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Studio Work Sketching About


Anthony D. Andrews 3862 Colwyn Drive Jarrettsville MD, 21084 443-243-9759


Studio Work

Art Gallery - Fall 2012 Section Model


Time Frame: 1.5 months Crit: Julio Bermudez

Concept: With a reasonably sized lot located in a historic neighborhood in DC, it was immediately decided that a modern building needed to be created while respecting the older style of building around it. By analyzing the heights and shapes of buildings around the site, certain parameters were set to dictate the size and shape of my building. After that three studio spaces, offices, and a main lobby were created. The main lobby, which faces south, has three windows that sheds some light on the wall that contains the central circulation of the building. From the stairs, the standard studio as well as the sky studio (on the roof) and the basement studio can be accessed. The idea here is that there are three very different experiences to be had while doing Yoga. All of which reflect on a person’s desire to rise upwards towards the sky. Beginners can start at the bottom and work their way up to the sky studio. After that, a facade was designed to bring people into the building as well as to provide a public service (shelter) in the front.

URBAN INFILL Spring 2012 - Barcelona

Time Frame: 2 Weeks Crit: Yoel Karaso

Concept: The site here was a very small square located between two existing residential buildings. In front of the building is a very busy and trendy public square and to the rear is another building. I decided that the relationship between the units and the square was most important in this case. Two of the four units have a small deck that faces outwards to the square and the other two have a deck that faces the inner courtyard. On the bottom floor, there is space for a shop featuring large doors that swing out into the sidewalk to funnel people in. The facade is kept simple with glazing and concrete.

MULTI USE APARTMENTS Spring 2012 - Barcelona

Time Frame: 4 Weeks Crit: Yoel Karaso

Concept: The main goal here was to create a building that solved the problem of the awkward site while creating usefull public Space. In order to do that, i simply extruded lines from preexisting buildings to dictate the shapes of my buildings. This resulted in a conituation of the facade along one major street with the creatiion of an urban square behind the buildings that catered to the tenants as well as to the general public. The complex features 3 different types of dwelling units and retail.


Time Frame: 3 Weeks Partner: Eric Hoffman Crit: Alberto Campo Baeza

Concept: We wanted to create a space in which 12 monks could, work, eat, sleep, and worship without having to leave. The building includes individual cells, a kitchen/dining hall, a library, and a chapel. The building is organized in a bar via a long hallway that starts at the cells and ultimately ends in the entrance to the chapel. To seperate the program, there are two open spaces, one of which is interior and one of which becomes a courtyard. Through the chapel the building ends with a glass wall that reveals a path through the woods and down to the Patomic river, which runs perpendicular to the building. The shape of the building is based on the need to somehow make sense of the vast and open site, situated between a river and a canal, without actually butting up against either. The desire for privacy and seclusion is apparent here, and by placing the building perpendicular to both the canal and the river, the site has been organized.


Time Frame: 2 Months Crit: Louis Boza

Concept: The main design problem in this project was, again, how to organize the site. By using a simple rectangle that runs parallel to the canal, The building becomes a part of the bike path while organizing the green space beyond. I then lifted the box off the ground and extruded from the roof and the sides to create multiple different treatments of natural light. in the box itself, the entire roof consists of louvers to control natural light with 3 ight wells that let light completely though the box and down below it and onto the ground. beneath the box are two different lobby spaces that serve the galleries located above as well as the classrooms and library. Both lobbies are encased in glass to allow seemless visual access beyond the building and down into the Potomac River.

In the diagram above, the building is shown to run parallel to the bike path to the east while it organizes the site to the west of it. In the diagrams and renderings to the left, the louver systems are shown in multiple different situations in which the circulation of the space is dictated by the amount of light being let through.



Statue of an Angel - Montserrat, Spain Field Sketch

The Reichstag - Berlin, Germany Field Sketch - Section

Calle Alfonso I - Zaragoza, Spain Field Sketch - Section

Basilica at Montserrat - Monserrat, Spain Field Sketch - Axon

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona, Spain Field Sketch - Axon

Education: The Catholic University of America School of Architecture and Planning 620 Michigan Ave NE Washington, D.C. 20064

Computer Based Experience: AutoCAD Revit RHINO Grasshopper (some) Adobe Design Suite

Other Skills: Field Sketching Hand Drafting Model Making Some Fine Arts



Architecture, to me, is about creating spaces that have an emotional efect on people. A factory should be designed in a way that can keep workers happy and in a good mood, so that they can ultimately be more productive. An oice building should be designed to help promote communication, so that everyone within one company is on the same page about everything. A church should be designed so that people can relax and focus on what is important. A house should be designed so that people feel at home. Without this consideration of feeling, of emotion; architecture is nothing. As we architects, we all know that a building is more than a shelter from the elements. It is a place where creativity lows, where people grow up, where people change, and where history is made.


Anthony D Andrews 3862 Colwyn Drive Jarrettsville MD, 21084


Collection of work complete at CUA

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