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Refrige Coca-Cola ‘Happiness Factory’ Objective: to spread happiness amongst Coca-Cola workers, and put a flame of hope inside all. Plus exceed 2011 success event, and do it even with a more short budget. And above all involve every and each employer in Portugal. Creative idea and description: the agency decided to close the real and entire Coca-Cola Production factory and share Happiness amongst more than 600 employers, inspired on the international video ‘There are reasons to believe in a better world’. The warehouses and production lines were transformed into a big meeting convention hall. Other areas were used to create 4 major clinic and coaching rooms. All the decoration was made using the Coca-Cola crates. The contents of the meeting have as stars a surprise video were all the kids and family of the employers talked about happiness. To serve lunch time to 600 people, it was created a huge food court in partnership with Coca-Cola best suppliers. The agency add animation teams in all the factory, and a special place with 3D movie room, a museum and a visit to the facilities marked also the opening of the factory to the schools after the event. ‘The cherry on the coke can’, using musical workshops and recycled pets and cans, it has been created the Happiness Band with employers. Staging and set design: the entire stage and design was made once again using crates, but also gigantic

images of the heroes on Coca-Cola commercial movies. Big walls made entirely of product from the company were built as decoration. Outside the factory on the food court the agency used the real Coca-Cola trucks as part of the scenario. All the clinic and coaching rooms also were made using product, and event the instruments of the Happiness Band, made out of recycled pets and cans. Media Mix: official channels. A curiosity: the electronic invitation was made using the drawings of the kids factory employers, after collected on a internal prize competition. Results: Coca-Cola ceo affirmed: ‘In 40 years working on Coca-Cola, this was the best Convention I ever attended”. Above all the event spread and share happiness amongst everybody.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Portugal Organiser: UP Partner | 27 Names Client: Refrige Coca-Cola Portugal Date: January 21st, 2012 Target: Factory workers, sales, marketing, superior boards Location: Refrige Coca-Cola Factory based near by Lisbon / Palmela

Budget: less than € 50,000 Low Budget


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