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DIGITALRE RUITER Welcome back to DigitalRecruiter, Brought to you by Adaptive Digital. A newsletter focused on the topics of career development and recruitment in the industry, both from the employer and employee perspective. Published quarterly, this publication is a new forum for news, issues and hot topics, straight from the sales team here at Adaptive.

David James David James CEO Adaptive Business Group

It's set to be an eventful year in the digital marketing industry, and as content still remains #1 in the marketing trends (as cited by SmartInsights) we hope that our publication will become a beacon for the industry, and a great read for those in the digital realm. The growth we have gone through really highlights the importance of the work we are doing together in this industry.



Affiliate Marketing Manager - Camden - up to £42,0000 DOE Senior Brand Manager – Central - £60,000-£70,000 Product Manager - experience in Product Management, B2B and SaaS £40,000 - £60,000 Media Manager - Experience in PPC, Social and Programmatic - £35 - 45k DOE SEO Specialist - North West London £35,000 + OTE CRM Automation Manager - £25,000 - £35,000

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Preparing for a career move? Here are five key steps to succeeding at interview.

Candidates have a delicate balancing-act to perform at interview time. Often employers are hoping to see a range of skills and personality traits, several of which overlap and a few of which seem to flatly contradict. You need to be determined, focused and competitive when it comes to the business, but easygoing and collaborative as a colleague and member of the team. Employers want to see that you’re driven by being successful, but not just chasing dollars without a commitment to the company’s broader mission. Striking the right tone is no easy task.

To help you showcase your experience in the best light, we’ve chosen our top five pieces of advice based on feedback from hundreds of interviews across the board.

Do they need someone who can upsell and expand existing accounts, nail SEO or simply explore new opportunities in digital marketing?


Are they on the lookout for someone with management potential, or is it a solo role? Have there been issues with previous hires which have shaped the focus of this search?

To excel in interview it’s vital to know exactly what the company is looking for – and that’s sometimes not as obvious as it sounds. Interviewers are, of course, always vetting for someone who can fundamentally be trusted to hit a targets, but there are lots of nuances and details beyond that which could be important clues as to how you should present or discuss your experience.

Often interviewees can be so eager to share their accomplishments that – although impressive – they may be missing the mark and talking about issues that don’t resonate with the company’s more important needs. Early on in the interview, try and establish what the hiring

company is really trying to find. Not only will this help you understand if the role is truly a match for you, but it will enable you to shape the way you present your achievements and background.

2. SHOW YOU CAN EVOLVE In fast-moving and competitive global markets, companies are always changing – exploring new customer sectors, reacting to various pressures, implementing new technologies, hiring new personnel and adopting new marketing strategies. A recurring concern among hiring managers is whether candidates will be able to adapt and succeed throughout the inevitable change ahead, no matter the industry. Candidates who set out to demonstrate to an interviewer that they have a ‘tried and tested’ approach to their role are inadvertently signalling to that interviewer that they are uncomfortable with change or may struggle in a new environment. While a company needs to know that you have a formula for success, it’s important to make clear that you’re able to adjust to evolving circumstances and have done so successfully in the past..

It’s great to be focused, but avoid coming across as rigid!

3. FOCUS ON GROWTH Above all else, make sure that what shines through from your interview is your ability and drive to create top-line growth. “If we hire this person, are we going to see increased clients and client spend?” With so many other variables in play, it can be easy to get taken off track into a discussion about different fields, whether it be marketing, management, training, sales or other areas of

conversation. While it’s fine, sometimes encouraged, to show a broad perspective and hold opinions on these topics, it mustn’t come at the cost of convincing the interviewer that the net effect of your hire will be growth. As a guiding principle, there are few better ways to formulate your answers to interview questions or to choose your own anecdotes to illustrate your experience. The interviewer may decide you’re smart, thoughtful, well informed or a thousand other things – but if they don’t decide you’ll do the job they are hiring you to do, it’s all been for nothing.

4. GIVE EXAMPLES OF BEING A TEAM PLAYER The most successful candidates we see go beyond the basics of a standard role – they are company ambassadors, with great relationships across the board, they represent and the ability to engineer ‘win-win’ scenarios for their customers, agencies and clients. Hiring managers want someone who is an asset to the business, and not just someone who can bring in achieve targets (especially if that means disrupting morale, causing internal rifts or draining time from management). Showing your ability to collaborate with other colleagues, production teams and other areas of the organization goes a long way to helping set interviewers’ minds at ease.

