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B/S/H/ ProTour 2012 Objective: the B/S/H/ ProTour 2012 combined a premium product roadshow for small domestic appliances with knowhow transfer and networking atmosphere. It wanted to reach resellers and major buyers in eight major German cities within only one month’s time. Creative idea and description: Metzler : Vater created the B/S/H/ ProTour 2012 as a moving product fair. Within only four weeks’ time, the set-up travelled over 5,500 km throughout Germany to present product news of Bosch and Siemens in the small domestic appliances sector at uncommon locations in Potsdam, Lübeck, Stuttgart, Duisburg, Mainz, Hannover, Nürnberg, and München. Core of the project was a flexible cube solution that Metzler : Vater specifically constructed for this purpose: 17 single cubes that each treated an own thematic field. All cubes were clearly marked by their color and content design as belonging to either the Bosch or the Siemens brand. The cubes were gathered in an overall set-up that

was split into two separate product areas of Siemens and Bosch. All cubes grouped around a joint central area. This solution prove to be of great advantage: The modular system was very flexible and could thereby be erected in various arrangements on areas from 1,500 to 2,300 square meters. Media Mix: the invitation was a pop-up mailing individually branded and layouted for Bosch and Siemens with key information, event dates and a link to the registration platform The follow-up communication was realized by an own microsite. Also the pictures of the single events as well as the event film were provided here for the participants. An iPad evaluation directly at the event made it possible to get direct feedback by visitors and sales representatives. Results: the interest was enormous: About 2,000 registered participants came to the events, over one third more compared to the year before. 95% of the visitors evaluated the event as very successful. The product and sales managers gave a similar feedback for staging and ambience.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: Metzler : Vater communication group Client: B/S/H/ Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte Date: March 5th - 29th, 2012 Target: reach resellers and major buyers Location: Potsdam, Lübeck, Stuttgart, Duisburg, Mainz, Hannover, Nürnberg, München Budget: up € 1,000,000 to € 5,000,000


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