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[internal company event / convention]

Meeting EDP 2012 Objective: to organise a unique occasion to allow the directors and staff to meet and communicate, providing information about what was done the previous year and the short- and long-term objectives. Rewards for and recognition of staff and projects which made most impact during the past year. Creative idea and description: to launch the new brand for Edp events, ‘We are edp’, that communicates a sense of belonging and sharing, involvement and excitement, as well as the spirit of celebration. Staff were transported in 88 coaches and were received at the venue with a ‘welcome coffee’; they discovered which works had reached the finals of the Edp Talent Competition, which promotes the staff's artistic talents. After participants entered following which the directors answered questions from the staff. Prizes were also presented to more than 40 members of staff and 20 teams. Before the speech by the President of the Executive Board, the well-known Portuguese comedian Herman José provided some humorous moments of interaction with the audience. After lunch, a concert was given by the Portuguese fado-singer Mariza, with the special participation of the Brazilian singer Roberta Sá. Audio/video/lights: five Christie HD video projectors with 35,000 Ansi lumens made up the projection on an 80 x 10 m concave screen, a Portuguese record. It was possible to create completely original settings and after lunch the hall was turned into a concert hall. Extra concern for the environment was shown and compensations made, attested to by the company ‘e)mission’, owing to the necessary energy requirements.

Staging and set design: with proximity being the key concept, great care was taken with the construction of the stage setting and other aspects of the set-up to reflect this. We created a recordbreaking screen with a projection area of 80 x 10 m which surrounded the whole auditorium and turned it into a scenographic feature. The focal point of the auditorium with its round tables was the stage itself, and this conveyed the same concept with a section extending into the auditorium and blending with the tables. Media Mix: no external adv; internal adv was provided by the complete broadcast of events on the intranet and on the corporate television channel. Later, a full report appeared in the in-house magazine. Results: the questionnaires completed by participants showed satisfaction levels not previously achieved, 95%, thus rating it as the most successful Edp meeting in the history of the company.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Portugal Organiser: Desafio Global Ativism Client: EDP Energias de Portugal Date: March 26th, 28th and 29th, 2012 Target: EDP employees Location: Porto, Sta Mª da Feira; + Lisboa, Parque das Nações -Pavilhão Atlântico Budget: up € 500,000 to € 1,000,000


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