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Dream big, Think small, Scale fast.

Getting to know Sven

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The food

Adrian the Apple



by Christina Castle

Adrian is a hardworking and devoted apple. Unfortunately, he’s a bit clumsy too. Will he learn to make smart decisions so he’s fit enough to help Mrs Wiggle in her garden?

Learning through Storytelling

Carol the Carrot After reading every book in the library, Carol decides to travel the world. Join her for a heart-warming tale of exploration and adventure as she learns about the importance of family and home.

Lorenzo the Leek

Emily the Egg School is tough on Emily. She doesn’t believe she can make the grade. That is — until Mrs Right teaches her to believe in herself. With the help of one teacher, Emily learns to conquer her self-doubt through positivity, preparation and practice.

Willy the Walnut Messy and forgetful, Willy accidentally misses his rugby game. Adrian the Apple usually saves him, but not this time. So Willy decides to take charge of his life, and he starts by tidying up his room. A delightful tale with a twist ending that’s perfect for anyone who needs an extra push to stay organised.

Oliver the Orange

Lorenzo is one vain leek. So his friends Adrian the Apple and Billy the Banana decide to play a trick on him. In the end, all three friends learn a valuable lesson about humility and the meaning of friendship.

Oliver is so distracted by his new mobile phone that he ignores his friends and the world around him. Will losing his precious phone wake him up to the error of his digital ways? It’s a mustread for any child (and adult!) who spends too much time on mobile devices.

Molly the Mushroom

Peter the Potato How terribly grumpy is Peter! His glass is always half full, until a mistaken party invitation brings him face-to-face with Pablo the Potato, whose equally grumpy demeanour shines a light on Peter’s own negativity. Did fate bring them together? Or did an optimistic friend hatch a plan to show these two potatoes the sunnier side of life?

The food

Cute and cheerful Molly has one problem — she believes everything she’s told. After spending almost all her money on a wishgranting machine, she learns a powerful lesson about facts and “too good to be true” fictions. It’s a tale that illustrates truth and discernment in an era of advertising aimed at children.

Benny the Bean A very outgoing bean, Benny chats with his friends on his computer day and night. His habit quickly turns sour, as Benny starts to lose sleep and miss homework assignments. Then Benny receives a new present — an adorable puppy. How in the world can Benny manage it all? Find out in this remarkable story about personal responsibility and balance.

ABC Email to invite the author to your school or club. To purchase, visit any major bookstore in Singapore or go to

Zepp the Zucchini Zepp is tired and slow at work. After working late one night, he misses the bus and has to run home. What bad luck! Except that when Zepp awakes, he discovers exercise cures his physical and mental woes. A fun book on why exercise is important for both the body and mind.

Board member Message

Something old, something new As a new member to the board of ADB-DutchCham, I was asked to write the opening message for this newsletter and of course I gracefully accepted. Let me start by introducing myself; my name is Marjolein Oyen-Driesens, born in Groningen, happily married Marjolein OyenDriesens and mother of two. We started our Asia-experience in Shanghai, where we have lived for nearly three years, for my role with Philips as Global Head of Marketing for Kitchen Appliances business. Living in China was an amazing yet intense experience. When my role moved back to the Netherlands we were not done with Asia yet. So in the beginning of this year we moved from Shanghai to Singapore, because luckily, via my husband’s work, we were able to stay in Asia. This gave me the opportunity to take a break, recharge, reset and spend some important quality time with my kids. Truly a wonderful experience. As my background is in Marketing & Innovation, living and working in Asia has challenged me to look at my profession through a different lens. As is probably the case for many of you. Not only have I seen how different Asia is as a region and needs to be treated, but also how the speed of innovation and the pace of acceptance of digitalization impacts consumer behaviour. This to me is very intriguing and I would enjoy sharing experiences and views with you. That brings me to my role in the board. This summer I have taken over the responsibility for the Social Events from Wouter Muis. Large shoes to fill, but happy to take on the challenge. What can you expect from me? I see it as a wedding riddle; To start, I will keep something old – continuation of some of our great events, like Dinner & Dance, our Summer BBQ, and the famous Kings Night. Then, I will bring something new – I would like to bring some more diversity/ women events together with the newly formed Women-inBusiness Committee. Of course something borrowed – what can we learn from other chambers and how can we connect? The end, something out of the blue – Stay close for that; more interesting events to come in 2020!

