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Name: Adam Townend




Module Code: OUGD301

Produce a publication based on last years Premier League statistics. The publication is aimed at fans, so must be content driven and interesting enough to capture and retain their interest throughout. The publication would be sold alongside the usual match day programme by official vendors.

Big is beautiful. Oversized content with a minimalistic aesthetic. Balance between type and image.

The publication was produced based on key statistics, telling the story of the season. Each team would have their own mini publication with selected facts based on their season and individual key players. The size of the publication is reminiscent of a tabloid newspaper. A custom typeface was designed for the front of the publication which was based on a typeface from a match day programme of the 1970’s.

Brief Title: Premier League Report Brief Number: 4 Board Number: 1/4

Name: Adam Townend


Module Code: OUGD301

The content featured in the publication deals with last seasons final standings. Other spreads include data on average goals scored and top goal scorers. The content relies on prior knowledge of both the league and the teams that compete in it.

Brief Title: Premier League Report Brief Number: 4 Board Number: 2/4

The spread on the left features Premier League standings for the previous season. The amount of leading applied to each line of text is calculated by the number of points between each team. The three teams at the bottom of the page are the promoted teams for the new season.

The spread on the right relates to the half season league table and the goals per game based on each club. The outer circle denotes the goals scored, and the inner circle relates to the goals conceded. The dotted line relates to the goal difference, which can be plus or minus dependent on the other values.

Name: Adam Townend

Club Specific

Module Code: OUGD301

The main publication is offset by club specific publications that have been designed for the top four teams in the league. The Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United publications were designed using the same template. Each publication is printed in each teams respective colours.

Brief Title: Premier League Report Brief Number: 4 Board Number: 3/4

Name: Adam Townend


Module Code: OUGD301

Conventional banners and posters have been designed for the promotion of the product, but the idea was taken to brand food and drink that could be bought inside the stadium. The cup holders would be printed and the pie trays embossed with random statistics. The tray would be embossed on the inside to reveal the fact when the pie is consumed.

Brief Title: Premier League Report Brief Number: 4 Board Number: 4/4