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LOCRE RUITER Welcome back to LocRecruiter, Brought to you by Adaptive Globalization. A newsletter focused on the topics of career development and recruitment in the industry, both from the employer and employee perspective. Published quarterly, this publication is a new forum for news, issues and hot topics, straight from the sales team here at Adaptive.

David James David James CEO Adaptive Business Group

Last year was a strange one for The Language Services Industry, with some of the largest LSPs undergoing some major merger and acquisition deals, and the industry is growing rapidly, predicted to $51,18bn by 2021 ("The Language Services Market: 2018" by Common Sense Advisory ). This highlights the importance of the work we are doing together in this industry.



German Speaking Translation PM – Berlin, Germany – up to €34,000 Sales/Business Development Manager – Munich, Germany – up to €55,000 German Content Reviewer – Ireland – €32,000 German Speaking Translation PM – south of Germany – €36,000 - €38,000 Head of PM Department – Mannheim, Germany – salary open to discussions Italian Language Lead – Northwest Italy – €30,000 Dutch Translator – Amsterdam – €32,000 To explore job opportunities, visit our website or get in touch with our recruitment team: info@adaptiveglobalization.com



A busy sales rep’s LinkedIn profile gets views from hundreds of people for hundreds of different reasons, reaching far beyond direct prospects checking them out online. Every post, comment, like or share reverberates through the online community of 500m+ members, and building a powerful profile that pro-actively contributes to pushing new and existing prospects along the sales funnel can be an investment worth many thousands of dollars in its cumulative impact. Looking to turn your LinkedIn profile from a static bio into a lead-gen engine? Here are the essentials: 1. Photo

LinkedIn profile photos have the simple purpose of presenting you as an approachable professional. You might be amazed that this point even makes our list, but… let’s just say that there are some wide-ranging interpretations out there of what this concept might mean. Remember, the function of your photo is to help bridge the gap that exists from not meeting your customer in person. So, if your picture shows you cropped out from a blurry wedding group photo, behind reflective ski goggles or zoomed out to 1,000 yards on top of a mountain peak, you’re creating a needless barrier that can be solved with a neutral background and a cell phone camera.

OK, let’s get through this one fast Easy fix.

2. Banner image Your profile’s banner image is freely available advertising space – why not make use of it? As a minimum, it should represent your brand for topof-mind awareness – ideally with your company’s tagline. At best, have your marketing team create a banner image that delivers an elevator pitch of your offering, compelling headline sales data, an engaging screen capture or a client quote. What’s likely to move prospects down the funnel faster – a generic cityscape backdrop or a powerful customer testimonial?

3. Headline

As well as an engaging overview of your product and how it LinkedIn offers you the chance to helps  customers, remember you customize your ‘headline’. This is can drive prospects to even not the same as your current job more compelling sales materials title – it’s what sits at the top of – product overview videos, your profile, and what people will customer testimonials etc. see when you pop up in their news feeds. Use specific page links - don’t make prospects work to find To get the most out of it, tell good information about your people about the results you offering. create, not your job function. If you want to frame your Who’s going to get a foot in the solution with some context door faster with target prospects about the company behind your in the video adtech space? product, try and keep it concise.

difference between prospects returning calls or answering emails… if they look for evidence that you’re engaged with your community but your profile is a ghost town – you have to work that much harder.

'Account Executive' or 'Helping marketers improve ROI on video ad spend'

You can still showcase your personal performance, but take a look at the difference below:

Quick hint – it’s best not to go overboard here. Remember to keep it intelligible and relevant. You’ll see plenty of quirky and well-intentioned headlines that actually confuse more than they help, e.g. "Delighting customers with awesome user experiences" OK... so what do you do? 4. Summary

A deluge of stats about growth, investment, awards etc. can obstruct your key message – the problem you solve for your customers. 5. Activity This is where prospects can see what you’re up to on the LinkedIn platform. If you’re a real solutions expert in a niche community, that should shine through – what do you like, what do you share?

