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Bacardi 150th Anniversary World Celebration in Russia Objective: to celebrate the anniversary of Bacardi, and to make the celebration really unforgettable for the attendees, to impress them like no one else did before. The real trick was to make this party completely unexpected, as the company has a tradition to organize annual high-level events for the employees. Creative idea and description: in order to completely mislead the employees, we created fake exhibition ‘Contemporary art through the eyes of Bacardi’ to celebrate Bacardi anniversary. The art space of designfactory was filled with various installations and art masterpieces reflecting the world of Bacardi through the well-known paintings of Van Gogh, Escher, Matisse, Picasso, Malevich and Warhol; a video installation (‘The world through the eyes of a bartender’); a 3d-mapping on a large volume bottle; an art installation ‘Bacardi staff’. All the tools possible ware used to create the genuine atmosphere of the exhibition’s authenticity, such as: teaser video, announcement in the media, attendance of the journalists from leading media and tv. And than, during the boring honoring speech the hidden doors were opened and the guests saw a real nightclub, created for

only one night to celebrate the anniversary. Bars, dancing areas, stage for performances… It was a completely other dimension where everyone could have real fun. Audio/video/lights: audio: PA - 25 kW, backline for a world-famous DJ, two separated independent sound zones with different styles of music. Video: nine vertical led screen stripes of different sizes, with possibility to show video on each screen or on all of them, as a stage backdrop. Total screen area: 35 sq.m. Exclusive 3D mapping on a 3m Bacardi bottle. Light: 78 moving heads mac 101 integrated to the video wall between screen stripes and synchronized with the video content. Unique 4m DJ table made of Jarag. Results: the agency managed to keep the real celebration a secret. Only four employees from Bacardi were aware of the full scenario of the event. The agency managed to trick 400 people! The company's employees had absolutely no idea of an anniversary party, so they will remember it for a long time!

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Russia Organiser: Eventum Premo Client: Bacardi Rus Date: February, 2nd, 2012 Target: Employees of Bacardi Rus, 400 people Location: Design-factory ‘Flakon’, Moscow Budget: up € 50,000 to € 100,000


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