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Free classified website Google Plus finally has come in the social media race with likes of Face book, Twitter, and My Space. Google + is expanding its presence with lighting speed across the world You would not expect a common user using Google Plus like the way they use Face book and Twitter to share small things they consider interesting with their online networks in their daily life - not even a 10 % of it!

But, if you are a blogger, online marketer, publisher, content writer, artist, or social media fan, then definitely you should take Google Plus seriously, and more so after Google started rating social media engagement while considering their search results.

Find below some cool tips on how you can expand your Google + circle to get the maximum out of your social media marketing/engagement plans. If you are new to Google Plus or very few people have you in their circle/s ( as every contact can put you in multiple circles thus making your profile multilayered- a ++ point about Google + ) then you are not being heard enough to make your posts reach to a larger audience.

You just search the people you think relevant for your niche using Google Plus search bar as the first step to expand your network of people you have in your circles. Chances are that at least 10-20 % will add you back in their circles making a room for you to share with themselves.

Once, enough people have added you in their circles, you can start posting some really good, useful, interesting, and RELEVANT content. Here, you need to be extra cautious while sharing your posts. Don't look selfish by promoting only your own content/page links.

At this point of time your ONLY motive should be to grow your network at Google Plus. Growing your own network of loyal connections is not an easy feat.

When you have grown your network or you are well on the way of expanding your circle, you can also post your own content to generate traffic for your web page. But, again do not do it overly, let's say, share the posts in 70-30 % ratio, 70 percent of your posts should be from external sources which you consider useful for your network.

Afterall, social media is all about sharing. You can't get much out of it by blowing your own trumpet. You share what others are doing/making/writing and others will share yours.

Make your Google plus profile url link short, smart, and memorable so that you can share your Google plus posts on other places as well. Visit and put your desired nick name and Google+ ID in the spaces given on the home page.

The green cooled part in the following link of my own Google plus url represents your a

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