Your summary sits right under What do you comment on, what your photo and is the centrepiece do you say? of your profile. Who do you engage with? This is your chance to promote your solution - not yourself. Details like this can be the

6. Experience When top sales reps summarize their experience, they find a way to intertwine their experience with results they’ve achieved for their customers.

'Exceeded sales quota by 15% for 3x consecutive years' vs 'Exceeded sales quota by 15% for the 3x consecutive years, helping over 120 accounting firms save an average of 30% on payroll processing costs' 7. Media Attaching media to your profile (in the form of flyers, product overviews, data sheets etc.) is a chance to get any visitor who lands on your profile to explore your product.

It often takes weeks of emails, calls, voicemails and old-school prospecting to get a chance to show a prospect the highlights of your solution – why miss the chance if they’re on your profile, ready to learn? Just make sure it’s up to date, and work with marketing to ensure content is evergreen. Outdated market reports, product releases or company news weaken your relevance and can do more harm than good. 8. Recommendations While you’re not in control of any unsolicited recommendations graciously bestowed by benevolent co-workers or customers, it’s common practice

for mutually respecting peers or business associates to request recommendations to round out their profile. If you do pro-actively seek recommendations (plenty of people do), it’s worth asking if connections can reference your business impact as well as your personal qualities. Again, the difference can be powerful: 'Helen was a pleasure to work with - responsive and professional' vs 'Helen was a pleasure to work with responsive, professional, and helped us dramatically reduce the amount of time we spent finding key data across our organization.' ***

IN SUMMARY: Photo Banner Image Headline Summary Activity Experience Media Recommendations Adaptive Globalization fills jobs in Sales, Account Manager and Sales Leadership in the translation and localization industry - to find out about vacancies at the company get in touch with one of our consultants today.



German into English Translator: Surrey UK – between £20k - £27k + bonus scheme English into Finnish Translator: Dublin – between €26k - €30k + relocation   Business Development Manager: Barcelona (in-house) – up to €35k + commission.   Business Development Manager: Amsterdam - €36,000 - €48,000 + commission   Business Development Director (With Management): London - £60k + commission   Business Development Manager: Leeds (or Remote) - £35k - £45k + commission Business Development Director: UK (remote and office) - £50,000 - £70,000 + commission To explore job opportunities, visit our website or get in touch with our recruitment team: info@adaptiveglobalization.com



ENGAGEMENT AND COMMUNICATION AS THE COMPANY GROWS. tolingo is already one of the top 100 translation agencies worldwide. They are very proud of this, but want to continue to grow and have very ambitious goals for the next few years too – which is underscored by imminent brand relaunch with a completely modernised homepage. But major goals such as these can only be achieved through collaboration. That means everyone needs to be in it together. Every employee is responsible for writing the success story and has a unique role to play. At tolingo, they know how important it is to create a work environment in which every employee feels comfortable – because we all spend most of the day at work, after all. The main focus is on fostering an open communication and feedback culture characterised by mutual respect and trust. At tolingo, everyone can get involved and express feedback or criticism. Flat hierarchies and open-door policy cultivate this environment organically. Nonetheless, it is always challenging for management to encourage all employees to give feedback and speak freely about problems. For the past six months, in addition to monthly oneon-ones and annual feedback and development discussions they have also been working with a feedback tool that allows us to send weekly ‘pulse’ surveys to colleagues. Each week, a specific yes-or-no question on a particular topic is sent by email. In addition, colleagues have the opportunity to give feedback via a text box – either in relation to the question or in more general terms.

Sarah Milkic (above) HR Manager at tolingo

Over the last few months, tolingo has received a great deal of valuable feedback from staff on topics that often are not addressed in day-to-day work, but are nonetheless indispensable to continue success going forward. The participation rate of 75% on average speaks for itself. They have already been able to implement many new ideas; it has been possible to not only increase efficiency in some areas, but also improve the general well-being of employees.

