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Industrial Design

AdamWolf 7024 Beech Hollow Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45236 513-600-2987



University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning B.S. Industrial Design 2016

Computer Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Alias Automotive, Solidworks, Keyshot, Rendering, SketchUp, Microsoft Office Suite, Typing Tactical Woodworking, Welding, Rapid Prototyping, Sketching

Walnut Hills High School Graduated with Honors

August 2007-May 2011

Experience Edquist-Davis Exhibits August 2013-December 2013 Worked cross-disciplinarily with architects and graphic designers to develop large-scale exhibits and visitor centers Gained experience working within a small company Livewell Collaborative January 2013- May 2013 Nonprofit founded by P&G and the University of Cincinnati Connected with members of Price Hill neighborhood to research and present solutions to various issues within the community. Branded and marketed Green City Growers and Enright Ridge Urban Eco Village CSA nonprofits to increase awareness, support, and membership for the organizations. Ironwind Metals February 2013- August 2013 Designed and modelled game pieces for Battletech role-playing board game. Dewey’s Pizza Part-Time-May 2011- August 2011 Position: Server’s Assisstant Built comfort with customers and established great communication skills. Learned to multi-task and handle high-pace work environment.

Activities College Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity Social Chair - Planned large scale events and fundraisers to increase support for fraternity and raise money for various charities. Parental Relations Chair - Communicated with parents of fraternity members as well as planned and organized Parent’s Visiting Weekend. Recruitment Committee- Developed interest in previously uninterested students. Jewz and the News Co-host of comedic news radio show. IDSA High School B’nai Brith Youth Organization Jewish Youth Group Acted as president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary. National Merit Semifinalist

beauty in the bathroom

Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987

Inspiration can come from anywhere. How can bathroom fixtures become visual sculptures, based off the works of architects and artists?


X Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


The designs would be based off of the large, geometric scultpures of the artist Enrique Carbajal.

Perfect Rounded Triangle



Inspired by the design of the 2012 Olympic Torch, the main theme would be a perfect rounded triangle- equal sides with equal radii.


Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987



Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


Rapid Prototyping To further develop the form, I made many different iterations of the products, which helped to esatablish ergonomics as well as aesthetics.

Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


Rounded triangle

Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


Rounded triangle

Drain puller

Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


Body Spray

Temperature Valve Pressue Valve

Rounded Triangles

Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


The Tesselate Collection Using triangles and negative space, The Tesselate Collection presents any bathroom with a sculptural work of art that makes hygeine a visually-striking experience.

Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


clean up

Adam Wolf · 513 600 2987

Working hard can make a mess. How can a tool as simple as a handheld vacuum be improved upon and specified to meet a designer’s needs?


The Problem The modern desktop vaccuum is far from perfect. Its limited charge capabilities and tendency to make even more of a mess than before render it virtually useless in its present state.

1 Plug vacuum into USB port

To give the design a direction and purpose, the vacuum was based off the design language of Ray-Ban, a trendy and fashionable company that focuses on the vintage aspect of their products.

•Need computer •Limits range of vaccuum

2 Pull apart vacuum to empty •Difficult to pull apart •Vacuumed substance falls out •Limited storage space

3 dual bridge

silver accent

triangular nosepiece

subtle curves

Empty contents •Most of the substance falls out before you get a chance to empty over trash can

Adam Wolf · 513 600 2987


Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


Fitting comfortable in the hand and quietly in the corner of the desk, the final product, named Iota for its exceptional functionality in cleaning small messes, is a useful and necessary addition to any work station.

Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


green lifestyle

Adam Wolf · 513 600 2987

It’s not easy being nonprofit. How could my team improve the resources of a nonprotfit CSA with practically no funding?


The Enright Ridge Eco Village owns a prefabricated bicycle cart, which provides them a very limited used.

Adam Wolf · 513 600 2987

They would like to use their supplies to optimize the cart’s abilities, allowing it to be used to carry tools and be set up as a produce stand.


Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


Final Product Fitting directly on top of the cart, the stand can hold up to nine shovels at once, while the rails and poles hold the shovels in place, regardless of whether you are riding up or down a hill.

Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


Work in progress

nonlethal force

Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987

A taser attack can be life-ending. How can the defense mechanisms of a fire-bellied toad inspire a safer taser?


Work in progress

The Fire-bellied Toad Just don’t call it a frog

How can these features contribute to fewer taser deaths?

Fire-bellied Toads are the only toad or frog with teardrop-shaped eyes

Don’t touch! These toads’ skin can cause irritation to human skin and eyes Force air from their throat down to their lungs, producing a mating call similar to a dog bark

These toads are deadly! Their skin is so toxic, it can seriously harm, or even kill, certain animals

Lay about 30 eggs at a time, which will hatch in less than a week

Their extra long webbing helps them swim quickly through water Adam Wolf · 513 600 2987

The bright red belly acts as a warning siren to predators about its’ toxicity


They can live up to 15 yearsa decade and a half of toady fun!


Work in progress

Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


Work in progress

The taser lights up and intimidates the victim into submission, so it hopefully does not have to be fired.

Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


the sketchbook

Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987

a collection of sketches and side projects from my time in school



Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987



Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


Completely waterproof

Bonnaroo Shoes Made for the music festivals

Hard leather strap

Don’t need socks Elastic for size fitting

Leather lacing

Adam Wolf · 513 600 2987


Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


observational sketches

Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


thank you Adam Wolf 513 600 2987

Adam Wolf 路 513 600 2987


Adam Wolf Industrial Design Portfolio 2014  
Adam Wolf Industrial Design Portfolio 2014  

A showcase of my projects and talents developed as an Industrial Design student at the University of Cincinnati.