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Quiz Maker Plus

A SharePoint based quiz making software with customizable features

Stay ahead‌ Quiz Maker Plus enables users to create customized SharePoint based online tests, quizzes and exams and grades them instantly.


How Quiz Maker is Beneficial for You? Gain immense advantage by automating Recruitment, certification and Skill Assessment Process within your organization




Skill Assessment


Recruitment Recruit Smartly

Recruit the best employee you need with appreciably less effort


Your firm needs to recruit 100 people in a given month.


Save most of your time with our Quiz Maker Plus

The challenge is to make Prerecruitment process quick and transparent.


Know that SharePoint Quiz making software generates transparent results


Recruit the best employee you need with appreciably less effort

“Margins are squeezing fast and we have to work smartly to drive the same business that we used to do.�

Certification Certify Instantly

Save your time and instantly certify your employees You wish to vet your people’s know-how regularly & quickly. We give you the tool to certify their knowledge in real time with Quiz Maker Plus.



Empower your firm to evaluate core skills of your employees with on time skill analysis & certification


Enable easy, remote access, to on-site applications to reduce your overall assessment cycle


Respond quickly to test reports to guide your people immaculately and set your business apart

“Time kills all deals, so the faster we can certify our people, the more confident they become and the more business we can do.”

Skill Assessment Assess Skills Accurately

Assess your employees with precision post evaluating their skills accurately Recruiting best out of bulk is a not a cake walk. The challenge is to judge the skills of each employee accurately and periodically with the help of self assessment tool.



Enable easy, remote access, to onsite applications to reduce your overall assessment cycle


Use people as your differential lead, by creating competent quizzes and analyzing them quickly with our app


Share insights and work together around their performance to make faster, better-informed decisions

“We’re sitting on a resource goldmine. We just need to put it to the best of its use.”

Key Features  Random and Manual Quizzes  Timer – Set Quiz Durations  Reuse Quizzes  Multimedia Support  Quiz Analytics  Group Invitation  100% Web Based  Customizable

System Requirements Server: Microsoft SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Online (Office 365), SharePoint Foundation Server 2013, & SharePoint Foundation Server 2010. Client: All web browsers with Silverlight plugin

Create Quiz You can engage with Quiz Maker Plus to create any test, quiz or employee assessment questionnaire. It is studded with flurry of features for making a competent quiz. You can put the desired title of the quiz, choose the total number of questions, and pre-define its category, sub-category and the domain.


Manage Questions You can manage questions easily with Quiz Maker Plus by selecting the level of the question or adding an image to a given question Questions list can also be imported from any source and you can also export your quizzes You can customize each question according to the level of its difficulty, add image and also predefine the format of a question to decide whether it will contain an image or not.

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Question Performance See the question wise analysis to have a view of the success rate for each question. Also observe how many of the attempts were correct and how many were wrong. This helps to precipitate an understanding of the level of difficulty for any given question. You can also export the entire details in the excel.


Overall Performance You can view the overall result with Quiz Maker Plus to have a holistic view of the entire test Assess the quantum of qualified, not qualified and success rate for individual quizzes. See total number of appearances for any given quiz, total attempts, total passed and total failed. You can also export the entire details in the excel.


Group Performance Analyze the group enactments by Quiz Maker Plus to see the success rate of individual groups. Decide on the which groups get qualified and disqualified respectively. You can also export the list in excel.


Quiz Statistics You can see the entire statistics with Quiz Maker Plus to design a coercive employee assessment policy It represents you with an explicit break-up of the performance of the individual; exhibiting his core strengths and weaknesses You can have an expansive view of the status of the candidate on comparative basis with Quiz Maker Plus.


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Quiz Maker Plus/Share Point Apps by Adapt  

Quiz Maker Plus Share Point Apps by Adapt, Enable easy, remote access, to on-site applications to reduce your overall assessment cycle,Use p...

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