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Exercise Ball Chairs Bring Fitness to Work - Fitness Ball Chair _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Gavin - Our parents said, if all else failed, they always could dig ditches. To them, ditch-digging represented the epitome of manual labor. Now, a person cannot resort to honest work as a ditch-digger. Machines do it. The baby-boomers said they could, if all else failed, flip burgers. To them, burger-flipping represented the epitome of mindless, repetitive drudgery. Now, an earnest, hard-working character cannot resort to a fast-food career, because most fast-food burgers brown on both sides simultaneously. Machines do it. In the post-modern age, when people "work," they mostly sit at desks and hammer on keyboards. Their bodies suffer because machines cannot do it. Learn More About Fitness Ball Chair Jack Kerouac describes a man with "body tailored to his fine-fitting clothing by long hours of hard work"a paraphrase. Once upon a time, when men swung hammers and tilled crops, when women churned butter and slopped hogs, work did tailor our bodies to our clothes. Once upon a time, work and fitness were approximately the same thing. For most of United States history, obesity numbered among the symbols of wealth and privilege,.

Some Victorian pundit suggested one might measure a man's bank account by his girth. Now, our work frequently poses the greatest obstacle to our fitness, because we sit for hours on end, usually slouching, performing dangerously repetitive motions. According to kinesiologists, you enjoy about a 92% chance

of slouching while you read this sentence. Obesity now numbers among the symbols of membership in the impoverished working class, and fitness has become a touchstone of idle wealth.

Workers of the world unite in your demands for exercise ball chairs, because the exercise ball chair brings fitness to work. Challenging you to maintain proper balance and posture, the exercise ball chair both exercises both your abdominal and lower back muscles and helps you stretch out the neck and shoulder muscles you frequently tense and freeze when you slouch. Sitting up straight, you can feel the combination of upper body stretching and core flexion. Sitting in an exercise ball chair, you must keep your inner gyroscope steady and your muscles positioned as Nature intended. The exercise ball chair promises to keep you fit in spite of your work.

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With a patented design, this ergonomic desk chair promotes active sitting while strengthening your core muscles. This exercise ball office c...