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little about me.

Ada Tsang I am a graduated architect who studied bachelor at the University of New South Wales and master at the University of Melbourne.


interest in design has started from an early age that I was fascinated by interior design in high school then fell in love with architecture design. small

I tend to develop an interest in to


medium and







I have worked on multiple projects during university studio including campus dormitory, rural research lab and co-housing projects.

I consider myself a highly motivated and hard working with vast experience in team working with a range of people. Whilst the thesis project was focusing on architecture as a cultural pursuit that a culture could be celebrated and flow through architectural design by the idea of continuity.

(+61) 450 074 819 instagram - adatsangst

Contents 4 Surf Live Saving and Community Centre | Woolamai, VIC

12 CoHousing Living | Watsonia, VIC

20 Student Accomadation | Randwick, NSW

24 Lighting Ridge Lab | Lighting Ridge, NSW

28 Redefining Hong Kong | Hong Kong

32 Chair Design | UNSW, NSW

Surf Life Saving Club

Surf Life Saving Club WOOLAMAI, VIC









important as saving life, the Surf Life Saving Club is also being a gateway connecting the beach and the people. While veranda is inherently being part of Australian culture and the veranda space is being enhanced as the major gathering and adaptable space that enriches social interaction and the sense of community of the Woolamai Surf Life Saving Club.

By combining the Queenslander’s and Japanese idea of the verandas, continuous seats and decks are set along both the edge of the inside and outside.

The indoor and outdoor

verandas form shelters from the hostile environment. And with a sense of humbleness underlining the space and use of material, the inside and outside veranda spaces form transition and mediated space between the building and nature with great appreciation and respect.


Ada Tsang | Portfolio

Surf Life Saving Club






The existing SLSC is located on the edge of the site, visually block by the sand dune and sand dunes become problematic for daily life-saving performance while building isolated from the public use.

The proposed new SLSC sets back even more from the active cliffs for more protection from the hostile environment.

The set back forms a garden like a beach along the building which provides more space for nipper training and private gathering.

Based on the existing access, the public sector is closer to the ramp towards the beach and the lookout while the life-saving operation and accommodation are on the other side.

VERANDA + PUBLIC AND PRIVATE ACCESS The elongated veranda throughout the whole building provides space for gathering and connecting the public and private.

EXISTING CONDITION The current stage of SLSC has failed to do so with almost private access of all area, the only areas to serve the members are the small public toilet and changing room and the tiny upper deck and veranda space.

Ada Tsang | Portfolio

Surf Life Saving Club

The propose is to reinforce the idea of a social hub that the communities would gather around the SLSC year round. The building not only serving the member and the Woolamai Beach but also the public and as a gateway to Spew Hill and the Phillip Island Nature Park to enrich the experience as a whole.


Ada Tsang | Portfolio

Surf Life Saving Club

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Share Bedroom Share Bathroom Storage Kitchen Living / Dining Room Gym / Activities Room Garage Wet Room SLSC Office and Meeting Room First Aid Room First Aid Classroom Public Bathroom & Changing Room for Male Public Bathroom & Changing Room for Female Kiosk Bar Display and Event Room Lifeguard Lookout Visitor Lookout




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While in most of the Co-housing projects having

I extend and focus on. .The sharing not only form

a clean boundary between the public and private,

in the whole community and the family, the unit

a strong contrast between the co-housing and

being the glass house that comes in between the

the apartment units. On one hand, it provides

two. While the glass house function as a semi-

flexibility and option of sharing but on the other

public or semi-private corridor or balcony, it brings

hand the separation would not emphasize the idea

a group of families even closer together to a great

of sharing. Other than the major common house,

extent like a roommate. The closer distant would

the in-between space being the semi-public and

enhance the idea of a family like sharing.

the semi-private would be the other sharing that


The in-between greenhouse not only improves the overall ESD performances but also create a space for a smaller group of people, building a closer and more intimate relationship. Ada Tsang | Portfolio



Existing Site Relative flat in slop and with sustainable natural flora

Main Entrance

Heart of the site Major community activity articulated around the heart of the site Entrance shifted away from the main street, to provide a better and safe community within the co-housing.

Car Park and Garden as Separation Car park and garden located on the east and perform as separation between the co-housing and the highway on east.

The Sharing Front Yard and Backyard The sharing central playground and garden behind each glasshouse suggest the idea of a suburban life.


While not only to preserve the existing landscape but more vegetation is planned with the overall design, forming the idea of the front yard and backyard.

The In-between Glasshouse

The sharing glasshouse functions as balcony, corridor and an extra semi-outdoor space for a group of the community.

Pedestrian vs Vehicle Access

Both pedestrian and vehicle access is design to enhance the chance of sharing Both entrance to private apartment must pass through the common house, and people are more likely to drop by.

