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I made a point of carrying out both primary and secondary research, not just for the sake of it, but to inform our decision making and allows to build a meaningful concept on strong foundations. We came up with a taste test and questionnaire idea to get people to try the drink before they told us what they thought

about it. The feedback we got from students in the mosaic bar was helpful to our development. We also contacted Feel Good via email in a bid to gather information about sales figures and consumer feedback. Unfortunately they would not give us additional information out of fairness to other YCN entrants.

Our concept is simple. We believe that the key to feeling good is being more active. Our campaign is about getting people involved. We propose to develop on-pack resolutions that engage and encourage people to change their lifestyles for the better using Feel Good Drinks as the starting point. We want to show the consumer that you do not have to go to the gym everyday to

be active. The on-pack resolutions will consist of a redesigned label featuring tips on how to become more active, which will be printed on the reverse. In order to complete the package an embroided sweatband will be provided for the consumer to wear, symbolising their new healthier lifestyle. The campaign will also see an event created at Glastonbury Music Festival to relaunch the product.

I developed this typeface which is based on the type used on the Feel Good bottles. I knew I wanted to adopt a hand drawn feel and using this and applying it in a different way would help us create something new from their ex-

isting resources. I then went ahead and started to create a few type treatments using the typeface I developed. At this point I also started to sketch out some layouts to keep the project moving as time was starting to become tight.

we were not happy with the results of the shoot. Some of These are some of the mock ups I created for the poster. the images we quite blurred and unbalanced. After working with the images Lindsey provided, we were not totally happy with the results. I knew the designs needed refining and she decided to reshoot the photography as

This is the final artwork, some of which is in context. Using Lindsey’s space hopper photography and typeface, I created all the digital artwork seen here and took the product shots before enhancing them ready for our final

proposal presentation boards. The artwork is inspired and informed by our visual research and the final resolutions came out looking professional and built upon the secure foundations of a strong concept and ideas.

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