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Midsomer Morning June morning technicolour light a man with the dark, near dark skin of the homeless searches the garbage cans for empties. The tram almost noiseless arrives I get on and choose a seat with a lot of leg room. We hum along, the screech of steel wheels. A bare breeze floats through the cabin. We penetrate deeper into the city and pick up more passengers. G贸rniak market hasn't open yet but the sidewalk traders busy themselves with arranging their cardboard boxes ruins graffiti a filthy pond and fountain a women with flowers she stole from somebody's bush sits in front of me we had a bush like that the sticky perfume of the flower stained another set of June mornings, a continent away. Adam Tod Leverton email: Blog: MySpace: Facebook: Adam Tod Leverton Twitter: @atleverton

Midsomer Morning  

Midsomer Morning Adam Tod Leverton