Ada Tsang | Portfolio


Garden space next to the central playground

Wall of pictures and notice of the community

Flexible use of the activity room, looking toward the central garden

Communal dining space with a great neutral view towards the garden


The large communal kitchen allows multi-function at the same time.

The residents can personify their part of the glasshouse, relaxing and free.

Kitchen with window opening towards the central playground

Living room with large window opening towards the central playground

Ada Tsang | Portfolio



Ada Tsang | Portfolio

Student Randwick Dormitory





Top Second Floor Plan Middle First Floor Plan Bottom Ground Floor Plan Ada Tsang | Portfolio


A new student dormitory is needed for the

study and sitting space with views of the little



garden and enjoying the western afternoon light.

UNSW. The studio requires investigation of social

Another communication space for a small group of

interaction, activities, thermal comfort, light,

students, placed between the northern and eastern

sound, topographical, open and closed space and

bedroom for easy access. Northern sleeping space,

the connections of the site.

to enjoy and to be awoken by the gentle morning





light. The project aims to create a central outdoor gathering student









Dining space with a long table formed by four


smaller tables. Create an interactive space for the

spaces on the ground level are the extension of the

student to gather. Cooking space for large groups

outdoor gathering space. The use of brick is rather

of students, interactive with the dining space and

light then heavy and responding to the existing

the courtyard. Pathway within the building to a

student accommodation building of Randwick.

private room for each student, cavity brick wall

Extensive use of glass is to blur the boundaries

created filed light effect. Eastern private sleeping

between the two. The repetitive cavity brick

space with a massive view of the natural greenery,

generates rhythms for the entire space and creates

the trees itself work as a light and heat filter to

patterns of light while protecting the intimacy of

generate a comfortable interior for the bedrooms.

students. Abandon natural light is received in the northern sleeping space through the day while soft natural light with a view of trees can be found in the eastern bedroom.

Major living space for a larger group of people, overlooking the courtyard at the same level, is the extension of the outdoor space. Semi-private

The Lighting Ridge

A complex site, both in topography and culturaleconomic content.

The Lighting Ridge


In order to provide an architectural response to this very particular location is challenging. The initial concept is be be embedded into the landscape and not only minimize the visual impact to the site but also benefit from the earth insulation and stabilize the thermal performance. Extensive research is required for the project, environmental and technological factors and their potential to impact on architectural thinking and production, On one hand, design must satisfy need of all parties including amateur astronomers, geologists and earth scientists then form a semi-public interconnecting zone. On the other hand, Research into the specific nature of this environment will be an important part of the studio’s investigation. Calculate of all the requirement is needed for the project including climate control and thermal performance, water system, energy system and waste treatment.

Ada Tsang | Portfolio

The Lighting Ridge


Ada Tsang | Portfolio

Redefining Hong Kong

An exploration into the unique dense urban area of Hong Kong for its potential for new architectural and narrative grounds.


Undercurrent,(Right) 2018 Hong Kong residential blocks structure like supporting columns of the underground city protecting the secret garden of the underworld. Print on paper

Ada Tsang | Portfolio

Redefining Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong is documented through the 3D scanning technique and to be reconstructed to form a model space of Hong Kong that is not based on classical architectural understanding, yet through curating the city, articulating strategies of scenography and cultural identities in flux.


Post Industrial Landscapes 5.0... AAVS Hong Kong that aimed to redefine architecture as art and conduct exhibitionmaking processes with curatorial strategies.

Ada Tsang | Portfolio

Flipping Rectangle

Flipping Rectangle


The chair is being designed for great flexibility which provides ways of sitting for different circumstances. Begin with a seating scenario, MCIC is a place for innovation and creativity and a place for sharing ideas and designing a chair for the place, the chair should be considered a collaborate with the whole.

Ada Tsang | Portfolio

Flipping Rectangle

Relaxing Stool Chair The place generates new idea usually be in a kitchen with drinks and snacks. The Flipping Rectangle can be used as a stool chair in a kitchen or anywhere else. Without the chair’s arms the person who is sitting on will able to move around easily which enhance social intercourse and exchange of ideas. Lazy Bench Everyone needs a resting place at a point in time. The idea of the Lazy Bench is to provide a private zone for like reading a book, listening to music in your leisure time without being disturb. Outside space can be separated from your attention by the protection of the high chair’s arms. A curved back support aims for relaxation by the sitting gesture. Storage Shelf The idea of Storage Shelf is to provide abundant space for storing books and backpack within the chair. A flat surface gives a quick working area without searching for studying space.


Relaxing Stool Chair

Lazy Bench

Ada Tsang | Portfolio

Storage Shelf



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Portfolio 2020 Ada Tsang  

Portfolio 2020 Ada Tsang