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Let’s Go Ski

I am going skiing at the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte.

Skiing on snow will be a lot of fun.

The office can get very busy.

I could go to a quiet room if it gets too noisy.

I will arrive at the Treasury Center. I will go down the stairs to find the Adaptive Sports Center.

I will look for a big sign with blue mountains. The sign looks like this:

I will tell the people at the front desk my name.

I will meet my instructor. My instructor will help me get ready.

My instructor will help me pick boots that fit just right.

Then I will get a pair of skis.

I will wear ski clothes. Long Johns

Snow Pants



Neck Warmer


Ski Socks



I will make sure I have each item. Long Johns Helmet Neck Warmer Snow Pants Jacket Gloves Ski Socks Goggles Hat

It’s cold in Crested Butte. I will put on my long johns to keep me warm.

Ski socks keep my toes dry. I will try and pull them up as high as I can.

The snow might be wet. Ski pants will keep the snow out.

I should keep my jacket zipped. It can get windy.

I might wear a neck warmer. I can pull it over my face and ears.

Gloves are important for keeping my fingers warm.

My hat will keep my head and ears warm. I should wear my hat when I go outside.

A helmet protects my head just in case I fall.

Goggles will protect my eyes from the sun. They should fit snug.

Now I am ready to ski! It’s time to go outside.

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