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Typography and layout focused delivering quality design for print across a range of media for the commercial, publishing and editorial sectors. Sophistication and high-end delivery where appropriate. Design for print with an interest in screen based technology. Clear and direct approach with attention to detail. Subjects / Themes Sport – English Football culture, information based on football Music – Contemporary mainstream pop and rock Production – Print finishes, processes Statistics – Evidence for annual reports, publications and printed matter Film – Blockbuster releases, comedy films New media delivery – iPad, iPhone app design development

Design Disciplines / Creative Development Typography – Working with existing typefaces to communicate ideas to their fullest potential. Sketching layouts – initial ideas for publications, magazine spreads. Typeface manipulation – taking existing typefaces and manipulating them for identity design.

Experimenting with delivery – format, form, colour, technique, finishes Book binding – methods, materials, experiments

Practical Skills / Workshops – what, why and when? Photography – Used for product shots, and the documentation of work. Must work with photography student for any content I want show due to limited skills. Laser Cutting – To replicate die cutting in printed materials. Screen print – To replicate print finishes such as spot varnish, or foiling. Adobe Illustrator – Vector based artwork, identity development, resolving identity. Adobe Photoshop – Resize, and adjust photography product shots, resize images for web. Adobe InDesign - Mock up type layouts, develop type layouts, resolve layouts, and create presentation boards. Grid structures – Learn more about types of grid, golden section My knowledge and skills in photography are limited and only stretch to documenting products in their most general sense. Therefore for any conceptual photography and content will need to be sourced elsewhere. I am competent in all of the software mentioned above and feel I can take my ideas and present them as a professional standard. I am using the laser cutting and screen printing facilities to get the best finishes possible from the ideas I take forward. I don’t want these to become the focus of my practice but I do want my final products to have a high level of production.

Brief 1: Flatland ISTD

Deadline 28/01/11

Rationale: Emphasis on importance of typography. Working with format and delivery of printed resolution. Challenge convention of a book. Work with typography, layout and format to deliver a professional portfolio piece. Brief 2: identities


Rationale: Basic stationery for four to five 3rd year students across fashion, fine art, visual communications and photography Brief 3: Gary Barker Publication


Rationale: Emphasis on delivery and format. The printed publication must work in different contexts and be adaptable to situation. Must act as both informative and promotional. Brief 4: BAGD Year Book


Rationale: Emphasis on ideas and concepts to give account of the course and the specialist skills of the people studying it. Experimentation with stock, inks and finishes will inform outcome. Brief 5: Giant Killing


Rationale: A collector’s edition DVD pack with focus towards clean and clinical information graphics using typography and layout. Contextual references / Designers / Studios / Companies (specific) Structuralist/Swiss Manual – Possible contact for questioning about design process. Design inspiration Experimental Jetset – Design Inspiration Spin, Hunt – Online research/ Design inspiration Team Impression – other local printers – To find out more about stock HSPG/ GF Smith – stock samples/ prices


Deadline On going

Details Collect sample stocks to help inform my practice in terms of production and delivery.


Deadline February 12th

Details Research into suitable context work for briefs undertaken – Fashion identities, context, and audiences. RESEARCH ACTIVITY Deadline February 17th Details Compile questionnaires surrounding the use of typography and its implementation, production and print methods, and send to relevant agencies. RESEARCH ACTIVITY Deadline February 24th Details Arrange visit during reading week to one or more of the exhibitions held in London. RESEARCH ACTIVITY Deadline Ongoing Details Interview 3 design agencies of my choosing based on research in typography. Experimental Jetset will be the first one. Also compile existing interviews for nonresponders.

BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS / TEXTS - (Harvard Referenced) Squire, V. Getting it Right with Type: The Do’s and Don’ts of Typography, 2006, London, Laurence King Lupton, E. Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, and Students, 2004, New York, Princeton Architectural Press Samara, T Making and breaking the grid: a graphic design layout workshop, 2002, Massachusetts, Rockport Publishers

MAGAZINES / JOURNALS / ARTICLES – (include publication date and details) Creative Review Computer Arts No issues have been referenced yet.+

ON LINE REFERENCES / WEBSITES / ARTICLES (include specific urls)

OTHER REFERENCE MATERIAL (Films, events, exhibitions, conferences) Wim Crouwel – A Graphic Odyssey (Design Museum) gastrotypographicalassemblage (kemistry gallery) Helvetica (film)

ACTION PLAN – use this section to identify specific tasks that you need to complete in order to resolve the brief. Brief What do you need to do? Organise meetings with students who showed initial interest in 1 stationery sets.

Deadline 28th Jan

Research into ink and stock for year book

28th Jan

Re-evaluate concept for Flatland brief, amend and resolve brief. Expand brief ? Postcards, prints, window display.

2nd Feb

Research and put together initial ideas for Gary Barker brief

3rd Feb

Organise and develop boards for Year Book pitch. – Concept, Moodboard, Ideas, stocks and inks.

3rd Feb

Design and mock up pitch boards for Gary Barker brief

9th Feb

Start to jot down initial ideas for Giant killer brief. This will formulate ideas to drive research.

5th Feb










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