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BMW M Power Experience 2011 Objective: to raise the enthusiasm and strengthen the fascination for the new Bmw M5. Customers and prospects from all over the world should be able to dive into the Bmw M brand world. Creative idea and description: following the Bmw M positioning ‘Best Of Both Worlds’, Metzler : Vater combined the two positioning fields ‘Daily Life’ and ‘M Moments’ in the launch event. The focus was on the car reveal itself but also on the emotional experience. The creative approach skillfully interwove movie and real world: An elaborately produced, high-quality mood film showed the Bmw M5 in both worlds on location in Seville as a hybrid usable vehicle directly turning into the real, glamorous car reveal. At the same time, the film marked the overture for the next day that participants experienced action packed and directly, just like the protagonist in the movie. On the second day, the compressed, emotional movie plot was transferred into the live experience: participants extensively tested the car, both on a beautiful scenic drive and the high, speed Ascari race track. Emotional highlight was the thrilling race of the 560 Bhp vehicle against the helicopter. Staging and set design: the luxurious and typically

furnished premises of the Waldorf Astoria hotel, the ex-hacienda La Boticária, near Seville prove to be the perfect stage for the evening event that led to the car reveal. A huge screen of 20 square meters and a big light show put the car into scene when it came out of the tunnel. The beautiful Andalusia landscape and the Ascari race track also formed part of the staging offering the perfect scene for a breath-taking scenic drive and the high-speed experience. Media Mix: participants came into first contact with the event via their Bmw M dealer or directly on the online platform A detailed photographic and video documentation accompanied the event. Afterwards, all participants received another mailing that recalled the event and linked to the photo and video download platform. Results: both the emotional charge of the mood film and the active experience, especially the race against the helicopter, let people entirely dive into the Bmw M brand world. Both the targeted conversion rate and the number of participants have been exceeded. Thus, subsequent events are planned.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: Metzler : Vater communication group Client: BMW M Date: November 1st - 26th, 2011 Target: Customers and prospects from all over the world Location: Seville and Ascari, Spain Budget: up € 1,000,000 to € 5,000,000


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