Board Members

Ad Ketelaars

Paul Bloemendal

Maarten van Wel

Mark van Rooijen

President CEO at Spinta Pte Ltd

Honorary Secretary

Mariet Elshof

Vice-President & Board Member • Sponsorship Managing Director at PRETB Pte Ltd

Honorary Treasurer CFO South East Asia at Randstad

DanIël Heerkens

Board Member

Board Member • Marketing & Communications Digital Marketing Strategy Director at 2Stallions

Ton van den Bosch

Hajo Provo-Kluit

Board Member - Corporate members Partner at Addleshaw Goddard LLP

Observer Deputy Ambassador at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Marjolein Oyen-Driesens

Board Member • Social events

Executive team

As we approach the end of the year, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you, our members, our valued sponsors, our board and committee members. A special thanks to our hard working executive team for making ADB-DutchCham as great as it is today. I would also like to invite all of you to reach out to us with ideas to help us improve and to be more valuable for you in 2020 and beyond!

Ingrid Klaassens Executive Director

Lizzie van den Wijngaart-Winckel Marketing & Social Media Manager

On behalf of the board, I wish you a wonderful holiday season ahead. And hope to meet you soon! Charissa Riemeijer

Board Member Social Events, ... Marjolein Oyen-Driesens ...

Business & Committee Manager

Saskia Kops Admin Officer


marketing Manager NOTE


Keeping up with the ADB-DutchCham


Board Member Message


Marketing Manager Note


Raffles, you were bedazzling!


The NCA is grateful for your support!


Rabobank Financial Markets Outlook 2020


Brazilian Summer BBQ


The Change Mindset

take over from Myrthe Brakel, who I met via a work connection, as


Support to the Max

the new marketing manager at ADB-DutchCham.


Dream Big, Think Small, Scale Fast: ING Labs at the Singapore Fintech Fest

At ADB-DutchCham we try to connect people and businesses because


Getting to know Sven

worldwide and, in my life, as well. Having lived in multiple countries

Finding out that we had to leave London to move to Singapore as our new destination, was such a gift. Exchanging the constant drizzly English weather with sun and an occasional tropical rain shower is never a hard decision. Just as I was very happy to

connecting people is one of the most topical things happening

20 Orange Council Meeting

and having studied and worked in the communication field I have


experienced and realized more than ever how important connecting

CleanTech Roundtable

22 Buying a home in the Netherlands: a dream or reality?

people, and businesses is, especially in an increasing omni-channel

25 Taxes and Death

the off- and online conversation going. On that note, are you keeping

26 Back to the Workforce with Confidence

up with us on our socials and following our new Instagram-account

27 Heavy Metal 3D printing

world. That is why continuous improvement is always needed to keep

‘adb.dutchcham’ yet? Yes, we are everywhere!

28 Let us introduce you to Guusta Visser

With the year 2020 around the corner we took the time to reflect on

29 Books by Dutch author a hit with kids in Singapore

building new communities and much more for the coming year. We

30 ADB-DutchCham News – Announcements, member info and more

Dinner & Dance 2019

lessons learnt and to plan inspirational events, inter-chamber events, greatly value your input and, therefore encourage you to fill in our quarterly questionnaires to hear from our members what they expect from us. This way we can serve our members the best way possible. After all, we are a “members for members” organization. So stay tuned for the latest updates in your mailbox, social media and our website. I can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you for 2020! Enjoy our last online magazine of 2019 and let’s stay in touch!

Marketing Manager

... Lizzie Winckel ...

Cover photo: Ian ( 2


Raffles, you were bedazzling!

... Photos by Ian ( ...

By Lizzie Winckel Marketing Manager ADB-DutchCham

Oh what a night it was! Dancing to the beats in our glittering Great Gatsby outfits at one of Singapore’s most iconic locations; the world-famous Raffles Hotel. Guests from near and far, familiar and new faces arrived and came together on this unforgettable evening. Guests were endlessly complimenting each other on their spectacular outfits while enjoying cocktails and canapés in the middle of the tropical garden at The Lawn. Meanwhile a delicious three-course dinner was served in the grand Jubilee Ballroom where, not long after, we could dance to night away. After dancing to DJ Russel’s high notes a big group made their way to the after party at Bar Rouge to party like there is no tomorrow. We truly hope you had an amazing evening and we want to thank you and our proud sponsors for making it a huge success.



We thank the following sponsors for making the Dinner & Dance possible:


Thank You

The NCA is grateful for your support! ... Photo by Ian ( ...

By Audrey Walbeehm NCA, Marketing & Communications

What a fantastic evening we all had at the ADB-DutchCham Dinner & Dance! The NCA (the Netherlands Charity Association) would like to thank you for purchasing NCA lottery tickets. Two special pieces of art found a great new home with the winners.


For all the other participants; the good news is that with your ticket purchase you supported the NCA and we raised over 6000 dollars! A lot of Singaporean people in need will profit from this! We would also like to thank our partners of the evening: the ADB-DutchCham and Art Works who made this lucky draw possible for us. Finally, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! Sincerely, on behalf of the NCA, Freeke Quik, Audrey Walbeehm, Jessica Portier, Sabina Talstra, Karen Nix and Pauline de Jager



Rabobank Financial Markets Outlook 2020

By Rijn van Lynden

Manager International Desk Rabobank

... Photos by ADB-DutchCham ...

