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Yesterday there are the screams and there's the disgust she looks so good she's a God girl she's abrupt and impolite she's everything I don't have what do you have? illumination delight devotion now's your chance a passing glance a clasped hand will she succumb to this grazing seduction? but o heaven is for the vacilators and the uncertain I see her across a crowded room she's arrogant and pompous I wish I could crush her vacuous head with a rock or something a classic example of hating something you desire for desiring it o I could kill her out out damn spot the blood would never come off guilt prone for even thinking about it do you ever want things desire things? I'm good and godly and cynical I get what I want and then I don't want it anymore like the girl I seduced like the rum I drank like the pot I smoked and the hangover after but there she is standing pretty embathed in blue a solemn hue and the sphere rotates and she stands there embathed in blue a solemn hue. Adam Tod Leverton ( Want to show your financial appreciation of my work? Please go to:

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