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Audi Q3 Trans China Tour 2011 Objective: Audi wanted to present the Q3 in what has become its most important market. The company invited journalists and multipliers to attend the driving event. In addition to providing a driving experience, Audi wanted the guests to be able to intuitively sense that Audi understands the Chinese market. Creative idea and description: the brand has been successful in the premium segment in China for many years. Nevertheless, the cars are often still perceived as ‘functional sedans’ that gave the event organizers the idea to combine the road trip with a public event. ‘Terminals’ were designed to be set up at the starting line at the different stops along the way at the finish line. The terminals would provide a space to experience the brand and its products up close and first hand. The journalists also became messengers of the brand and its products on their tour through China, during which the drivable Q3 traversed China's roads and terrain. People were able to see the car live thanks to up-to-date social media reporting. The organizers carefully designed the atmosphere surrounding the trans-China tour to inspire the journalists to cover the event extensively. In addition to setting up a website, which is still active, they particularly focused on digital and social media. Staging and set design: all of China became the stage for the Q3! The car's labeling as the ‘the urban way to drive off road’ was tangible at the starting and finish lines and people experienced the car's off-road character in the countryside. The organizers designed the route to give people the chance to experience China in a way that surpassed the typical television images

and clichés. The route ran through metropolises that are less known to Europe as well as small villages. Media Mix: almost every type of media was used to report the 2011 Audi Trans China Tour: product launch, roadshow, public events at prominent locations (‘The Place’ in Beijing, shopping mall with a 500-meter led ceiling, ‘The Bund’ in Shanghai, the ‘Concert Hall’ in Shenzhen), interactive road journal on the iPad, extensive terminal and exhibit structures at the starting line, stopping points and finish line, pr (online and offline, live and post-event reporting, print and tv). Results: the event generated resonating communication from positive media coverage and detailed publications.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: Pure Perfection GmbH Client: AUDI AG Date: Oktober 14th - November 3rd, 2011 Target: journalists, multipliers and public Location: China Budget: more than € 5,000,000 High Budget


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