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How to Make Friends at Teen summer Camp ___________________________________________________________________ Your friends are raving about how much they enjoyed at the computer camp they went to last summer, and you’re tempted to go because it sounds like loads of fun. So you collect some camp brochures, check out a few camp videos and maybe even visit a couple of nearby camps along with your parents. The big day finally arrives and you’re all set for your very first camp. That’s when it hits you – you don’t know anyone there! It’s not like you are socially challenged, but you’d certainly appreciate a few tips for making new friends at your teen summer camp. Here you go: Take the bus along with other campers, if the camp provides one. Try and sit next to someone your age and introduce yourself. Make eye contact and smile when you look at them. Say ‘Hi’ politely. It doesn’t matter if this person doesn’t become your best friend at the computer camp. At least you know someone, at that makes a lot of difference. If you’re talking to someone for the first time, repeat their name so it’s easier for you to remember. Like “Jamie, where do you come from?” If this makes you nervous, rehearse a bit and speak slowly but clearly – don’t mumble. Try and find out if you and your new ‘friend’ have something in common. It might be school, hobbies, mutual friends, favorite TV show, a sport or anything under the sun. It could be something as simple as “Did you watch Glee last night?” Most kids are looking to make new friends. Its just that some want just one best friend while others aren’t happy till they have a whole busload. Do you know what kind of friendships you are looking for at your teen summer camp? If you’re finding it a tad difficult to talk to people at camp, try approaching someone with “Hey, I’m new around here. Can you help me find the gymnasium?” Or something like this. You aren’t under any pressure and most

people are eager to help out a rookie camper. Breaking the ice can’t get any easier than this. Everybody wants to be included in any ongoing summer fun activity, but make sure you don’t disturb a group that’s already involved in something. Wait till you’re invited or look around for others who are just hanging around. And, above all, make sure you’re smiling all the time. Enthusiasm will win you a lot of friends at teen summer camps.

Learn to Make Friends at Summer Camps  

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