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ADAVB ADVERTISING 2017/2018 The Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch Inc. (ADAVB) newsletter, Victorian Dentist, is distributed both in hard copy and electronically in the first half of each month, 11 times a year (February – December) to about 3800 dentists. There are three main types of advertisements: display, classified and insert. See below for advert sizes and costs.


DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENTS Refers to advertisements for commercial, private or non-dental specific promotions which are usually imbedded with images. Prices are calculated on the display ad size (e.g. 1/8 page, 1/4 page, half page, full page) including GST.

DISPLAY RATES: 1/8 PAGE AND ¼ PAGE Display Advertisements (Rates are per issue) 1/8 Page

Member & 11 Ad Pack

1/4 Page

NonMember 5 Ad Pack

Non Member (Full Rate)








Premium Reserved Space

11 issues ($ per issue)

6+ issues ($ per issue)

5 issues ($ per issue)

Outside back cover: Full Page

Save 10% $1,311

Save 5% $1,384


Inside front OR inside back cover : Full Page

Save 10% $1,262

Save 5% $1,332


Inside front OR inside back cover : Half Page

Save 10% $684

Save 5% $722


All completed display ads (including art work) should be sent as a recognised desktop publishing format e.g. PDF file (preferred jpeg)


1/8 Page 92mm (W) x 62mm (H)

Classified ads are placed towards the back of the newsletter. Classifieds are text only, no logos or graphics can be included. They are set out under a category heading – e.g. Positions Vacant, Practice for Sale, Practice for Lease, Equipment for Sale and Services and Staffing Agencies.

1/4 Page 92mm (W) x 130mm (H)


HALF PAGE AND FULL PAGE Half Page/ Full Page ads – rates are per issue

Member & 11 Ad Pack Rate

Non-member rate 5 Ad Pack

NonMember (Full Rate)

Half Page




Full Page





Member Rate Full Rate

Up to 50 words $88 $176

Employment Register – Members who would like to post online their job advertisement can use the national Jobs Board at (members only). Placing your classified ad – Complete ADAVB’s booking form including a heading, your text, contact details, and the newsletter issues you would like to appear in. Return your booking form by either by fax, post or email.


Full Page 297 X 210mm + 3mm Bleed

Half Page 190 (W) x 130mm (H) + 3mm Bleed

An insert is a loose leaf printed advertisement in the form of a flyer or brochure that is individually inserted into the Newsletter. All inserts must be given prior approval. Advertisers have the option of: 1. Emailing the artwork /pdf file to ADAVB for printing or 2. Sending the printed inserts directly to the printers Newlitho (see Pre-Printed inserts. See overleaf for details).


Double-Sided A4 Sheet (per issue)




3400 Pre-Printed Inserts May be printed on both sides (per issue) $642

Non-members - 5 AD PACK





Non Member (FULL RATE) $1,846 $3,330 $1,284 (Please note, Due to Australia Post requirements, paper weight should not exceed 115gsm – if your insert is above this, it will be subject to approval and extra fees for post and handling may apply).

ADAVB ELECTRONIC SERVICES - CPD ADVERTISING – FLYERS Recognised affiliated bodies and dental schools are entitled to have one CPD event per year advertised to ADAVB members via one ADAVB electronic direct mail (eDM) at no cost. The event is listed in one Branch monthly electronic CPD eDM with a link to the organisation’s information promoting the event. Following the use of the one-off free service each year, a fee of $112.00 (GST Inclusive) will be charged. (All advertisements, including CPD flyers are subject to authorisation by the Editorial Board - refer to ADAVB’s Advertising Policy document, under the heading ‘Conditions’, No. 6).

RATES – Definitions Member Rate – A member discount only applies to ADA Members (Vic Branch and interstate) when supplying advertisements in their own name and related to the practice of dentistry. Non-member Rate – Commercial advertisements submitted by nonmembers do not receive a discount and thus attract the non-member rate - NB – Newsletter will not be provided to advertisers and/or 3rd parties as publication is a member benefit only 11 Ad Pack Rate – When pre-booking 11 advertisements for a calendar year members and non-members receive the member rate. Non-member 5 Ad Pack – When pre-booking a 5 ad pack nonmembers (not included Premium Reserved Spaces) receive 25% off the full price. (see page 3 – Rates/Discounts section for more information).

COPY DEADLINE All display and classified advertisements are due by the 1st day of month preceding publication e.g. 1st May for June newsletter. Please send completed artwork by 1st of the month to ensure that space is allocated for the month intended – Advertisements received after the copy deadline may not be published until the following issue.

