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July 5 - July 11 2009

Ty Hunt

Quote of the Week

Who am I? It’s a question to which not many of us know the answer; a question that, for some, takes a lifetime to answer. Whether it be simple or complex, the journey is far more interesting than the answer itself. For in that journey, we are faced with a plethora of opportunities to discover ourselves anew. As the world around us evolves and changes, we must evolve and change as well. Otherwise, we are stagnant. Lifeless, meaningless shapes on a canvas. A canvas that is equally empty. An emptiness that is utterly void. Loneliness. How can I relate when I’m different from everyone else? I am a lonely black speck surrounded by a sea of white. This introspection begins our journey. At each step we take, we see a different color has been added to the canvas. Soon we start noticing all these different shapes –­ big shapes, round shapes, skinny shapes, straight shapes…not so straight shapes. Each one, however, contributes to the entire picture. Each color, each shape, each mood, and each theme adds value to the other. Without one, the others make no sense and wander around aimlessly. As the picture nears completion, another delve inward happens and a realization occurs. That lone, black speck realizes that it possessed all of the other colors innately. After all, isn’t black the combination of every color? So we are never truly alone. We are connected in one way or another. We give meaning to one another. We are all…Creatures of Value.

People love pictures. Whether the pictures are still or moving, they all say the same thing: look and remember. They evoke a response and can prompt an emotion; Emotions that may otherwise have been hidden; Memories lost to the forgotten; Experiences from another time. Each of these components adds to the story told by the imagery depicted in the scene, which tells the story within each of us. Just like the eyes are portals to the soul, pictures are the gateways to understanding. They allow us a glimpse of who we truly are. But they also allow us to escape reality to see ourselves as who we could become. They bring the imaginary to life. They give us a chance to explore. Everything about us exists hidden within those frozen breaths of time. Capture and remember those breaths before they are lost forever…


Envision. Develop. Create™.

As I walked into his StarBucks exhibit on a wet Tuesday evening, I was greeted with numerous windows to the mind of Tin Tin V. To be frank, I didn’t quite understand the meaning behind some of the pictures; I found out later this was a common theme. They were pretty pictures, full of color and shape and line and, from an artist’s standpoint, I could appreciate the art on that initial level. But there is so much more underneath that first layer that needs to be understood. Tin Tin more than emphatically explained the purpose and meaning behind his pieces. His first question: “Ask yourself: Which one are you?” For in each one of his figures lies an unspoken moment. And it is within those unspoken moments that we say the most. It is when we connect the most deeply because we communicate on a level that is deeper than sheer words can ever say. -To view photos of the entire event, please visit Pic of the Week: Location: StarBucks Collection: Creatures of Value “The Affronting Danger - In a world ravaged with danger and burning flames, I ask the question: will it ever end? Will these embers ever settle or will disaster forever blow in this wind?” -Tin Tin V.

Photograhers: Amanda Fassinger and Ty Hunt • © 2009 The Darkroom

The Darkroom Artistry Newsletter - July 11, 2009  

Artist Tin Tin V. showcases his latest collection, "Creatures of Value." The Darkroom photographers were there to capture every moment...