TITANIC... A nice theme to return to after the summer holidays. The Financial Market Outlook has previously provided material for more or less heated discussion. This year’s installment and chosen theme were somewhat more emphatic. While cliché, the quote ‘it’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future’ does apply. Are we indeed sailing on the Titanic, as the conventional economic analysis of the two presenters suggests? In any event, given the ‘three captains’ at the helm of the global economy in these dynamic times, it sure seems nice to have flexible options. When Michael Every and Jan Lambrechts presented their view on the global economy I had just arrived at Rabobank Singapore. I’ve taken over from Allard Voûte in supporting clients from our Dutch and international network with operations in South East Asia. Since my previous posting to Singapore in ’94, some things have certainly changed. The population has almost doubled and some newly built-up areas were forest or swamps twenty years ago. But massive construction projects have been the nature


of Singapore since the beginning - ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’. Because of this continuous building activity the country still works smoothly, an impressive feat. And Singapore’s position as regional business hub is still solid despite longtime efforts from regional competitors to lure business away. But most importantly and happily, the food hasn’t changed. That would be a fundamental shift.



Brazilian Summer BBQ ... Photos by ADB-DutchCham ...

By Linnie McKenzie Head of Europe at Gain Brands

Ay caramba, how we wish those summer holidays could last forever. Good news that ‘back to work’ also meant it was time for our Brazilian Summer BBQ. Nestled amongst the beautiful tropical garden at Vopak’s gorgeous Swiss Cottage Estate, the vibe was spiced up with Tanglin Gin and Double Dutch Drinks from Gain Brands’ gin bar. The refreshing G&Ts and Heineken beers complemented the high-quality and notoriously tasty cuts from the Brazilian BBQ and opened up conversations between old and new connections. We thank the Division President at Vopak for keeping the tradition alive by hosting the annual ADB-DutchCham Summer BBQ (for the 7th time in a row).




The Change Mindset ... Photos by ADB-DutchCham ...

Have you ever noticed that, when a company offers their employees a basket of fruit, the bananas are gone, and the oranges are still there? Is it because bananas are more delicious than oranges?

No, the difference in their popularity comes down to how easy they are to peel. The thought behind it is that human beings are wired to use the path of least resistance. Cyriel Kortleven calls this BaNano actions. He showed us how to use this principle to change people’s behavior and how to use The Change Mindset for professionals in change. 12


By Lizzie Winckel Marketing Manager ADB-DutchCham


Support to the Max ... Photos by Dutch Drinks Singapore ...

What started with just an idea when strolling around the Grand Prix Singapore 2018, became reality in 2019. According to Algemeen Dagblad it was the fourth home match for Max Verstappen besides Zandvoort, Austria and Belgium Spa. More than six hundred supporters appeared in orange shirts under the theme ‘Support to the Max’ to soak up the atmosphere. Something that was thought to be only possible in Europe.


By Ruud Kreuk

Business Development Director Smart Factory / IIoT Solutions

Max Verstappen finished on the podium of Singapore for the second year in a row. Starting in fourth place, his strategy and speed enabled the Dutchman to beat World Championship-leader Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes to third place. Verstappen ultimately did not have the speed to threaten a Ferrari one-two finish. Afterwards the Red Bull-team and Verstappen said a win would have been a real possibility, if it hadn’t been for some major mistakes made while prepping the car for the demanding

race at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. Red Bull Garage Tour

The Orange Grandstand ticketholders could win the Red Bull Garage Tour by sending in the most funny and creative videos. Caspar Vehmeijer & Jasper Thomasson where the lucky two winners who got the opportunity to get close to the Red Bull cars, teams and quite a few of the F1-drivers.

After Party

There is no party without an after party. After the Formula 1® Qualifying Session and great performance of Muse you could follow the ‘orange parade’ towards MONTI with its marvelous night view of the city’s skyline, Grand Prix and Marina Bay Sands. With a lineup of one of Holland’s finest DJ’s I.M.X, Percy and Krumbs. A big thank you goes out to our sponsors Pro-Liquid, ADB-DutchCham and Dutch Drinks Singapore for making this a dream come true.

Orange Grandstand | Early Bird 2020

In January 2020 we will start with the Early Bird tickets for Orange Grandstand 2020. The tickets cut two ways, three ways to be precise: you can get a taste of the atmosphere of the Orange collective, get access to the Orange Grandstand Package with events, orange merchandise and much more. The Orange Grandstand is for everyone who loves Formula One in general, Max specific or just wants to enjoy the vibe of this Orange collective!