ACCEPTED FILES High resolution PDF (preferred) Electronic files provided for advertisements must include: The original raw file; All linked, embedded images or graphics; All used fonts; All images and graphics are CMYK. Please contact the Publications Officer for further details on (03) 8825 4612 or email

DESIGN SERVICE – IN HOUSE ADAVB offers an artwork service for designing advertisements:


PAYMENT METHOD Members & Non-Members: Will be issued with an invoice (usually the first week of the publishing month) with the option of paying by BPay or PayWay or by returning the invoice payment slip with credit card details or by attaching a cheque. Failure to pay an invoice within 30 days of the issue date may result in a suspension of your advertisement until full payment is received. Artwork costs are a one-off payment and included in the advertiser’s monthly advertising invoice.

SEND BOOKING FORM TO: Send completed artwork, including ADAVB’s Advertising Booking Form by one of the following: Email: Fax: (03) 8825 4644 – (classified adverts only) Post: ADAVB Publications Officer PO BOX 9015, South Yarra VIC 3141

ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch Inc. PO BOX 9015, SOUTH YARRA VIC 3141 PHONE: 03 8825 4600 FAX: 03 8825 4644 EMAIL: Privacy Statement - ADAVB is bound by the Privacy Act 1998. The information provided by you will be used to book adverts for you only. ADAVB will not provide your details to any third parties. See our Privacy Policy at


Name of Company or Dentist:

Leave blank if non-member






Contact Name:









11 Ad Pack (Feb – Dec)

Full Rate

5 Ad Pack

Premium Reserved Space February





Yr: ______

Yr: ______

Yr: ______

Yr: ______

Yr: ______







Yr: ______

Yr: ______

Yr: ______

Yr: ______

Yr: ______

Yr: ______

PUBLICATION MONTHS Enter year in Month/s to be placed

Enter year

e.g. Dec Year: 2016, Feb Year:2017, Mar: 2017 Deadline for display and classified ads is 1ST day of the month prior to intended publication, e.g. 1ST May for publication in the June Newsletter

Display Ad – Tick type of advert you wish to advertise Please tick:

1/8 page

½ page

¼ page Full page

Email PDF file to with booking form for approval


Classified Ad – (insert text below – up to 60 words) Classified Headline (e.g. Practice for Sale/Lease, Position Vacant etc) : ____________________________ Insert Text: ________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________


ADAVB NEWSLETTER BOOKING FORM 2017 /18 Inserts – Tick printing option Email high resolution PDF of artwork to ADAVB for printing by 15 th each month for approval. ADAVB to do the printing on behalf of my organisation I will send 3400 pre-printed inserts to Newlitho

Inserts must be authorised first before print job commences.

SEND APPROVED PRE-PRINTED INSERTS TO: Neo ATT: Mr Franco Dissegna, 5 Dunlop Road, MULGRAVE VIC 3170. Insert for ________________ ADAVB Newsletter (please indicate which month’s Newsletter the insert is for) [Due Date: 15th day of the month preceding publication] Please mark boxes: “Insert for >> Publication Month << ADAVB Newsletter” _______________________________________________________________________________________________

ADAVB electronic services – CPD advertising Affiliated Societies and recognised bodies are entitled to have one CPD event promoted per year to ADAVB members via the Branch’s CPD Event Update eDM at no cost. Following the use of the one off free service each year, a fee of $112.00 GST incl is charged for each listing. I would like my CPD event information and link to be emailed to ADAVB members via the Branch’s CPD Event Update eDM by (tick box): I have attached a weblink and information (35 words) for approval ________________________________________________________________________________________________

PAYMENT OPTIONS An invoice will be issued to advertisers approximately one week after the Newsletter is distributed to ADAVB members, which is usually the first to second week of the month. Payment options are: Mail: Send the payment slip on the invoice with your cheque and or credit card to the Branch for processing BPAY: You can pay your invoice with your credit card by BPay – See the Biller Code and Reference number on your invoice. For more info on how BPay works visit PayWay – You can pay your invoice with your credit card by PayWay – See the reference number on your invoice. Visit ADAVB Westpac PayWay gateway to pay securely online at

AUTHORISATION Advertising is accepted subject to editorial approval. ADAVB reserves the right, as it deems appropriate, to withdraw material submitted for inclusion in its Newsletter (see “Advertising Requirements” attached).

