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World Prematurity Day 2011 Objective: ‘Ene mene mini. One out of ten babies is premature. Worldwide.’ is an initiative of the European Foundation for Premature Infants and Newborns and ‘Dräger’. The concept should raise awareness of circumstances of premature babies and their parents, plus promoting simultaneously a petition online. Creative idea and description: nothing gives a newborn baby more a sense of security than the closeness and warmth of their parents. Familiar smells and voices make a huge difference for an ideal start to life. Since the voice is often the only connection the parents have with their child at this point in time, the human voice became the core of the idea: people have a voice as a gift and therefore give their own voice to those who have none. The first step: the singers were standing around a passenger, inviting the person to personal and most intimate concert in the world, in the middle of the bustling trade fair or crowds of shoppers. The singing groups sang children’s lullabies, evoking memories and feelings childhood. The selected repertoire included well-known German and international lullabies, such as ‘Good Evening, Good Night’ or ‘Lullaby’ by Billy Joel. The second step: following the singers explained the initiative of ‘ene mene mini’ and campaigned for their online petition.

Staging and set design: the ‘singmob’ took place in Duesseldorf ‘s most frequented areas, like the ‘Königsallee’, the Christmas market and at the trade fair ‘Medica’. Media Mix: the ‘singmob’ also took place simultaneously on social network sites, via YouTube and Facebook. There, the project was imbedded within further European and global campaigns. Results: hundreds of direct contacts and thousands of viewer contacts led to a drastic rise in visitors to the website and within a short time more than 2,000 YouTube viewers. But the intensity of this project is much stronger than simply tallying up numbers. Premature babies have been given a voice.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: Joke Event Client: Drägerwerk AG & Co. Date: November 17th, 2011 Target: general public Location: Düsseldorf City Budget: less than € 50,000 Low Budget


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