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New BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé presentation Objective: present the New Bmw 6 Series Gran Coupé associating its beauty and product values to art by creating a performance during which participants experience powerfull emotions, sensations and awareness as well as social responsibility. Bmw: Innovation, elegance, exclusivity, design. Creative idea and description: art inside art, an event within an event. Unique and exclusive. After the initial reveal and presentation of the new car, 144 of Bmw’s most important clients are surprised by being invited into a second area in the location. This is dark and illuminated only through a long white table, which is set before their eyes. Once seated, to the clients’ amazement, the table becomes video installation. The courses are served on moving images. Marco Foltran’s art is projected along the entire length of the glass table and is in perfect harmony and synchronisation with each course served by the chef Riccardo De Prà. With artistic gestures each dish is composed directly on the crystal surface. A unique and unrepeatable moment awakening intense emotions and leaving strong memories. The video performance unites taste, smell, sight and sounds of nature, reminding of the origins of food. Participants are engulfed by the artist’s installation and orchestrated sounds. Staging and set design: in the darkness of the location a table forty seven meters long covered

twenty six glass panes is the projection screen as well as the table. 144 participants live this scenography for a dinner in which the video projections and fine foods become one. Media Mix: due to the uniqueness of this project the media mix was untraditional. All invitations were addressed directly to the clients and prospects, selected by the dealers, as well as invitations extended to members of the press. These were followed up by elegant recalls to ensure full attention to each participant. Only invited persons attended, guaranteeing an exclusive, unique and memorable experience. 37 journalists, more than 30 tv, online, and print articles. (monthly journals still outstanding). Results: 432 guest enjoyed a real Bmw Experience. 37 journalists participated generating more than 30 tv, online, and print articles.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Italy Organiser: EWT - Events with Taste Client: BMW Italia Date: June 26th, July 4th, 11th, 2012 Target: top BMW clients Location: Brescia, Museo Diocesano, Padova, Alberto del Biondi, Firenze, Stazione Leopolda Budget: up € 200,000 to € 300,000


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