Dream Big, Think Small, Scale Fast: ING Labs at the Singapore Fintech Fest ... Photos by ING Labs ...

By Eileen Lau

Managing Director, Head of Corporate Communications and Branding, Asia Pacific, ING Bank

Annerie Vreugdenhil (centre, in white), speaking during a panel discussion.

Going agile and attracting talent to

activities of ING Wholesale Bank, which operates three labs in Amsterdam, London and Singapore.

supercharge growth. This was the key message from Annerie Vreugdenhil who is ING Bank’s global Head of Wholesale Banking Innovation. Annerie was recently in town for the Singapore FinTech Festival, which has now become the largest financial technology event in the world.

With tens of thousands of visitors from the financial, business and start-up sectors during the week-long event, Annerie spoke on a panel discussion, and shared insights on ING’s success in innovation and attracting talent in this space. The veteran ING banker oversees the innovation 16

Annerie: “We try to attract talent and I think we are quite successful in that, because we have the promise with the use of platform models. People are inspired by this vision, and we see us attracting talent from all around the word.” Each ING Lab focusses on specific value spaces, in which the bank has a strong footprint. ING Labs Singapore has its expertise in the trade value space, which covers not just the ecosystem of goods traded globally, but also related services and financial flows. This focus on trade shouldn’t come as a big surprise, given Singapore’s reputation as a major trade and shipping hub, as well as a global financial centre. Well positioned between East and West, Singapore is also home to ING’s Asia Pacific headquarters.

We have changed our whole organisation into being agile, being mobile. And this means we work in sprints which gives us more control over the work we do for better outcomes.

The synergy has already seen ING Labs Singapore achieve success so far. One strategic pillar the Labs uphold, is building greenfield ventures across the world. For instance, a recent venture in Singapore is ING’s work with Kapsool in the maritime industry, where it built a digital workflow so shipping firms can operate at greater efficiency and lower costs. The other pillars of this three-prong approach, are ING’s client driven platform strategies to guide investments in partnerships, as well as the bank’s innovation methodology called “PACE”. Spearheading these innovation efforts in the Lion City is Paul Spronk, who is head of ING Labs Singapore. Paul, together with Annerie, fronted press meetings during the Singapore Fintech Fest, among other activities. One insight Annerie shared, was that: “We have changed our whole organisation into being agile, being mobile. And this means we work in sprints which gives us more control over the work we do for better outcomes.” Today, Singapore is fast becoming a major player on the innovation and financial technology landscape, with the Singapore Fintech Festival as a leading event on the calendar. Supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the event saw prominent speakers including Queen Maxima of the Netherlands; Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat; and Education Minister and MAS board member Ong Ye Kung. One particularly popular segment of the Singapore Fintech Fest is the Innovation Lab Crawl, which sees participants visit different innovation labs across the country. Playing host to seventy-five participants,

Paul Spronk and Annerie Vreugdenhil at the Singapore Fintech Festival.

Annerie and Paul shared ING Innovation Labs journey and work in the region. There was also a showcase of the bank’s ventures, including Kapsool, SoptAI, Blacksmith and Flowcast. Overall, it was a productive and dynamic involvement in the Singapore Fintech Fest for Annerie, Paul, and the rest of the ING Labs Singapore team. As they continue to look ahead to develop new innovations that go beyond banking, the vision of “dream big, start small and scale fast” will certainly be critical to achieve great success.

Annerie mingling with participants during the ING Labs Singapore Innovation Lab Crawl event.



Getting to know Sven ... Photos by Studio by El Pte Ltd ...

By Alexis van Dam Digital Strategist at First Page Digital

Radio Holland is well-known in the maritime industry as a worldwide service and maintenance provider of navigation, communication, connectivity and ICT on board of ships. The company delivers a unique technical service expertise, which helps customers to run their ships in a smarter way with less downtime at lower operational expenses.

Share a bit about your career before moving to SG

Sven Zaadnoordijk (37) is married to Ellis, and has two children, Bella and Oliver. In his free time, he enjoys sailing and running. Sven worked for companies like Shell, Robeco and PricewaterhouseCoopers before he joined VBH, which is part of RH Marine Group, just like Radio Holland. In 2015, Sven relocated to Asia to structure the financial operations of the company’s presence within Asia, where he became Finance Director Asia, stationed in Hong Kong. What brought you to Singapore?