I accept the Newsletter advertising requirements, payment methods and detailing conditions under which advertising maybe placed in the ADAVB Inc. Newsletter and have authorised the contact person to act on my/our company’s behalf. Signature Date _________/________/_________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Advertising Booking Enquiries: Ph: 03 8825 4600 Email:


ADAVB ADVERTISING POLICY 2017/18 The Victorian Dentist is a colour magazine, typically 28 - 32 pages. The newsletter is produced for over 3800 members of the Branch and is distributed in hard and soft copy monthly (except January) as a member benefit. 6. The newsletter contents consists of current news, clinical guidelines, oral health policies and regulations, legal matters, human relations policies, financial management overviews, continuing professional development and service promotion sections. The advertising requirements below govern the acceptance of advertising material. EDITORIAL CONTENT 1.

2. 3.


5. 6. 7.







The inclusion of advertising in the ADAVB Newsletter has a primary objective - to convey information about products or services used in dentistry or related activities, including other areas of interest to dentists and other interested readers.


8. 9.

Advertisements must be clearly recognisable and not resemble editorial content. The content of advertising must recognise the professional nature of the readership and therefore reflect professional standards of good taste and dignity; in these matters ADAVB shall be the arbiter. The notion of implied endorsement of advertisements is used as one of the tests in determining suitability. An advertisement must be accurate in fact and implication and must not include misleading statements, half-truths or unverifiable claims and/or arouse unwarranted expectations of product effectiveness. Any advertising of the practice of dentistry must identify the dental practitioner(s) and their qualifications. Advertisements, including positions vacant, must comply with Victorian and federal anti-discrimination laws. Comparisons with other products of a similar type may only be of a factual nature, and the evidence presented must be clear, fair and capable of collaboration. Advertisements must comply with the Dental Board of Australia’s advertising guidelines.




The advertiser, in lodging any advertisement shall be deemed to have given assurances to the ADAVB of compliance with any requirements of law affecting the product or the advertising of the product. The advertiser shall undertake to indemnify ADAVB against all actions, costs, damages, expenses and other liability whatsoever that ADAVB may suffer or incur by reason of the publication of the advertisement. This indemnity shall not be affected by the fact of ADAVB evaluating the advertisement or the content thereof as suitable for publication. In advance of the copy deadline, the advertiser shall supply artwork and copy, in a form sufficiently developed to allow an accurate assessment of the proposed content, meaning and purpose of the advertisement. Professional display advertisements or notices from nonmember dentists regarding their services and practice/s are not accepted for publication. Commercial Advertising material from organisations competing with the Branch and/or its approved


3. 4.

1. 2.



6. 7.

suppliers/providers will not be accepted unless Editorial approval has been sought and provided. Where approved suppliers/providers have agreements with ADAVB, they will be offered member rates. Advertising of training courses or any CPD event is restricted to courses conducted by the ADA (including Branches, Groups and Affiliated Societies), or by Australian dental schools and public/regulatory agencies. Cancellations cannot be accepted after copy deadline. Where block bookings are cancelled, advertisers will be required to pay the difference between the full rate and special recurring rate. Acceptance of any advertising for publishing does not indicate endorsement or approval by ADAVB. ADAVB may request substantiation of any claims made in the advertisement. APPROVAL ADAVB reserves the right as it deems appropriate and without prior notice to the supplier to refuse advertisements without reason, to modify or withdraw any material submitted for inclusion in the Newsletter, or to interrupt any series or sequence of advertisements. Where an advertiser may be aggrieved by a decision to refuse, to modify or to interrupt an advertisement or series of advertisements, an appeal may be made to the next meeting of the ADAVB Council and this body shall be the ultimate arbiter of the matter. Placement of advertisements within the publication is at editorial discretion. No advertisement promoting any product/service deemed to be a conflict of interest for ADAVB will be accepted. DISCOUNTS ADAVB Members: Member Rate Commercial advertisers running their ad 11 times a year can purchase an ‘11x ad pack’ and receive the discounted ‘member’ rates. Advertisers running their ad (not including Premium Reserved Spaces) 5 or more times a year can purchase a ‘5 ad pack’ and receive 25% off the full rate. Advertisers wishing to book a Premium Reserved Space in the newsletter are subject to Editorial approval and availability. Premium spaces need to be pre-booked for a full year and can be paid for in full i.e. (11 issues), 2 half-year payments or monthly. All advertising rates are reviewed each year (June) and subject to change. i.e. printing costs, CPI increases. Accredited agents are asked to add their commission to the accompanying advertising rates. COPY DEADLINE All display and classified advertisements are due 1st day of month preceding publication i.e. 1st May for June Newsletter. Please send completed artwork by the first of the preceding month to ensure that space is allocated for the month intended. Advertisements received after the copy deadline may not be published until the following issue.

Newsletter Advertising Rates and Booking Form