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[internal company event / convention]

Altadis Leadership Objective of the event: for the 375 anniversary Altadis wanted to do an motivating convention. Transmit to every people the feeling of leadership in majority of brand categories against competitors. They had numbers of leadership but they did not have leader aptitude that should be transmited with five company values. Creative idea and description: the number ‘1’ is the symbol of the leader. It was formed for the text representing the values of the company and with names representing that everyone has a part of the leadership. A song was made specifically for them and printed inside of the shower of the hotel for them to rehearsal before singing all together. Each participant founded a T-shirt with the number one made of names but personalize in name an size with their own names. Eight presentations were done each one based in one Spanish leader in each sport: And each sport was related with the departament described. During the nights music that achieved number one in international and local lists were played. Cheerleaders, celebrities, showmans, helped to celebration feeling during the event. Teambuilding was made in a tematic park based in their company values. Staging and set design: a complete hotel was exclusively closed for Altadis and fully decorated with number ‘1’ concept. During the business meeting everyone was seated in comfortable sofas and stage roof and projection changed totally aspect in each presentation. Venue was completely transformed again for gala dinner. Rooms were adapted with songs written on shower walls. Different deliveries with presents, gadgets, complements, or elements they could need for teambuilding experience were also personalized.

Media Mix: leadership internet page was created used as teaser in the pre event, with games were people could try to imagine the secret place were the event will take place, and the different activities and used as a post event, to receive opinions and get photos. Twitter was connected if a big screen during the night parties to send tweets of the feelings of been number ‘1’. Everyone founded a video camera in their rooms with the opportunity to record & load in a private channel the experiences. Results: 550 attendants were asked about several points of the convention. 25 questions about quality aspects were asked about things to improve: 72% voted between ten options the one that said ‘very difficult to improve’. Global evaluation of the convention 9,25 points voting the 95% of the company.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Spain Organiser: Grupo Sörensen Client: Altadis Date: November 16th - 18th, 2011 Target: Employes Location: Alicante Budget: up € 300,000 to € 400,000


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