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At last the right platform

he Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly has a long history of making pathbreaking legislations. The legislations which had been done in this august house during the last 55 years were later followed by other states in the country. In order to continue this tradition, and to strengthening this democratic institution, I feel there should be a permanent mechanism to update the honorary members on latest legislative procedures and laws.


There are many opportunities for the university-educated members to improve their knowledge of house functions. However, I know that there are few opportunities available for those who have not had the opportunity to undertake higher education. Therefore, I feel that it is my moral responsibility to provide the members with full- fledged information on the legislature procedures and acts. I sincerely feel that this objective can be achieved by running a magazine exclusively for MLAs and MLCs. This is an effort to provide the members with a holistic knowledge of all-round activities of the legislative bodies the world over. Without any party affiliations, the magazine will provide detailed and impartial information. It will act as a platform to explore opportunities for policymakers and to exchange ideas on the most pressing issues concerning the state. I hope the magazine will help improve the quality and effectiveness of the Andhra Pradesh state legislature. It is an endeavour to promote policy innovations and enhance communication among state legislatures. I can say it will ensure state legislatures a strong, cohesive voice in the democratic system. With this broad aim, I wish to bring out this magazine, and I request all the legislators to make use of it wisely and make this magazine a platform to interact with fellow legislators / parliamentarians, academicians and ultimately with people, and strengthen our great democratic tradition. Nadendla Manohar Speaker Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly


2 Nadendla Manohar Speaker Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly