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European Event Summit Objective: to bring together the most innovative, skilled and active European Event Professionals and create a community of decision makers to become inspired and share knowledge. It aimed to present what the event industry will look like in the future, but also to develop a network and create a platform. Creative idea and description: the creative idea behind the Summit was to break down the barriers of language and culture in Europe and consolidate all the excellent work being done in different countries. The Meetings and Events Industry missed a platform where European Event specialists and European Federation of Meetings and Events Associations could meet and share knowledge. The Summit in Luxembourg was the first of what is planned as an annual tradition with more than seventy senior professionals from thirteen countries. Inspired by Christian Seidenstücker’s speech presenting the 5 C’s that should determine the future of the events industry the event professionals meeting for three days decided to launch the 7 C Manifesto. The seven C’s are: Change, Content,

Creativity, Credibility, Connectivity, Cooperation and Costeffectiveness. The idea is to work with industry associations and thought leaders towards next year’s summit, developing practical guidelines and initiatives towards higher levels of performance. Staging and set design: simplicity was the guiding principle of the Conference. Media Mix: communication was basically concentrated on pr and e-mailing campaigns starting in May 2011. Results: birth of the 7 C manifesto. Tremendous awareness of the initiative in Europe thanks to an excellent Media Coverage in the leading Professional Media. A Synthetron Session in February 2012 with 112 active participants A second event planned in 2013 in Luxembourg.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Luxemburg Organiser: Mediation SA Client: Mediation, Ises, MarkCom Date: September 1st - 3rd, 2011 Target: European Event and Meeting Industry (agencies, companies, suppliers, media)

Location: Cercle Cité - Luxembourg City Budget: less than € 50,000 Low Budget


European Events Annual 2012  

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