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Twingo, Mix your Style! Objective: to launch the new Twingo as the alternative choice to the competitors, win over the youth market and show the many options for customization. Creative idea and description: the event was designed to turn the concept of mix-and-match and on-the-spot customisation of the new Twingo into a real experience through art. To this end, the whole project combined three different forms of promotion: a launch day, a roadshow and a competition. The car debuted at the Rome Macro show where the highly acclaimed chef, Davide Scabin, presented an ‘appetising’ version of the car, customised with drawings of pasta and Mediterranean cuisine. The highly renowned Puerto Rican artist, Dzine, both astounded and entertained the public with his performance using the technique of ‘car wrapping’. The ‘artists’ Twingos’ were then displayed to the public in Rome, Naples, Milan and Bologna, not only to advertise the new car but also to present the ‘Mix Your Style’ competition for creative young people, calling for the reinterpretation of the New Twingo in line with their own tastes and personalities. Media Mix: the operation’s concept was channelled through various media (some messages strictly linked to adv the competition, others aimed more at advertising just the launch event): the ‘Mix your style!’ operation logo press coverage in support of the launch of the new model, display campaign in support of the launch of the new model, mini-website dedicated to the competition, Facebook Page, pack (in paper form with a web banner advertising the competition, pr office, direct email marketing). Staging and set design: the displays/sets created

sought to show the seven different versions of the New Twingo; the predominant colour and ‘character’ were emphasised for each version. Results: over 400 personalized Twingo were selected from the contest; more than 2,000 Twingo created with the online configurator; 224,509 new contacts online 96,487 only in the first two weeks; +91% new visitators; 750 Twingo have been ordered during the contest; 2,361 Twingo sold in four months.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Italy Organiser: Alphaomega/Publicis Client: Renault Italia Date: January 30th (party); roadshow: February 18th-19th (Bologna), 25th-26th (Milan), March 3rd -4th (Rome); Contest recruiting: January 16th-25th; Activation: February 1st - April 5th, 2012 Target: young adults, both women and men, ready to try out new things Location: party: Rome, Macro Museum, La Pelanda; roadshow: Bologna, Milan, Rome; Contest: Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna, Milan, Rome, Palermo and Naples, Florence Design Academy, Naba Futurarium, Rufa, Istituto Europeo di design, Istituto d’arte applicata e design, Nid (Turin), Leao (Perugia). Budget: up € 300,000 to € 400,000 Credits: creative directors: Alberto Cassone and Enrico Conforti (Alphaomega) - Cecilia Moro and Domenico Manno (Publicis)


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