In 2017 we changed the strategic direction of our business within Asia, we decided to focus on our core business again, which is providing services & delivery and installation of equipment, spare parts and other marine equipment to the maritime industry. This turned out to be a smart strategic decision since there is more than enough market share to gain within the navigation, communication, connectivity and ICT services on board ships. Radio Holland has been present in Singapore for many years and given the large number of ship owners and ship management companies we decided to move the regional headquarters from Hong Kong to Singapore. Sven moved to Singapore in 2017 and in March 2019 he was appointed as Regional Director Asia for Radio Holland. 18

As Regional Director Sven is, aside from his operational activities, focussing on the commercial side of business. As a result, he is visiting many customers across Asia, so aside from Singapore he visits the customers and Radio Holland offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia and various cities in China on a regular basis. Under his leadership Radio Holland Asia has improved on her customer service levels, amongst others the customer response time & first time fix rate. Since these improvements, the revenue and client base has grown. A customer now gets the benefits of working with a global company like Radio Holland with offices along the major shipping routes, but still experiences that personal service level, given the lean set-up of the company. What is an advantage for the Dutch community to work with Radio Holland?

The shipping and maritime sector is an important industry in The Netherlands, as well as in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. There are many well-known Dutch shipping and maritime companies with regional offices in Singapore. Singapore might be a small country, but the maritime industry is lively, and it is important to work together. The shipping industry has seen a decline, and it is important

for ship owners and ship management companies to manage their fleet as efficient as possible. Aside from providing high quality services to her customers, Radio Holland also adds value by informing her customers well in advance about upcoming mandatory services for her equipment and equipment which is about to become obsolete, because of spare parts which won’t be available in the market any longer. Furthermore, Radio Holland Asia has a team of service coordinators and engineers available 24/7 in order to respond immediately in case customers experience a breakdown of their ship’s equipment. Sven became a member of ADB-DutchCham, to network and forge relationships with fellow Dutch businesspeople amongst others within the maritime sector in Singapore. When Sven arrived in Singapore, ADB-DutchCham organized an Open House day at the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) and Sven attended to gain more knowledge regarding shipping in Singapore. During social events it is an added benefit to hear about new developments in the industry. What does the future bring?

The outlook for Radio Holland is positive, Radio Holland delivers high quality services at a competitive pricing level. The entrepreneurial drive and lean operations allow Radio Holland to grow and where necessary open more offices in Asia. Based upon feedback from the market Radio Holland recently opened an office in Qingdao (China). Asia is a vast region with a lot of potential in markets in various degrees of development.

NavCom Trouble? Troubleshoot Trouble-free No Trouble at all With worldwide coverage through our global network of world class technicians, we are always there, everywhere, to take care of every aspect of your navigation, communication and other marine electronics. It means safe and worry free operations for you, giving you more time to enjoy the view from the bridge.

Always There. Everywhere.






Orange Council Meeting ... Photos by ADB-DutchCham ...

By Charissa Riemeijer

Business & Committee Manager ADB-DutchCham

Our last Orange Council meeting took place on the 2nd of October; a breakfast session where CEO’s or representatives of our Orange Members got together to discuss ADB-DutchCham’s events strategy and potential improvements. One of the major topics during this breakfast gathering was our annual Winsemius Awards Gala Dinner. All our Orange Members seemed to be in favor of the current set-up of the event: networking possibilities, a three-course dinner and room for entertainment. They also suggested that the number of awards could be downsized to four or less. Due to the 100th year Anniversary of The Hollandse School in Singapore in 2020 it has been decided that the Winsemius Awards Gala Dinner will be organized in 2021 again. This will give ADB-DutchCham’s organizing team more room for the organization of an even better Gala.


Another topic discussed during this roundtable meeting was the restructuring of our current thirteen committees into active communities. We will emphasize on this further in the beginning of 2020. The session closed with the idea to hold more frequent Orange Council meetings in which knowledge on specific topics can be shared and in which Dutch Companies can act as one platform towards Singaporean authorities. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Orange Members for their support in 2019 and their continuous support in 2020. I wish all our members a merry Christmas and a happy 2020! We look forward to seeing you at our events next year.


CleanTech Roundtable

By Jan-Arie Byloos COO BlueMeg

... Photos by ADB-DutchCham ...

BlueMeg was delighted to participate at the CleanTech Roundtable at the Netherlands Embassy last October. It was good to meet with dynamic, fast-growing companies that are considering expanding into the SEA region and setting up their regional HQ in Singapore. BlueMeg was there to answer questions and provide advice on typical issues. We talked about setting up a company in Singapore, filing requirements vis-à-vis the Singapore government, Employment Pass applications, and payroll and accounting related matters.

BlueMeg has advised hundreds of companies and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to setup their Singapore company and subsequently guide them through the “maze” of regulatory requirements. We are proud to count many Dutch companies as our clients, and we are particularly pleased to offer them a complete digital experience to manage the day to day governance aspects of their companies. We look forward to continuing being actively involved with assisting and supporting the Dutch community doing business in Singapore and the wider SEA region.


Sponsored Editorial

Buying a home in the Netherlands:

a dream or reality?

