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Today the role of marketing and advertisement is increasing in this fast developing business world. With the emergence of Multinational Companies (MNCs) or Trans National Companies (TNCs), advertisement and business transactions have gained a higher processing speed. In this situation business experts have started to use Fax Broadcast. It is an electronic way to transfer messages within seconds to a large number of people. Fax Broadcasting was considered to be outdated with the extensive use of emails. However, these days when email spamming developed as a major issue, people have started to take a look back to faxing. The greatest benefit of fax is that the final product has a physical existence. That is, the fax reaches the target customers in form of a print. When the printed paper reaches a person, they are sure to notice. Hence, it had a greater impact than any other electronic advertising. Cost wise of this new method is very profitable. The entrepreneur need not spend too much effort in this, when compared to digital or media advertising. This gives an impact of door to door marketing. However, you have to spend just a one third or so for this. Hence it will add to profit maximization of the firm. Fax advertising had some legal barriers in the past centuries, but it is a fashion in the present century. Due to the effect of fast growing methods and highly penetrating trends in the marketing mechanism this method of advertising is achieving high significance in the present day media world. This can be used for diversified utility services with its personalized nature. File merging and creations are also possible in this operation. This can play a vital role in the development of a fast growing business. Easy receipts and accepting mode are very popular these days and are also free from legal barriers can even be used in international business. With its effective use the MNCs and TNCs can easily eliminate a wide spectrum of its advertisement costs. The reduction in advertisement cost will directly affect on the prices, which will make goods cheaper. In an economic situation like today’s, such facilities will help to keep the marketing chain remain unaffected. Fax machines are largely available and hence its reach will be far

more than other methods. If you are looking forward for an easy method to get established in the market, then there is no better choice. This is the most convenient form of marketing for both small scale start up firms and large scale corporate business units.

FAX BRODCASTING A PENATRATOR OF BUSINESS - Fax Broadcasting was considered to be outdated with the extensive use of emails. However, these days when ema...

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