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Panamax Product reviews April 19th, 2010 Pros: very cost efficient pain relief, Cons: harder to swallow, do not taste very nice Overall: the panamax pain relief product is a very cheap alternative to panadol of nurofen tablets, but provide that same pain relief as the more expensive brands. as it is cheaper the panamax tablets do not have the nice smooth texture on the other tablet brands which make them a little harder to swallow and do not taste very nice if you leave them in your mouth for a long period of time but are fine if swallowed straight away, this makes it a lot harder for children to take this product. __________________________________________________________________________________ April 13th, 2010 Pros: That it is very cheap and therefore very affordable. Cons: I had no relief from the pain that I was trying to get rid of when I used these tablets. Overall: These tablets are very cheap but I failed to see how they actually worked. I did not notice any difference at all. __________________________________________________________________________________ Pros: Good first choice treatment for mild to moderate pain, cost effective Cons: Nothing Overall: Paracetamol has been around for many years, and there are many different brands out there. Panamax would be my recommendation for value and quality. The box of 100 Panamax can retail from as little as $2 (in certain pharmacies when on sale) to around $5. When a box of 24 Panadol can be as much as $5, Panamax offers great value. It is made in the UK, so it's quality can be assured. You can have a strip at work, one in your handbag, one in your gym bag etc so it is always on hand when you need it. Just remember to stick to the maximum dose of no more than 8 in a day and make sure you don't use other products containing paracetamol (such as cold and flu medications) at the same time. Great value for money, an excellent product. __________________________________________________________________________________

February 7th, 2010 Pros: Works well as first line treatment for headaches, mild to moderate pain and fever; very cheap; minimal drug interactions Cons: Sometimes during promotion periods when Panamax is cheap, you are limited to 2-3 packs per person =( Overall: I have always chosen Panamax as my preferred brand of paracetamol, because working in the health line, we know that generics do perform as well as originals. A very cheap generic of paracetamol, and the price is normally around $3 per box of 100 tablets and can even drop as low as $1.99 during promotions or sale. Very convenient to just pop a strip of 10 tablets into your bag, work drawer, home cabinet or car (not advisable though due to heat) to keep it handy when needed. I would highly recommend Panamax as first line treatment for uncomplicated headaches, mild to moderate pain and fever. Always stick to the maximum dose of 8 tablets a day, and consult your pharmacist should you have any medical conditions. __________________________________________________________________________________ Pros: Cost effective - a decent family sized box, rather than a piddly tiny little box that runs out very quickly. Always work quickly Cons: nothing Overall: I can't even remember how we got on to Panamax, but I know that it is very effective and works very quickly. The large box means that there are always some left. The box can be divided between medicine kit, camping gear, car, handbag, work and there is plenty to go around. The price is also a huge factor for us and after using this product I just can't justify paying the extra amounts for the 'other brands'. __________________________________________________________________________________ Pros: Cheap Cons: Orange and white packaging. Overall: I popped two today for an emerging headache and they worked fine. I always take two Panamax when I have a headache, just to be sure. Because they're sold in big packets regular headache sufferers won't find themselves running out of tablets. __________________________________________________________________________________

November 26th, 2009 Pros: Extremely cheap! Cons: Nothing! Overall: These tablets are a fantastic, cheap and effective pain tablet. They are available at any pharmacy and are as cheap as chips. There are 100 in a box and they are equivalent to Panadol. If you have a concession card or pension card, you can also get them on prescription but it is just a cheap if not cheaper to just buy them over the counter. When they are on special you can pick them up for about $1.99 a packet! Tablets are packed in card form and are easy to pop into your handbag for when you need them travelling. __________________________________________________________________________________ November 16th, 2009 Pros: Cheap! Cons: Can't think of a thing Overall: These are the most cost effective pain relief on the market when it comes to headache, aches & pains! Huge box and even then it's only cheap -they definately need to be marketed more, so people can start saving! I only tried them through a friend when I was there, otherwise I never would have bought them and was amazed at how quick they workd -now its all i use in the house for everyday/common type pain relief. __________________________________________________________________________________ November 10th, 2009 Pros: cheap, generic but same "working" materials, big box Cons: can only buy in chemist Overall: We buy these in place of buying Panadol. They work the same but come in a much larger box for a much smaller price. I think we get about 48 tablets for $5 or so. To me this is quite a large saving and better value on my hip pocket. Unfortunately these are only available in the chemist which can sometimes be a pain. But well worth a trip to an extra shop. __________________________________________________________________________________

