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Black Box Objective: to develop an innovative concept for the pre-release communication of Mercedes-Benz’ new Citan. The stand implementation as a Black Box should reflect the client’s leading-edge image, transport the van’s story and quality, and transform enthusiasm into concrete buying interest. Creative idea and description: at the RAI, Mercedes-Benz launches its pre-release communication for their new city van - Citan. Without having it on site, a ‘Black Box’ is chosen as the perfect instrument to publicize its benefits. The exterior of the box features the brand’s trademark, and a product key visual and claim: ‘The new Citan. Ready for action’. Booming bass attracts attention. Inside, a full-size model of the Citan is impressively staged via 3D-projectionmapping. The staging of the vehicle focuses the dramaturgy by using five projectors and led technology on the floor, a backdrop and a mock-up of the van. The show impresses the audience through the perfect harmony of infectious drama and suspenseful music. Curiosity about and desire for the Citan is aroused through abstract design studies and realistic depictions of urban situations. Staging and set design: thanks to its strikingly clear design and exceptional height of 7 m, the simple but

high-class Black Box is a real eye-catcher. On the outside, the Black Box is obviously branded with the Mercedes-Benz trademark and key visual. Inside, in an area of 15 x 15 m, the space is staged polygonally and enhances the dynamic in architecture; black mirrors at the sides add dimension. There is enough room for visitors as well as the full-size model, impressively presented via 3D-projection-mapping. Media Mix: Invitation to the RAI were sent as a Black Box. On site, giveaways included flip books, branded notebooks and pens. Outside the Black Box, guides with iPads provided visitors with further information; there also was the opportunity to subscribe to info mails. A documentary and making of exhibit the production in all its facets and are available online. Enthusiastic visitors spread these videos virally. Results: 10,000 visitors in five days. The client’s positive feedback and the passionate applause prove choosing the Black Box as the Citan’s first public appearance was a bold but successful decision. Figures show an increase of orders that are directly traceable to the show at the RAI.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: PHOCUS BRAND CONTACT GmbH & Co. KG Client: Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz Vans Date: April 17th-21st, 2012 Target: Fair visitors Location: Amsterdam, Commercial Vehicle Fair Rai Budget: up € 500,000 to € 1,000,000


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