By JosĂŠ de Boer

Owner and director of De Boer Financial Consultants

... Photo by Stockfoto ...

Buying a home of your own in the Netherlands can be quite a challenge if you are an expat or a Dutch national who lives abroad. Some 20 years ago, it was almost impossible for expats to finance a home in the Netherlands. The banks would demand people without a Dutch passport had a permanent residency permit instead – not something which most new arrivals could lay claim to years later, however, the banks came to realise that their international clients pay their mortgage bills promptly and that the number of repossessions involving expats is lower than among the population as a whole. And even the Dutch who lived abroad took good care of their property in their home country, met their financial obligations on time and very rarely had their homes repossessed.


As this began to filter through, the banks became a little more welcoming to this large group of potential clients, even going so far as to set up special guidelines for helping foreign nationals. Some banks were faster than others, but in general things were moving in the right direction. The Mortgage Credit Directive

But just when we thought most banks were treating people in the same way, along comes the EU with new guidelines. Officials in Brussels decided that anyone who has an income in a currency other than the euro should be protected against exchange rate fluctuations and the associated risks when looking to buy a home in the Eurozone. So at the beginning of 2016, in line with the MCD, the banks were required to offer their clients with a non-euro income a mortgage in the same currency as their salary, if they so requested it.

The banks obviously had no intention of offering mortgages in other currencies, partly because it would not be easy to do give their systems and secondly, because they would have to carry the risks. The idea, the banks said in their reaction to the MCD, was totally unacceptable. One bank after another closed their doors to people who wanted to buy a house but who were paid in a different currency. And which group was hardest hit? The international community, the expats, because many people who earn their income abroad or work for an international organisation are paid in a foreign currency. Unexpected help

Luckily, in Germany the Mortgage Credit Directive was interpreted differently to the Netherlands and a small but rich bank just over the border has been able to help many home buyers with a mortgage, even though they were paid in a different currency. Today it still accepts clients who are paid in euros or in other, non-EU currencies. ABN Amro also operates a group of specialist advisors who can help international workers to get a mortgage, although there are provisos. If a foreign currency is involved, the bank will only use 90% of salary as a basis to determine how high a mortgage may be. This way, the client is protected against currency fluctuations and their salary going down in value. The housing Market

The rise in house prices in recent years is obvious to everyone. And why has this happened? Simply because demand has outstripped supply. In most cases people are able to get a mortgage, whatever the currency they are paid in, the type of job contract they have or their residency status. If you look at a website like Funda, which includes a

large proportion of the homes for sale in the Netherlands, it is clear that most homes are either under offer or have been sold, subject to financing. There are simply not enough houses on the market. This is partly because space is at a premium in a small country like the Netherlands. And during the financial crisis, there was no money to build with and developers were not keen on investing in new projects either. If you have been considering buying a house or apartment and you want to boost the chance of your bid succeeding, you need to do your financial homework first – so you can jump into action if your dream home comes along. And if you are looking for that special place to call your own, it is wise to know in advance how much money you can actually spend. De Boer Financial Consultants are financial advisors with a deep understanding of the hurdles that Expats encounter when buying a property in The Netherlands. • Is your income or your partner’s income not in Euro currency? • Do you live abroad? • Is your contract of employment of a temporary nature? Although these are standard issues we encounter on a daily basis, you will never be a standard client to us. We will try to give you the best and most efficient service possible and be your beacon during the house buying and financing process and beyond. We remain at your disposal in the future and gladly give you guidance on financial planning issues.

Please reach out to us through our website:

Maid Agency Cinderella At Orchard Road, managed and owned by Dutch expats.

Please call: +65 94502658

We have over 50 helpers at any time who are experienced, trustworthy, with strong reference from previous employer and a proven track record. All our helpers are available for a personal interview. Wij begrijpen welke helper bij je familie past! Registration No. : 13C6750 │EA Lic. No. : R1332619 │545 Orchard Rd │ #03Ͳ36 │238882│Singapore 23


You matter to us Focusing on our clients’ needs is what defines us. That is why our integrated legal and tax solutions are customized to your individual requests. We are transparent and operate short lines of communication to make your business as efficient as possible. Our buzzing environment attracts the best talent to ensure that you will continue to receive cutting edge legal and tax advice. For more information, please contact

We are ranked tier 1 in ITR World Transfer Pricing, ITRÂ World Tax, Chambers & Partners and Legal 500. Amsterdam


Hong Kong



New York






Sponsored Editorial

Taxes and Death It is, apart from taxes, probably the other least favourite topic: death. But especially when moving abroad it is something for lovers, partners, engaged and/or weds to carefully discuss and - to the extent possible - take necessary precautions. Because sometimes life can take an unexpected turn.