September 19th, 2009 Pros: they are the cheapest medicine for headaches that are available because they can come in such a large packet Cons: you dont hear enough about them so you wouldnt buy them unless you knew some one who had already tried them Overall: panamax is great,i uses them occasionaly for headaches as they come in such a big packet i never run out and the price of them is incredible compared to other medicines available that dont even work as good as panamx,the good thing about using them also is that you can have as a tablet or they can be dissolved in water __________________________________________________________________________________ June 20th, 2009 Pros: i like the fact that this product is so cheap and it does exactly the same job ass the other brands. it is also good because you can dissolve it in water, it takes a couple of minutes Cons: nothing Overall: in these tough times when we are all trying desperately to save money on even small things this product is a lot less expensive than most of the other brands, it is also I believe the only paracetamol product that your doctor can write a script for on PBS if you have a health care card so you get it even cheaper __________________________________________________________________________________ June 18th, 2009 Pros: A very cheap alternative to panadol or herron. etc, and comes in a big box so it doesnt run out as quickly. It is always available in most chemists and it is great even for people which stomach problems and easy to chrush for children. Cons: The tablets are quite big and hard to swallow. They have an awful taste as they start to dissolve in your mouth. Overall: Overall a great cheap alternative for pain relief only if you dont mind swallowing big tablets and you swallow them quickly to stop them from dissolving in your mouth. Always available at chemists. Large packs are good too __________________________________________________________________________________

May 2nd, 2009 Pros: a good cheap effective product that works just as well, it is easy to take and you can even dissolve it in water if you have trouble taking tablets i also like the fact that it in a box as i hate all these child proof lids Cons: i often wonder why paracetamon tablets are so big but seeing that all brands of it are this why i expect they have to be to carry the correct amount of the drug Overall: this a good cheap substitute for the more expensive leading big brand as to my mind at least it is just as good __________________________________________________________________________________ March 12th, 2009 Pros: Just as easy to swallow as the main leader in paracetamol tablets, plus it is so cheap. I find it works as well as any other tablet, but it is very handy having 100 in a pack because I never run out now. Cons: The only down side is you have to buy them from a chemist. Overall: I have seen these on sale lots, sometimes as low as $1 which is such a bargain, they have a great used buy date, and when they are on sale I often stock up. It is hard to believe you can get pain relief this cheap! __________________________________________________________________________________ January 22nd, 2009 Pros: Excellent price- you certainly can't beat that! The quality is as good as any other paracetamol tablets. Cons: The packaging of each tablet is not quite as strong as found in some other brands so if a 'sheet' of tablets is left in your bag they often open up but this is easy to prevent. Overall: This product works just as well as more expensive paracetamol products but is very cheap. The tablets are just a normal size but they don't have that really smooth coating so some people may have slight trouble swallowing them but i have never had any problem. Why buy expensive products when the inexpensive ones work just the same? __________________________________________________________________________________

