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Spring Giving Catalogue This spring why not give an unexpected gift to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them while, at the same time, giving a gift that makes a big difference in the lives of others. Here at Operation Blessing UK we are amazed how even the little things can have such a big impact. Little things we take for granted such as clean water, food and clothing are critical items for families in need in developing countries. In the same way a gift, big or small, from you can make an enormous impact in the lives of those who are suffering. You will see proof of this as you look through this catalogue ÂŁ30 can treat over 1000 children suffering with intestinal worms and ÂŁ7 can buy a malaria net to protect a whole family as they sleep. As you look through the incredible projects that we have, you know that you can give with confidence as your donation is going straight to those who need it most. So why not give a gift that has the power to transform lives? You can support one of these causes on behalf of a loved one and use one of the enclosed postcards to let them know of the gift you have given in their name. These beautiful postcards and this catalogue feature photographs taken in the field by the Operation Blessing team. It is only with the faithful devotion of people like you that Operation Blessing is able to be an agent of change for victims of disaster, sickness and poverty. Thank you.

Anti Parasite Projects In developing countries, many children suffer from intestinal worms, a painful condition caused by eating unclean food, drinking contaminated water and playing barefoot. Left untreated, parasites can lead to malnutrition, chronic health problems and even death. A life affected by parasites can be changed for the cost of mere pocket change. For just 3 pence per person, Operation Blessing is able to provide hygiene education and treat children with medication that will rid them of parasites and prevent re-infestation for 6 months. A gift of just £30 will supply anti-parasite medication to over 1000 children! You can make a difference in the lives of children by allowing them to be healthy, happy and parasite-free.

Livelihood Breaking the cycle of poverty can be a simple as giving people the tools to start a new career. With an innovative approach using mobile training teams, Operation Blessing is teaching marketable job skills such as mobile phone repair, dressmaking, and carpentry. Once students graduate, they are given a start-up kit with materials and tools they need to start their business. A gift of £75 will provide a start-up kit for a mobile phone repairman, or a donation of £20 per month can go toward a teacher’s salary and help provide instruction to hundreds of students each year. Suggested gift: £75 will provide a business start up kit or call now to give: 0845 6003303

African Refugees Imagine having to flee your home with just the clothes on your back, then having to travel with your children for 5 days non-stop across hot African desert until you arrive at a displaced persons camp, weak from hunger, dehydrated and exhausted. This is the experience for many suffering from conflict in nations such as Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Operation Blessing is providing such refugees with medical relief and maternity care as well as temporary children’s schooling. A gift of £25 will help support our refugee relief efforts in Darfur, Congo and throughout Africa. Suggested gift: £20 per month supplies food and medical support to 1 refugee

Clean Water The majority of all diseases worldwide are due to one, all-too-common cause, dirty water. For villagers living in poverty-stricken regions of the world, water sources are often a several mile trek to what is almost always a muddy and contaminated water source which spreads sickness and disease among those who drink it. Through a variety of clean water projects in communities throughout Africa, Haiti, India, and Peru, Operation Blessing is fighting this epidemic and providing clean water at an average of just £7 per person! Suggested gift: £25, £50 or £100 will support Operation Blessing’s clean water projects and save communities from illness. or call now to give: 0845 6003303

Haiti - Fish farm & other restoration projects Since the moment the earthquake struck OB has, thanks to people like you, worked nonstop to help the people of Haiti. Even before the quake OB was helping 20 impoverished families in Haiti to help themselves to a better livelihood. Each family was given the equipment and training they needed to farm fish and within months these fish are ready to be sold. One batch of fish generates enough on-going income to restock with new fingerling fish and provide a profit, giving families food to eat and an income to live. There are now so many more villages and families in need so please support this and many other projects to rebuild and restore Haiti. Suggested gift: £100 to go towards a fish farm start up

Malaria A bite from a tiny mosquito doesn’t seem like a matter of life or death but to many people it is. Malaria claims the lives of over 1 million children each year and ninety percent of malaria related deaths in Africa occur in pregnant women and children under age five. Something as simple as a £7 insecticide-treated net draped over a bed provides a safe and effective barrier from mosquitoes when they are most active, and can dramatically reduce the risk of contracting malaria. Please support Operation Blessings Malaria prevention projects. Suggested gift: £35 will provide 5 nets for families living in high risk regions. or call now to give: 0845 6003303

Vulnerable Children When a child is hurt or scared they usually run to their parents for help, but when a child is orphaned or abandoned – where do they go? Who can they turn to? Operation Blessing is helping reach those abandoned or left orphaned HIV/AIDS, abuse, war or poverty by providing vulnerable children medical care, nutrition and education in a caring environment where they feel loved an protected. A monthly gift of £20 will help support our vulnerable children projects around the world, or a one time gift of £50 or £100 can help provide hope and a future for the most vulnerable citizens of the world. Suggested gift: £20 monthly gift will help support our Vulnerable Children Projects

Food Security In many developing nations where food is scarce, villagers are ready and willing to grow their own food – but simply lack the tools and training. In places such as Senegal, Niger, and Kenya Operation Blessing has set up farms where families are trained in farming and given seeds, tools, and livestock such as cows and goats to start their own farm. A donation of £30 will help to purchase items like tools and seeds, while £70 can provide a pair of goats and the feed needed to raise them. Since these projects are self sustaining, your gift will keep on giving to these families year after year and well into the future. Suggested gift: £30 will help to purchase tools and seeds or call now to give: 0845 6003303

Monthly Giving Are you looking for a way to make a meaningful impact in the fight against poverty each and every day? Become an Operation Blessing monthly partner and your monthly donation will be used to provide relief wherever it is needed most. Whether it is helping to provide clean water for a village, helping a vulnerable child find safety or equipping our team for emergency disaster relief, you’ll know that your ongoing donations will be making a real difference for those who are affected by poverty, disaster and sickness. For a monthly donation of £25 or more you will receive as a thank you our beautiful Operation Blessing desk calendar containing 12 amazing photos taken in the field by the Operation Blessing teams showing the people and causes your money is helping. Please call our donation line on 0845 6003303 and our friendly team will be able to take your details and arrange your regular donation by credit or debit card.

Where needed most

Can’t decide which project to support? A gift toward Operation Blessing’s general fund allows us to direct your gift to the greatest areas of need. From disaster relief and international medical missions to water wells, hunger relief and orphan care, you can be sure your gift donation is helping to provide relief in real time and breaking the cycle of suffering for thousands in need. or call now to give: 0845 6003303 or call now to give: 0845 6003303





Visit OBUK’s website to see how your gift is being used call our donation line on 0845 6003303

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