5. ANALYZE WHAT YOU DO WELL Stepping into the interviewer’s shoes, one of the most important things they’re trying to figure out is how much of your performance in previous positions was down to the environment,

team or market you worked within, and how much was down to your contribution and skill set. This is critical – an employer isn’t buying your past, they’re hiring you for your future contribution. You can swing the interview in your favour by actively helping the interviewer to make this distinction. Go back over your previous roles and identify all areas where your impact influenced events, and analyze what you did well to achieve positive outcomes and hit goals. Have you been successful mostly because of high activity volumes? Determination? Deep subject matter understanding of client markets?

Rapport and relationship-building? Willingness to go the extra mile, work late at night or schedule meetings on weekends? This helps you understand exactly what you’re bringing to the table. Working out your personal strong suits and ensuring they are clearly communicated during your interview lets a prospective employer cut through the distractions in your CV and understand the core abilities you offer, regardless of environment.


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Senior Programmatic Strategist - Performance Media Agency in Dusseldorf - Up to €75,000 Programmatic Campaign Manager - Performance Media Agency in Dusseldorf - €40,000-€65,000 Senior Digital Media Manager - Media Planning and Buying Agency in Dusseldorf - Up to €55,0000 Account Manager (Digital Advertising ) - Specialist Performance & Programmatic Agency in Zurich 80,000CHF – 95,000CHF DOE International Account Director - Zurich - 120,000CHF To explore job opportunities, visit our website or get in touch with our recruitment team: info@adaptive-digital.com

DIGITAL MYTH-BUSTING: “SEO IS DEAD” The digital marketing community is filled with warnings lamenting the demise of organic search – but is SEO dead, dying… or even sick?

Over the past few years, digital marketing prophets heralding the end of SEO have come and gone with seemingly every new trend or development in the industry.

A fresh panic was triggered by Google’s Panda and Penguin updates - once more, eulogies were composed in memory of the bygone era of search engine marketing…

Yet SEO persists. It’s not dead The first perceived SEO-killer – far from it. was the threat posed by the huge captive audiences of Adaptive Digital’s recruitment social media platforms, led team receives new inbound by Facebook. hiring requests from clients on a weekly basis for top SEO The fear then resurfaced in professionals – jobs with reaction to social media’s some of the most prestigious ever-more-accurate ad companies in Europe. targeting capabilities and surging user numbers. So what’s the deal - if SEO’s not dead, why the fuss?

The reality is that while organic search as a profession is alive and kicking, it is in a state of significant change. SEO itself isn’t dead (or dying), but outdated tactics are – and obsolete methods will now not only fail to make a positive impact on search rankings, they can actively harm results. Spearheading the change in SEO are several powerful drivers, and marketers who are up-to-date on the latest trends find themselves

with the pick of places to work and commanding premium pay packages. Here’s a rundown of what’s topping the list in today’s evolving SEO landscape.



Old-school SEO was all about building as many links as possible to your site and watching it rise through the SERPs.

More pages, more content, more keywords… right? Not exactly.


While link-building is still an important component of a rounded SEO strategy, links If SEO itself isn’t dead, then are now far more mindless keyword-stuffing of contextualized. aimless content to attract search engine rankings The authority and relevance certainly is. of the sites you link to Google’s smarter algorithms are no longer fooled by clunkily-written blog posts and filler pages which have target keywords appearing 100 times in the headline, sub-heading and opening paragraphs.

matters substantially and impacts rankings, and a crazed free-for-all driven purely by link volume won’t get the job done.

Though it used to be the case that more online ‘real estate’ meant more space for keyword-dense content (and therefore more exposure to search engines), bloating your site with unnecessary pages is no longer an effective way to dominate rankings. Given that Google focuses on individual pages and not whole sites, building a sprawling mass of content doesn’t necessarily help if each individual piece fails to rank highly.

Evolving SEO tactics include building relationships and demonstrating value to high-authority partners and It’s often more effective to Readability, user engagement developing a link profile zone in on a few key areas and an effective solution to which supports the overall and go deep in creating the original search query will user experience. really standout content, win out over keyword-dense articles every time, and rankings will belong to the "WHAT SHORT-TERM OPPORTUNITIES pages that most effectively DO YOU SEE FOR THE TEAM TO answer the user’s original enquiry. IMPROVE RESULTS?"

rather than spread lowquality content jammed with keywords all over your online presence.

