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Prospero Speaks I left you with cat tails and crocuses woven through your hair like some feral child. You had a mud splattered face and a diet of orange rinds and finger nail clippings. What is the profit of a curse? Of banishment from civil society? Garter snakes, muskoka rattlers wetlands, drylands the delusions of taste the sting of curry the bark of cinnimon I threw you down three flights head bouncing, indelicate eggshell a dull, bouyant thud. "Say anything but that." Out into the slate dark fled like a stillborn hugging the stripped frozen hills punishment afflicts the exile like gonorhea or the clap (it nourishes the sadist) no, I can not forgive you it is not in my nature to forgive it is my nature to punish and yours to be punished. Where is the shame in the lion's claws the pity in his razored teeth? Adam Tod Leverton ( Want to show your financial appreciation of my work? Please go to: and click the donate button.

Prospero Speaks