January 20th, 2009 Pros: Huge box and cheap Cons: Only available in chemists Overall: These are a great buy in some chemists you can even get them for $1.99. You cant beat that for 100 tablets! Works exactly the same and contains the same amount of paracetemol as panadol. I would never buy the expensive brands again. __________________________________________________________________________________ December 12th, 2008 Pros: Very inexpensive to buy, the packet is huge and therefore lasts a long time, I have been using it for years and find it very easy to take and that it works very well Cons: Nothing at all, it works wonders! Overall: My family has always bought panamax and find that it is brilliant value and works just as good, if not better, than panadol and other leading brands of paracetamol. The handy pack size means that you can leave a blister pack in nearly every room of the house so you will always have some there when you need it! Highly recommended! __________________________________________________________________________________ November 13th, 2008 Pros: Price - Price - Price!! A great basic product that is as effective as more expensive products on the market, at a fantastic price. Comes in large boxes which means I can put sheet in my handbag, bedside draw, car and kitchen medicine cabinet so I always have some on hand if I need it (fantastic for me as I've been pregnant or breastfeeding for almost all of the last 3 years and this is basically the only medication I can safely take without consulting a doctor) Cons: Nothing really - I've heard people who have trouble swallowing pills might find the lack of a smooth coating makes them more difficult to swallow, but I have never had a problem with them (or swallowing pills in general) Overall: Fantastic economical product that does not comprimise on quality or effectiveness. Would recommend to anyone - especially those with chronic pain that need to take pain relief tablets often. __________________________________________________________________________________

June 20th, 2008 Pros: Price Cons: Hard to take Overall: There are many brands of paracetemol on the market, this is just another one. They are all hard to swallow except for Panadol so I just buy those when they're on special. As for paracetemol itself, it doesn't take the pain out of a whole lot of things but is useful for some pain and much kinder on the stomach than aspirin. __________________________________________________________________________________ May 14th, 2008 Pros: Good Price, same Paracetamol 500mg as more expensive name brands Cons: nothing that I can think of off hand. Overall: I have been using this product for years and I find it to be equivalent to more well known expensive brands. Panamax contains Paracetamol 500mg which is exactly the same as other leading name brands but is much more affordable. Panamax comes in a 100 tablet box soyou can be guaranteed to always have them at hand. All my family use panamax For the temporary relief of pain and discomfort for headache, muscular pain and fever. Remember though if pain persists see your doctor. __________________________________________________________________________________ March 31st, 2008 Pros: Saves a lot of money on buying other brands. Sold in a large box so always have them on hand for when they are needed. Contain the same ingredients and have the same effect as any other brand. Cons: It would be good if they were available with some form of coating or as a capsule so that they were a bit easier to swallow. Overall: Although I prefer to take pharmaceuticals as little as possible Panamax do provide quick relief for headaches, toothaches and fevers. Even when I had an impacted wisdom tooth, which was extremely painful, two of these tablets gave me relief. __________________________________________________________________________________

March 4th, 2008 Pros: Paracetamol is paracetamol so why pay for Panadol brand (or other more expensive brand) tablets when these do exactly the same job except far cheaper. Box lasts for ages. Cons: Do not have a variety of tablet types eg. tablets, gelcaps, fast acting etc. Plain packaging. Overall: Works just as well as those name brand paracetamol tablets so why would you want to pay more? Do not get sucked in by name, these are good value for money and work in the same way that Panadol does. Highly recommended for families or those who are value conscious and not fixated on brand names. __________________________________________________________________________________ December 23rd, 2007 Pros: Good old panamax. Works like panadol but not as expensive - why would you pay more? Cons: not much really - except it would be nice if it came in a capsulated form to make it easier to swallow Overall: My parents never bought panadol - this is what they always bought yet they referred to it as panadol, and why not? It works just as well as any more expensive competitor; why would you pay more for panadol? the name? In the end you just want that headache gone, and if there was a way to pay less for the same relief then the choice is obvious! __________________________________________________________________________________ October 8th, 2007 Pros: Great value for money! Cons: Nothing... Overall: Panamax provides great value for money. The box lasts for ages and works equally as well as the more expensive brands. Recommended for families! __________________________________________________________________________________ June 8th, 2007 Pros: They are very good value for money. They work the same as the name brand name products. Cons: I would like them come in capsules form. Overall: They very good quotability for the product. They strips are a great size to carry in my hand bag. They are quite easy to swallow. And they are good for my children as i can cut them in half's.

__________________________________________________________________________________ June 27th, 2006 Pros: cheap Cons: only comes in the one size Overall: Very cheap and the same ingrediants only wish they came in a caplet __________________________________________________________________________________


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