participants said in an anonymous feedback questionnaire that the conference had been a successful kick-off event for the new organizational structure.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: insglück Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung Client: Roche Diagnostics Deutschland Gmbh Date: June 29th-30th, 2012 Target: sales representatives Diabetes Care Location: Berlin Budget: up € 100,000 to € 200,000


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