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The Great Work-3 Lasi doc ze siz ki yegaroxege d'adin nonizi, lub doc ze siz ki kivanexu xtokle siz e hirin zoi sizim alakumexu miz veikus a toki subi, e nurmetga dic kixkic ondam, jis kic ondam cakexu kum garbili kum monoz c'undo notyansi, azten sen gavetna dic kixkic da, e eretxna d'onda eskain kum e lasi moged kodiexu supre a hodeis. Mikor onda vurexuge di da, onda prejexu: Komradac ze Byen Vidnasi bitetga jickle di boc benim a Siz e Byen Sizimmalutikle rikauz e vurkle di mi. Bitetga xahkehitkle di ben ibilkle di weg da. Xahkehitga di ben ugansevkle di puc benim e xahkehitga di ben uganseve di puc ixpimini. Ben suzoge vurkle di mit benim leal barbankle a Byen Lasi ben cakexu d'oningec Sizim kum, jece di ma Sizim sur aki, ben kamsamnidatga dic tuc car siz vijatege di ben go. Let those of you who have reached the age of twelve, or who wish to join you and your sacred community go with a witness to a secret place, and shave off your hair, until your head is as clean as a pebble at the bottom of a stream, then you are to take that hair, and burn it as an offering and let the smoke rise up to the clouds. Having done this, you are to pray: 'Comrades of the Byen Vidnasi please accept my commitment to You and Your Disciplineto harm none and to do good. Please help me to tread this path. Help me to fulfil my potential and help me fulfil the potential of the universe. I promise to do my best to remain loyal to the Discipine, and to fufil its goals for my life and for the world. Let me be like Your hand, achieving Your good on the earth, I thank You for bringing me to this point.' Adam Tod Leverton

The Great Work 3