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IBM Start Objective: to understand how greater sustainability can be achieved by a focus on behaviour change To be provocative and challenging. Speakers included Tim Smit ceo of the Eden Project and David Green ceo of EcoIsland. To create a sustainability Action Plan e-book for every delegate. Creative idea and description: whole event was unique concept as it was a very collaborative process with the ultimate goal to share and discuss rather than educate. Those that attended were passionate about sustainability. Through the use of workshop, keynote speakers and highly interactive discussion groups, objectives were outlined and solutions to real world issues put forward and discussed. The focal point of sustainability was reflected with: recycled paper badges, that were collected and

recycled after the event. Locally sourced and Fair Trade food & beverages served during the event. A complete reduction in non-essential printed materials. Post-event materials delivered only in digital form. All event architecture is reusable and graphics were saved for re-use where possible. Furthermore as part of the ongoing postevent campaign strategy, all of the content captured from the workshops and interactive polling has been collated into an eBook to provoke action towards driving consumer change amongst Ibm’s clients. Audio/video/lights: continuing with the sustainable approach applied to all the different aspects of the event, staging and set design requirements were kept simple reducing raw materials needed. The clever use streamlined architecture went one step further than fewer materials used with all business partners and Ibm re-using their structures and displays for future events. Results: 61 percent of all delegates believed in their ability achieve greater sustainability via long term behaviour change amongst their consumers 903 ideas generated in the summit were reviewed by Ibm and Start. The outcome was the best ideas taken forward to improve sustainability within organizations.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Uk Organiser: George P Johnson Client: IBM Date: November 1st, 2011 Target: IBM clients and delegates Location: 8 Northumberland Avenue, London


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