... Text by Loyens & Loeff ... In the next 300 words we will try to guide you through the circle of life from crib to coffin – and what legal precautions you can take to prepare for the unexpected. If you don’t have a proper will in place and for whatever reason you will pass away, from a legal perspective, in principle the local laws in the jurisdiction of your habitual residence can be of big influence in determining what will happen to your assets and/or family matters. What does that mean in practice: if as a Dutch citizen/ family you are living in Singapore – which therefore is likely to be considered your habitual residence — and you unexpectedly pass away, the succession of your assets will be governed by the laws of the country with which you are closest connected. This might be Dutch law - being a Dutch national, but can also be the law of Singapore – if you have been living here for years. Assuming that both parents pass away simultaneously and there is no proper will in place, the custody of the children may be governed by the laws of Singapore. In Singapore, if you have not appointed a testamentary guardian for your children, and there are no other persons who have parental rights with respect to your children, any person may apply to the court for guardianship of the children. In the event that no persons apply, children and young persons below the age of 16 may, by order of the Youth Court, be placed under the care and protection of an approved welfare officer from the Ministry of Social and Family Development. You can imagine that the absence of a proper will with an explicit choice of applicable and governing law may not only result in uncertainty but also even in legal disputes. Imagine that both grandparents claim applicability of a different law, or even worse both apply to different courts to be appointed as guardian. Then it will be up to the courts to decide what law should be applied, and/or who will be granted guardianship; this will not only be time consuming and likely very costly, also it is a question of what will happen to

the children pending such court cases. Not to mention the potential traumatic experience for the children in already painful times. Thus, as uncomfortable as it is, it is important to consider and address what would and should happen in the case of an unexpected death. We typically advise Dutch citizens living abroad to have a global will drawn up with an explicit choice of law. That could be Dutch law or Singapore law, or in fact any other law, the core of the matter is that it should explicitly be addressed. Obviously, there is no one-size-fits-all solution; it all depends on the specific facts and circumstances of your specific situation. Want to know more?

Our Family Owned Business & Private Wealth team is happy to offer you tailored personal advice on last will and testaments, prenuptial agreements, emigration structuring, succession planning, cross-border estates or any other family and/or wealth related subjects. You may contact our Singapore office who will be able to put you in touch with our designated experts.



Back to the Workforce with Confidence ... Photos by ADB-DutchCham ...

By Lizzie Winckel Marketing Manager ADB-DutchCham

Our first Women in Business act was kicked off with our Back to the Workforce event, hosted by Sabrina Ho, CEO and founder of Half the Sky Asia. Sabrina believes having a career should not get in the way of you being you. To prepare ourselves for a future job we learned more about how the application process in Singapore works, to watch your body language and that networking is key. After a waterfall of questions, there was time for catching up and exchanging cards. We hope to see you at our next WIB-event.




Heavy Metal 3D printing

By Caroline Beelen

MBA Student, Real Estate specialization at the National University of Singapore

... Photos by ADB-DutchCham ...

Early morning on Friday 20th September the ARTC opened its doors for our Dutch delegation. Surrounded by large glass doors and big machineries we were waiting in anticipation to learn more about their insights on Metal Additive Manufacturing. It was the weekend before the Formula 1 and therefore we were in luck; one of the Dutch panel members, Daan Kersten from Additive Industries, talked about the 3D lightweight

Technology start-ups are everywhere and innovations are developing fast. Singapore is taking a big step in helping these start-ups to grow their technological business. The ARTC is an accelerator for Singaporean start-ups to test and grow their businesses. Under the dedicated supervision of the strategic development director Bertil Brandin, the start-ups are connected to big corporates to further develop. During our tour we got a sneak peek from all different kind of projects that they were currently working on.


item they had been working on in Eindhoven, for the Alfa Romeo F1 team. This 3D printed part would be driving on the Formula 1 track of Singapore the day after. The application of the 3D printed items was broadly discussed and future applications seem to go beyond many industries. Impressed by the knowledge that was shared in this session we continued with a fascinating tour in the ARTC. 27


from the dutch embassy

Let us introduce you to

Guusta Visser Customs attaché at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands ... Photos by Guusta Vissser ...