USER EXPERIENCE IS THE GOAL Along with effectively answering queries, site content is ranked by Google based on overall user experience. This means time spent on pages, number of other site pages visited, read completion rates (how far users scroll down pages) etc. What does this mean? Site design, engaging layouts, use of imagery, a browsing experience free from cluttered ads or distracting popups, and – crucially – device-optimised performance are no longer ‘nice-to-haves’ but will show a demonstrable impact on organic rankings. From a skills perspective, modern SEO professionals need a broader ability to cater to the overall user experience instead of simply

concentrating on ‘back-end’ topics and leaving the rest brand, content, design and to someone else. site usability all support SEO goals. Where does all THERE ARE NO this leave today’s SEO jobSHORTCUTS seeker? Without a doubt, there’s a Putting this all together, the renewed emphasis on net result is that SEO has staying on top of industry shifted from a series of silo- trends and developments, ed tactics designed to deploying the latest tactics ‘game’ search engine and keeping informed of algorithms into a holistic upcoming disruptions to effort to provide quality established methodologies. responses to search queries With so many new factors in an engaging way. already impacting the way online users search for and To succeed online, search consume information – marketers need to from voice search to outperform their advancing AI capabilities – competitors in all areas – SEO will continue to evolve, it’s no longer enough to be and the role of those who keyword-savvy and build a are truly masters of their busy link profile. craft will only increase in SEO experts need to be value. consistently providing value To view Adaptive and collaborating Digital’s full range of effectively with other open jobs, click here. marketing teams to ensure

ADAPTIVE TOP 10: MOST INVENTIVE REASONS FOR BEING LATE We've all heard the common ones: "I was stuck in traffic", "I overslept", and "train problems" but, we're taking a look at some of the more interesting (or just plain ridiculous) reasons people have given for being late to work.



"I thought Halloween was a public holiday..."

Because who doesn't want to celebrate every holiday with a day off?


"My coffee was too hot."

The employee said they had to wait for their morning beverage to cool down before they could leave the house...

8 "I had to buy milk" Still on the food and drink excuses. This employee said they had to buy more milk so they could eat their cereal before heading out. Well, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.


"I forgot we moved"

6 "It's too cold" Ever had those one of those days

Company relocated recently? No

when you've woke up and the

problem. Use this one to make

weather has really made you want to

yourself look less foolish for

stay in bed? This employee literally

being late in the morning!

did what we've all dreamed of.


"I got a hairbrush stuck in my hair..."


"I had a nightmare" This employee said they

Well, that's embarrassing. Who knows if

had a torrid night sleep

it was a true statement but you'd

due to being scared from

imagine the break room jokes wouldn't

a bad dream...

be worth making it up!


"I forgot it wasn't the weekend"

Well, guess that's what happens if you party too hard!

2 1

"My cat got stuck in the toilet!" The safety of your pet is important, so I guess maybe we'll let this one slide.

"A zebra held up traffic" Amazingly, our favourite pick of the bunch turned out to be true! A zebra was running down the highway, causing a huge traffic jam! Incredible.



Adaptive was founded on the belief that each employee’s development is key to corporate success. In everything we do, we are led by core values which guide our work with clients, candidates and colleagues. Adaptive consultants are tech savvy entrepreneurs who are trained to become industry experts to provide the best service to our clients. That's why we’re extremely selective when it comes to our team and who they are serving. Through dedicated teams of expert recruiters, we support the growth of technology and service companies around the world, providing them access to specialist networks of top-performing candidates. Distributed across our office locations in London, New York, Berlin and San Diego, Adaptive's consultants help clients identify, engage and hire industryleading talent to build winning teams. Want to find out more about what we do? Visit our website today.



Growth Marketing Manager – global EdTech company – San Fran – up to $160k Social Strategist – global media agency – San Fran – up to $100k   Associate Director, Paid Social – digital marketing agency – NYC – up to $115k   Paid Search Supervisor – performance marketing agency – Boston – up to $85k   Director of Accounts, SEM – performance marketing agency – San Fran – up to $160k   Head of Marketing – International tech startup – San Fran – up to $230k

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Digital Recruiter: Q1 2019  

Inside the latest edition of YOUR Digital Marketing Newsletter, brought to you by Adaptive Digital: Myth-busting: Is SEO dead? Our top tips...

Digital Recruiter: Q1 2019  

Inside the latest edition of YOUR Digital Marketing Newsletter, brought to you by Adaptive Digital: Myth-busting: Is SEO dead? Our top tips...