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Academia del Ron Objective: to inspire barkeepers and to win their long-term loyalty to the brand - Havana Club is to be positioned as the barkeeper's reliable partner. On the other hand Havana Club wants to address young barkeepers and support them with a particular platform. Creative idea and description: Academia del Ron is an all-year platform for communication and training unique in Germany - that continuously promotes, trains and links the barkeepers and gives them exceptional added value: leading experts pass on their know-how and inspiration at the very highest international levels. The barkeepers can learn new techniques and communicate with international colleagues in workshops and video blogs. Highlight of the year is a separate event series which comprises two distinct formats, starting with the EdiciĂłn Talento. The young talents were able prove their skills to win a wildcard to the Academia del Ron. Workshops, tastings and

networking dominate the event, culminating in a cocktail competition. The competitors have set their sights on a very special goal: to take part in the international Cocktail Grand Prix in Havana, Cuba. In this way, Havana Club will become an established partner for all barkeepers. Media Mix: Academia del Ron is a varied round-the-clock offering of know-how for bartenders. Social media, print and PR communication ensure maximum awareness. A separate microsite supplies the community with relevant content throughout the year, such as interviews and essays by selected experts. The Facebook profile is the hotspot for discussion and communication with Havana Club. Communication is rounded off by continuous reporting in trade journals for the beverage industry. Results: around 25 million contacts in the trade and community media. Articles published through the Facebook profile spread very rapidly in the community, with an average virility of more than 30%. The amazing echo among the event's participants highlights the platform's relevance.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: Jung von Matt/relations Client: Pernod Ricard Deutschland Date: April 24th-25th, 2012 Target: barkeepers Location: Club Department, Berlin Budget: up â‚Ź 100,000 to â‚Ź 200,000


European Events Annual 2012  
European Events Annual 2012  

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