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3520 Broadway, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Office Phone: (561) 339-7829

This Week in Riviera Beach Organizing for America - Florida Riviera Beach · North Palm Beach Lake Park · Singer Island

June 18th – June 23nd

Events this week: Monday, June 18

12pm Voter Registration Training 11am – 4pm Voter Registration Drive 5pm – 9pm Evening Phone Bank

Tuesday, June 19

11am – 4pm Voter Registration Drive 5pm – 9pm Evening Phone Bank

Wednesday, 12pm Voter Registration Training June 20 11am – 4pm Voter Registration Drive 5pm – 9pm Evening Phone Bank Thursday, 11am – 4pm Voter Registration Drive June 21 5pm – 9pm Evening Phone Bank Friday, 12pm Voter Registration Training June 22 11am – 4pm Voter Registration Drive 5pm – 9pm Evening Phone Bank Saturday, Voter Registration Day of Action June 23

Barbershops and Salons Adam Susaneck

On Friday the Riviera Beach team went to Headliner's Barbershop on Blue Heron to kick off Organizing for America's Barber Shop and Beauty Salon Initiative. This new push focuses on engaging with local barbershops and salons to ensure that 100% of their clientele is registered to vote. Shops such as Headliners are mainstays in the community, places where Riviera Beach residents gather to discuss current events and goings-on. (Continued on Next Page.)

Interested in getting more involved in the campaign? Are you interested in learning more about ways to get involved with the campaign? Click here to schedule an appointment with your local field organizer!

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Barbershops and Salons Cont. Some of the most entertaining and informative conversations take place in these shops and salons, as people come not only to get their hair cut and styled, but also to participate in an authentic public forum. The team gathered in front of Headliners with registration forms in hand. After speaking with William, the owner and head barber, volunteers made sure that everybody in the shop was able to vote. A few quick registrations later, the team spread through the community, gathering more and more registrations. "I think this is a great idea," said North Palm Beach resident Robin, "people spend a lot of time in

barbershops and salons and they're always talking politics, so it makes sense to make sure they can all vote." Riviera Beach field organizer Dorien killed two birds with one stone on Friday, both registering voters and getting a trim. Going forward, the Riviera Beach team will be identifying more barbershops and beauty salons throughout the community, engaging with them to ensure that their patrons are registered. Shops like these are grassroots in the truest sense—local businesses which not only provide a great service, but also a public space for conversation.

Volunteer Spotlight: Nicole Hall Name: Nicole Hall Job Title: Summer 2012 Organizing Fellow Hometown: Riviera Beach, FL Nicole Hall is a recent graduate of the Class of 2012, from William T. Dwyer High School in Jupiter, Fl. She plans to attend Bethune Cookman University this fall to major in International Business. Nicole is an avid supporter of President Barack Obama. As a young woman, she is most impressed with his policies on the economy. She believes his policies today, will have a positive impact regarding her ability to afford higher education and have better opportunities available to her in the future.

Nicole was hoping to do an internship (paid or unpaid) for the summer. During a voter registration drive, she decided to volunteer with the OFAFL campaign when Dorien Blythers, OFA-FL, Riviera Beach Field Office Manager asked her about becoming a registered to voter. A typical day for Nicole begins at 12 pm with the performance of clerical activities for the campaign. From 1 pm to 4 pm, she is actively involved in voter registration activities, and then she works with the phone bank during the early evening hours until 8 or 9 pm. When asked what she likes best about being a Fellow? Nicole said, “I like watching people in the community come together to achieve a goal, to reelect President Obama.�


2012-6-18 Newsletter  

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