"What we’re looking for are people who want to help shape our company and inspire us with their ideas. We believe that every single employee has a responsibility to help us achieve these ambitious goals and ensure tolingo’s success, and as an employer, we will continue to work towards creating the ideal setting for this!" HR Manager Sarah Milkic said: "Colleagues see that we are constantly working on different issues that are important to them. This creates trust, which in contributes significantly to a positive working atmosphere. "This also makes it easy for us differentiate ourselves from the competition in the ‘war for talent’. "At tolingo, we don’t just talk about shaping the company together – we allow and expect every employee to get actively involved. This is something that we have tried to signal to job applicants as early as their initial contact with us through our website’s career portal. Unmotivated clock punchers are in the wrong place at tolingo."

Adaptive Globalization fills jobs in Sales, Account Management and Sales Leadership in the translation and localization industry for tolingo to find ot about vacancies at the company get in touch with one of our consultants today.


ADAPTIVE TOP 10: MOST INVENTIVE REASONS FOR BEING LATE We've all heard the common ones: "I was stuck in traffic", "I overslept", and "train problems" but, we're taking a look at some of the more interesting (or just plain ridiculous) reasons people have given for being late to work.



"I thought Halloween was a public holiday..."

Because who doesn't want to celebrate every holiday with a day off?


"My coffee was too hot."

The employee said they had to wait for their morning beverage to cool down before they could leave the house...

8 "I had to buy milk" Still on the food and drink excuses. This employee said they had to buy more milk so they could eat their cereal before heading out. Well, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.


"I forgot we moved"

6 "It's too cold" Ever had those one of those days

Company relocated recently? No

when you've woke up and the

problem. Use this one to make

weather has really made you want to

yourself look less foolish for

stay in bed? This employee literally

being late in the morning!

did what we've all dreamed of.


"I got a hairbrush stuck in my hair..."


"I had a nightmare" This employee said they

Well, that's embarrassing. Who knows if

had a torrid night sleep

it was a true statement but you'd

due to being scared from

imagine the break room jokes wouldn't

a bad dream...

be worth making it up!


"I forgot it wasn't the weekend"

Well, guess that's what happens if you party too hard!

2 1

"My cat got stuck in the toilet!" The safety of your pet is important, so I guess maybe we'll let this one slide.

"A zebra held up traffic" Amazingly, our favourite pick of the bunch turned out to be true! A zebra was running down the highway, causing a huge traffic jam! Incredible.



Adaptive was founded on the belief that each employee’s development is key to corporate success. In everything we do, we are led by core values which guide our work with clients, candidates and colleagues. Adaptive consultants are tech savvy entrepreneurs who are trained to become industry experts to provide the best service to our clients. That's why we’re extremely selective when it comes to our team and who they are serving. Through dedicated teams of expert recruiters, we support the growth of technology and service companies around the world, providing them access to specialist networks of top-performing candidates. Distributed across our office locations in London, New York, Berlin and San Diego, Adaptive's consultants help clients identify, engage and hire industryleading talent to build winning teams. Want to find out more about what we do? Visit our website today.



Chief Operations Officer: Pittsburgh, PA - $120,000 Base Salary Interpretation Operations Manager: Dallas, TX – $80,000-$110,000 DOE   Business Development Director: New York, NY - $70,000-$85,000 base + commission.   Business Development Director (Life Sciences): U.S Remote – $80,000-$90,000 base + Commission.   Life Sciences Project Manager: New York, NY, - $50,000-$70,000 base.   Business Development Manager: New York, NY - $100,000+ base + commission.

To explore job opportunities, visit our website or get in touch with our recruitment team: info@adaptiveglobalization.com


OUR OFFICES Adaptive can provide you with a range of packages, if you are interested in discussing your business needs, or for specific information, please do not hesitate to contact your Adaptive Globalization team at one of our global locations.



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LocRecruiter Q1 2019  

Inside the latest edition of YOUR Language Services Newsletter, brought to you by Adaptive Globalization: how to make your LinkedIn profile...

LocRecruiter Q1 2019  

Inside the latest edition of YOUR Language Services Newsletter, brought to you by Adaptive Globalization: how to make your LinkedIn profile...