Dear reader, There are more than a thousand reasons why you should move to Singapore but for me it is my work as a customs attaché at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands that brought me here in August. As a child I have lived abroad in Rwanda, simply following my parents, I truly enjoyed that time and it brought me a lot. Such as an open attitude, eagerness to international dialogue and an interest in all different cultures. I hope that this attitude will help me fulfill my assignment here and I hope to enable my children to broaden their world perspective just as my parents gave me that opportunity. I am a customs officer in heart and soul and have over twenty-two years of experience at the Customs Administration of the


Netherlands (CAN). For many years I have worked in the legal department of the CAN and the last few years I was a manager at the IT Department. A big part of my work is being assigned to five countries in the region. This means that I will frequently travel between Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. In short my work here is about making efforts to cooperate with local authorities and to help promote international trade. I embrace all the new and exciting opportunities that I am sure Singapore and Southeast Asia will give me. I am very much looking forward to it. Kind regards, Guusta Visser


Books by

Dutch author

a hit with kids in Singapore ... Photo by V-Ventures Pte Ltd ... By Ange Dove

Founder of Proof Perfect Pte Ltd

Adrian the Apple, Carol the Carrot, Peter the Potato and seven other quirky food characters come alive in The Food ABC, a new series of children’s books with the aim to impart fun and engaging lessons about health, happiness and friendship to primary school children.

The series is the work of a Dutch award-winning writer and financial IT professional who has written the books under the pen name Christina Castle. Her inspiration for the stories came from her own life experiences of growing up and living and working in different countries. While only recently launched, the series has already proven to be a true hit with kids in Singapore. “My books are designed to help parents educate their children on life’s important lessons through fun, lighthearted stories,” explains Christina. “We don’t focus in school on how to live a happy life. But what can be more important than that?” Food items personify each character to carry an implicit message about the importance of following a healthy diet.

Maddy, Jason & Divian from Singapore radio station Kiss92 interviewed Christina during The Morning Show on 21 November 2019, the day the primary school leaving exam results were released. The author’s main advice for parents: “You have to set the right example. If you want your child to be more physically active, you need to come out of that lazy chair of yours, too!” The author has been conducting storytelling sessions for kids and has gained solid traction with that. “I’m always completely overwhelmed by the children’s enthusiasm at each storytelling,” says Christina. “They are all very keen to speak up, ask questions and give comments – so many in fact that it can be a happy challenge to get through the story in one session!” What’s next? The series is set to be released internationally in different languages. Christina is also working on more books to expand the series, and has signed up with the People’s Association to start conducting storytelling sessions open to the public at Community Centres from 2020 onwards. Stay tuned! Available at all major bookstores, at Singapore Public Libraries and online.


ADB-DutchCham newS

New Corporate members

The Hollandse School is well-known in Singapore and beyond. As the largest Dutch-language IPC (International Primary Curriculum) school abroad, we have been providing quality Dutch education for almost 100 years. As a Dutch-language primary school with an international dimension, we create an optimal learning environment with a home feeling. The HSL offers a childfriendly and safe environment, in which children are challenged to purposefully learn and collaborate. Hollandse School Limited 65 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289757 T: +65 6466 0662

UNL is a micro-location platform for addressing, navigation and location-based services. UNL has transformed the physical world into a 3D grid, giving every cell a unique, global location ID. To every cell and location, UNL adds: • multiple layers of metadata, making locations context rich; • navigation logic improving both in- and outdoor routing and navigation; • smart layer (powered by distributed ledger technology), making locations transactional, programmable and auditable. UNL is building the Internet of Places - a trusted network where real-life locations are coupled with their smart UNL digital doppelgangers to enable a whole new dimension of location-based applications and micro-services on top of the UNL infrastructure. UNL 152 Beach Road, #28-00, Gateway East Singapore 189721 T: +65 91642843

JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS (JDE) For more than 265 years, we have been inspired by the belief that it’s amazing what can happen over a cup of coffee. Today our coffee & tea portfolio is available in over 140 countries around the world through iconic household names including: Jacobs, Tassimo, Moccona, Senseo, L’OR, Douwe Egberts, TiÓra, Super, Kenco, Pilao & Gevalia.

All new members Aniek Zweers Bastiaan van Bijsterveldt

Colliers International (Singapore) Pte Ltd


Caroline Beelen

NUS MBA student

30 Tuas Link 2, JDE Building, Level 6, Singapore 638568 W: //

Christiaan Winckel


Cristina Zonneveld


Ed kool

CTS Far East Pte Ltd

Esther van Diepen

Mom in Balance Group

Frank Geelink Hendro Poedjono EDITORIAL COMMITTEE

Jetty Sangster

Lizzie Winckel, Chief Editor Alexis van Dam, Writer

Joep Kusters


Juliette van der Burgt

Brand Infinity

Judith Wierenga

Strategy consultant

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REA Holdings

Kelvin Ng

Sioux Technologies

Laurens Poelhekke

Dutch Business Association Vietnam

Maarten Smid


Manon Huntjes Marielle van Mierlo

Commercial finance

Martijn Boersma

AQ Services International

Nort Janssen

CPM Innovations Ltd

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Atradius Collections Pte. Ltd.

Rob van Diepen

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Shell Eastern

Simone Heesbeen

Korn Ferry

Yskje Drijfhout van Hooff

Smit Lamnalco

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