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Which topic do you want to focus on for your group project? September 11th memorial madness*

2011 marks the 10 year anniversary of terrorist planes crashing into the twin towers, pentagon, and the attempt at the white house. This was done by Muslim terrorists who were against the United States. St. John Fisher held a weekend long memorial program dedicated to the anniversary. This program involved a memorial service and candle light ceremony. A walk down memory lane where students had a chance to remember what they were doing when they found out about the attackt and where they were. At the memorial there was a wall where you could write hopeful messages for the future. This was open to the whole school and was posted in the campus main stage. During the memorial and candle light ceremony, Amy, a sophomore who was a Black Muslim from a suburb outside of Buffalo was paying homage to the men and women who died in the accident. Amy was with her roommate Lindsay, who is a Black Catholic from the City of Rochester. Both of these girls were dressed in red white and blue and holding candles. Erik, a junior who lived down the hall from Amy and Lindsay was also in the audience. Erik was from a small rural town that had a very small population and only one church; he did not grow up in a very cultured community. His uncle was also killed when a plane crashed into the pentagon; he was a soldier in the military. A few weeks before, Amy and Lindsay found a note on the white board on their room door about “towel heads”. This upset Amy because of her religion. Another day, Lindsay found her laundry on the ground of the laundry room still wet with the note, “go back to Afghanistan” . This was especially upsetting to Lindsay because she is not Muslim but she also was upset because her friend and roommate Amy was. At the candle ceremony, Amy felt someone pull her hair. She quickly turned around to see no one; just people with their eyes closed paying respects so Amy turned around and kept praying. After a few minutes, she heard someone whisper, “You should not be here, you terrorist.” Amy turned around to see Erik and his friend pointing at her. Assignment: 1. What should have Amy and Lindsay do about the vandalism? 2. Why are Erik’s views on Amy full of prejudice? 3. Why is Lindsay being targeted? 4. What can you do as an RA to educate your floor on cultures? 5. What actions can you as an RA take to stop Erik’s negative behavior?

6. How can you make Amy and her roommate Lindsay feel comfortable to live in their room again and in the resident’s halls?

LEARN THE FACTS  In 2009, 79% of college and university faculty was white, 7 percent were black, 6 percent were Asian/Pacific Islander, 4 percent Hispanic, 1 percent American Indian/Alaska Native.  In 1984, almost one in every four students were a minority students, by 2020, this number is estimated to increase to about one in every two students.

From 1998–99 to  2008–09, the  percentage of degrees  earned by females  fluctuated between 61  and 62 percent for  associate's degrees  and remained steady  around 57 percent for  bachelor's degrees. 


What is a hate crime? “a criminal incident  ranging from threats to  bombings to physical  assault that are  specifically motivated  by biases such a racial,  anti­Semitism, or  sexual orientation or  national origin “ (Fisher)

RESOURCE PAGE Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity programs at St. John Fisher College OMADP provides opportunities for the College community to learn about and participate in programs and activities that promote awareness of cultural, social, economic, racial, gender, and other forms of diversity in our society. Local Diversity Groups The Workforce Diversity Network (WDN) is the nation's leading network of professionals and organizations dedicated to professional development, understanding, promotion and management of diversity as an essential part of business success. -

National Diversity Groups DiversityWeb is a project of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Office of Diversity, Equity, and Global Initiatives (ODEGI). Central to the office's mission is the belief that diversity and global knowledge are essential elements of any effort to foster civic engagement among today's college students. -

National Association of Diversity Officers in higher Education NADOHE is the principal organization of chief and senior diversity officers at institutions of higher education. The association was established in response to the growing need for higher education to leverage and maximize investments in diversity initiatives, provide opportunities for cross institutional exchange and fertilization of ideas and enhance professional standards among diversity workers. -

Alumni of Color The Alumni of Color (AOC) are St. John Fisher graduates who are committed to continually enhancing the overall experience of students of color at St. John Fisher College. Art Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide students and staff with an outlet for freedom of expression and artistic endeavors by integrating cultural and artistic ideals into the SJFC community. This clubs plans to enrich the visual appearance of the campus through student art exhibits, murals, and helping with any art-related events of the college. -


Asian Student Union (ASU) The Asian Student Union encourages Asian students to be more active in campus activities and to enrich the SJFC community with different aspects of Asian culture. - Contact: Black Student Union (BSU) The purpose of this organization is to provide a forum for students to learn about issues influencing the Black experience, and to explore Black culture and heritage. Activities include workshops, lectures, and cultural celebrations. Membership is open to all Fisher students. -


Fisher Pride Fisher Pride Union, open to all students, promotes diversity by fostering understanding and tolerance with regard to issues of sexuality and sexual orientation. FPU provides educational programs on homophobia, sexual health issues, and lifestyles to the St. John Fisher College campus. -


Latino Student Union (LSU) The foundation of the Latino Student Union is the Spanish culture. The goal of the organization is to make the campus knowledgeable about the Spanish culture in the most positive way through cultural celebrations, workshops, and speakers. Latino Student Union on the Nest Contact: Women and Gender Studies Club The Women and Gender Studies Club is a student organization affiliated with the WGST program. The club is an active presence on the Fisher campus and sponsors a number of events throughout the school year, including: Love Your Body Day, the Clothesline Project, SelfDefense Classes, Movie Nights, and Breast Cancer Awareness Week. -


Sources for Fact Sheet  Fisher, B. S., Sloan, J. J. (1995) Campus crime: Legal, social, and policy perspectives.  Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas   http://­crime­hate­crimes­race­     related#source  ­releases/2009hatecrimestats_112210  

RA Seminar Project  

Adaobi and Cait

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