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3520 Broadway, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Office Phone: (561) 339-7829

This Week in Riviera Beach Organizing for America - Florida Riviera Beach · North Palm Beach Lake Park · Singer Island

June 25th – June 30th

Events this week: Monday, June 25

12pm Voter Registration Training 11am – 4pm Voter Registration Drive 5pm – 9pm Evening Phone Bank

Tuesday, June 26

11am – 4pm Voter Registration Drive 5pm – 9pm Evening Phone Bank

Wednesday, 12pm Voter Registration Training June 27 11am – 4pm Voter Registration Drive 5pm – 9pm Evening Phone Bank Thursday, 11am – 4pm Voter Registration Drive June 28 5pm – 9pm Evening Phone Bank Friday, 12pm Voter Registration Training June 29 11am – 4pm Voter Registration Drive 5pm – 9pm Evening Phone Bank Saturday, Voter Registration Day of Action June 30

Neighborhood Leaders Dorien Blythers

This past weekend dozens of neighborhood team leaders and core team members across south Florida gathered in a church in Fort Lauderdale. These "super volunteers" had the chance to hear from national and state campaign staffers, in addition to each other's stories from the field and best practices. Riviera Beach was represented well by our coneighborhood team leaders, Melissa and Zella. (Continued on Next Page.)

Interested in getting more involved in the campaign? Are you interested in learning more about ways to get involved with the campaign? Click here to schedule an appointment with your local field organizer!

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Neighborhood Leaders Cont. Additionally, core team members, Laura, Mickey, and Margaret joined the neighborhood convention as proud representatives of the Riviera Beach field office! Team members collaborated in the planning of our first ever Volunteer Team Meeting, which will take place on Friday July 6th at 5:30pm in the office.

At this important informational gathering we will share our state, regional, and turf strategy. Volunteers will get to hear from campaign staff and from the neighborhood team that is committed to securing Florida's 29 electoral votes that will make President Obama and our entire country victorious! Mark your calendars; this is a meeting that you will not want to miss out on!

Voter Registration, Voter Registration, Voter Registration! Adam Susaneck Riviera Beach is deep blue territory--the vast majority of us here are Democrats who support President Obama's reelection. While this is unequivocally good news, it won't make a difference unless we get as many people registered to vote as possible. We can only achieve victory if everybody votes, and in order to vote everybody must be registered. Our strategy here is voter registration, voter registration, and more voter registration. President Obama won the state of Florida in 2008 by registering more people than ever to vote. The '08 campaign grew the electorate, allowing more people to participate and giving more people the chance to make their voices heard. Our strategy is the same in 2012: we're going to register more new voters both in Riviera and across the state.

This strategy is why we need more and more volunteers to get out and register voters. We have trainings Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays on how to register people and best practices for registration. Stop by, get trained, and go out and register! Registering voters is fun, especially with a partner. Registration shifts give volunteers the opportunity to speak face-to-face with people at locations throughout Riviera. Additionally, if you have family members at home or friends who need to register, bring them in to the office! Another option is to check out forms. If you want to bring forms to your workplace, home, or church, just speak with one of the staff and you can get set up with a clipboard of registration forms to take with you.


2012-6-25 Newsletter  

Check out what's going on this week at the OFA-FL Riviera Beach office!

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